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Hi, I love your whole talk about Harry because frankly it's all I do too. If I'm not to late, how do you think Harry would react if his girl had a fear of thunder storms ?

Okay, so, I for one hate thunderstorms and whenever the UK gets awful storms and thunder spells and whatnot, I always tend to imagine what Harry would be like as my ‘Thunder Buddy’ - if you have no idea where this is from, then, you need to go and watch Ted because it’s absolutely brilliant and I love it. ;)

Like, can you imagine being all cuddled up in bed with him, and it’s late at night, and your head is on his chest as the both of you listen to the rain pattering and falling heavily outside, and it’s relaxing and lulling Harry to sleep. And his head is falling down and his cheek is resting against his shoulder, and you’re looking on your phone and scrolling through Instagram and liking posts that people tag you in or posts that are funny and have you giggling, and snores are leaving his mouth and you can’t help but look up to him and coo inwardly because he looks so peaceful.

But you’d jump when the sudden sound of thunder rumbles through the sky and a flash of lightning lights the room up for a brief second, and you’d accidentally knee Harry in the thigh, and he’d jolt awake with a confused look on his face, and his green eyes would be wide and he’d be pressed up on his elbows.

“S’happenin’? What was tha’?

Sorry, Peaches. Thunder scared me a little.

It’s okay, Gorgeous. Get back to sleep, s’okay.

And his eyes would fall closed again, and his elbows would give way under his weight and he’d fall back against the pillow, and he’d begin to breath heavily again and you’d know he was falling asleep to drown out the sound of the storm. But you’d be laying on the bed beside him, and you’d be shaking softly and each time the sound of thunder rumbled around the sky and lightning lit the room up, you’d grip onto Harry’s arm subconsciously and he’d wake up to a pain in his arm and his fingers would be numb.

Hey, hey. S’the matter? M’fingers have gone numb.

But, you wouldn’t reply because your face would buried in his upper arm.

Hey, hey. S’okay, Gorgeous. It won’t hurt you.

M’so scared, Harry.

Oh, Gorgeous. S’nothin’ to be scared of. It’s outside, so, it can’t hurt us.

And he’s sit up and help you sit up beside him, and reach across you and turn on the bedside lamp, and he’d sit against the headboard of the bed and cross his ankles over.

Can we go and make some food?

Food, hmm?

Yeah. Maybe warm some takeaway pizza up from dinner? But don’t leave me on my own. M’scared.

Oh, come on then, Gorgeous. You cheeky bugger.”