gorgeous bugger


Requested by:  @omegaliciousss

Pairing:  Tyler Bate/FC

Category:  Suggestive/Angst

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“Friends don’t get each other off.” And “And what exactly does “hooked up” mean?”

“Damn boy, who knew you were hiding that body under those sweats,” You eyed the cute blonde haired man who had just stripped off his tracksuit revealing a body that could have been chiseled by the gods.  You thought it was adorable when he blushed deeply at your boldness.  “My names Y/N, what’s yours?”  You asked holding your hand out to shake, making sure your cleavage was presenting a tempting view in the process.

“Tyler,” He said with a broad grin as he looked over the pretty woman stepping off the treadmill next to him.  

“I’ve got an appointment and have to take off, but here’s my number.  I hope you make use of it, cause I’d love to see what else you’re hiding,” You said with a smirk and wink as you slid him a slip of paper with your name and number on it.   You made sure to put a little extra swing in your hips as you walked away to give him an enticing reason to call as he watched you leave.  

Tyler still had a stupid grin on his face when Pete Dunne and Trent Seven arrived causing Trent to ask him why he was so damn happy.

“I hooked up.”  Tyler said stepping up to the weight bar in front of him.    

“You hooked up with someone?  Here?” Trent asked with a quizzical smile.

“Yes here.”  Tyler said. “Why are you acting so surprised?”

“Was she hot?”  Pete asked the important question.  “And what exactly does “hooked up” mean anyways?”

“It means I got her number, dumbass,” Tyler huffed at his friend.  

“That’s not what hooked up means.  Hooked up means you fucked her.”  Pete retorted, rolling his eyes at the somewhat naïve younger man.

“Oh,” Tyler paused considering this new information before shrugging.  “Well, whatever.  I got her number and she’s gorgeous so bugger off.”  His two friends shook their heads wryly before the trio commenced their workout.

Over the course of the next few months you and Tyler met up pretty regularly when he was in town and you were very pleased with having met him.  The sex between the two of you was off the charts and he was gone often enough that he didn’t annoy the crap out of you.  When he was in town he wasn’t around long enough to become a nuisance, pretty much a hit and run.   There wasn’t anything between the two of you but hot sex, and that was exactly the way you liked it.  Unfortunately, the last couple of times Tyler had started pushing a bit in the wrong direction.  He wanted to take you out to eat or just hang out and talk.   Finally you knew you were going to have to nip his growing infatuation in the bud.

“We’re not friends Tyler. We’re just fuck buddies.”  You told him with a frown as he tried to talk with you about your day and make plans for a date.  “Friends don’t get each other off.”  

Tyler wouldn’t be deterred, keeping that bright eyed determination of his on full blast.  “Sure they do.  People in relationships have sex.  Many couples think of their other half as their best friends. Their soulmates.”  

“But that’s not us.  Look Tyler,” You said with a heavy sigh. “You’re a sweet kid, but if you’re going to try to make this into something it’s not, I think we need to stop.”

“What do you mean?” Tyler asked, a concerned expression coming on his face as he processed your words.

“This?” You said, pointing between the two of you.  “It’s just sex.  I don’t want anything more than that. You’re fantastic in the sack, but I don’t want anything from you beyond amazing sex.”  

“So you’re just using me to get off?”  Tyler asked hurt creeping in his tone.  

“I wouldn’t say using.” You said trying your best not to hurt him.  You just weren’t cut out for this sensitive crap. But you didn’t want to hurt him.  He was a really nice guy.  “I think our meetings have been pretty mutually beneficial.  I haven’t heard any complaints from you.   I’m just not looking for a relationship.  I just want you to fuck me and leave.”  

“Well, you’ve got the leaving part right,”  Tyler snapped grabbing his jacket off the back of your couch and storming out your front door, slamming it behind him with a loud bang.  You let out a sigh and pursed your lips before giving your head a shake.  You were disappointed, thinking you should have kept your mouth shut until after the two of you had fucked.  Now you were alone, horny and mad.  The boy didn’t even give you break up sex.