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I watched the Mummy, and Holy Mother of All that’s Good and Pure!!!


The Best You Never Had (48947 words) by FuryRed

Chapters: 13/13

Rating: Explicit

Relationships: Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier, Azazel/Raven | Mystique (X-Men)

Characters: Erik Lehnsherr, Charles Xavier, Edie Lehnsherr, Sharon Marko, Raven | Mystique, Hank McCoy, Alex Summers, Sean Cassidy, Angel Salvadore, Azazel (X-Men)

Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern: Still Have Powers, Erik is Crushing Harder than a 12-year Old Girl, Erik has Feelings, Erik Logic Is The Best Logic, Charles Xavier has a Ph.D in Adorable, Charles Always Says the Absolute Worst Thing He Could Possibly Say, Honestly Charles What Are You Thinking, Sharing a Bed, Misunderstandings, Mutual Pining, Fake/Pretend Relationship, Let’s not act like we’re over that tag because we’re not


By the time Erik is in his late twenties he has grown tired of his mother meddling in his love life- always setting him up on numerous dates with various suitors.

But then Erik’s mother offers to set him up with someone he used to know- the gorgeous blue-eyed boy Erik had a crush on in school, the boy Erik desperately wishes he had been nicer to.

How Erik ends up entering into a fake relationship with the man in order to keep his mother happy is anyone’s guess…


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I Don’t Want To Feel - Conor Maynard Imagine

Another request, one of two which are scheduled while I’m away. This was so fun to write, I could’ve just went on and on with this again, but I needed to stop at one point. Hope you guys like it! ♥

Request: Anonymous said:conor imagine where the reader has a bad breakup, so a friend brings her to like a karaoke bar to cheer her up, and she sings ‘This is my Version’ by conor and he hears her sing it and thinks she’s amazing? Thank youu x 


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Summer love // Conor Maynard

Requested by anon - an imagine based on Summer Love by One direction with a happy ending. Thank you so much for all the requests sent in I will write them all but it most likely won’t be until I’ve finished my exams, sorry!

You bit your lip, trying to contain the tears that were threatening to fall as you picked up items of clothing from around the room and packed them into your suitcase. In a couple of days you were returning to America to start your last year of uni after spending the summer in your home country, England.

You never thought that returning here could be so bittersweet but then again you never imagined you’d fall in love so quickly and be forced to leave him only months later.

During your first week back in London you met the most gorgeous brown haired and blue eyed boy you’d ever seen and you fell in love with everything about him. Simple as that. But now, as much as it broke your heart, you had to go.

At first, you’d fantasised about having this amazing moment where you’d tell him that you didn’t have to go but you knew that was unrealistic, you’d put your blood, sweat and tears into this degree for too long to just give it up now. You also knew you couldn’t expect him to follow you out there, Conor had his whole life here and you in no way expected him to give that up for you.

You’d discussed this just a few days ago and decided that a long-distance relationship would be far too hard. As much as it hurt you both you both had other commitments that would make maintaining that relationship impossible so parting way would be best. You weren’t going to call him or text him. Nothing.

The only request Conor had that you promised you’d never forget him. Although that was a given, how were you meant to forget the person who was constantly on your mind? Your mum had told you it was a simple summer love, a holiday romance that you’d forget about in a matter of months but you knew that wasn’t true.

You checked the time on your phone and realised you needed to leave the house now if you were going to be on time to meet Conor. When you’d decided to call things off you had insisted that you spent one last day together, which he’d happily agreed to.


This was it, the final goodbye. You were never going to see the love of your life again and it hurt way more than you imagined it would have.

“I don’t want to go,” you mumbled into his neck as he held you in a tight embrace.

“I know,” he sighed “If I could rewind and start everything again I would gorgeous but we can’t.”

The tears that you’d been holding back all day finally took over you and you started sobbing in his arms. He whispered soothing words in your ear and held you tighter but for the first time since you met this didn’t help to make you feel any better.

Once you’d finally calmed down you made your way to the door and opened your mouth to say goodbye but he placed his finger on your lips shushing you.

“Please don’t, it’ll only make it harder,” he whispered.

You nodded and leaned up placing a lingering kiss on his lips before walking out of his apartment and walking out from his life.

It’d been 6 months since you’d been back in LA and your heart still ached for Conor every day. You’d thrown yourself in your work to try and block the memory of him out but you couldn’t seem to do it.

Whenever the sky was cloudy you’d think of London. At the beach the sea would always remind you of Conor’s eyes. When you went out to a club with your friends every male that approached you would be compared to Conor. You just couldn’t seem to escape him.

As you walked along the warm streets you felt your body collide with someone else’s bringing you out of you daydream as you land on your bum.

“Oh my goodness, I’m so-” you heard a familiar voice start to ramble.

You looked up and saw the face that you’d been craving for the past 6 months “Conor?”

“Y/N?” he asked, only just realising who you actually were “I’ve missed you so much,” he exclaimed pulling you up off the floor and into a hug.

“I missed you too,” you mumbled, gripping onto his body like your life depended on it, “have you got time for a coffee or something?” you asked nervously, hoping he hadn’t moved on from you.

“For you I’ve always got time,” he told you with that award-winning smile you’d fallen in love with many months ago. You sighed in relief and grabbed his hand to drag him to one of your favourite cafes in LA.


You’d been talking with Conor for hours now and it was as if you’d never been apart. His hand was holding yours just like it always used to as you wandered through the park, his smile was just as bright as you remembered and the connection you had together, that was definitely still there too.

“So, you never told me what you’re doing in LA”

“I’m over here for the next 3 months finishing off my album,” the words ‘next 3 months’ replayed in your mind and a smile took over your face.

“You’re here for the next three months?!” you squealed tackling him into a hug.

“I am, and I’m hoping to spend a lot more time with you,” he mumbled and pulled you into a kiss that made your whole body tingle.

It just goes to show maybe absence can make the heart grow fonder and holiday romances didn’t only have to be a summer love.


Between the Pages - SociallyAwkwardFox - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
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Series← Previous Work Part 2 of the JayTim Week: Summer Edition 2017 series

Summary: Jay thinks getting a job at the local library will be the perfect way to spend his summer and make a little money while he’s at it. The problem is there’s a really cute boy that comes in all the time and Jay has no idea how to act when he’s around. Talking with cute boys definitely isn’t in his repertoire and flirting is completely out of the question!

With a pained groan, Jason let the last donation box drop onto the table to give his aching arms sweet relief. Several people looked up at the sudden thud-some sending him dirty looks-but Jason was well beyond caring. His first day working at Gotham Public Library hadn’t gone at all like he expected it to when he imagined his first day. At the interview, they had described what he would be doing and not once had they mentioned lugging around heavy donation boxes all day. The head librarian took one look at him, saw how muscular he was (Jason’s pretty sure he saw her eyes literally light up), and put him right to work. Now, he was completely exhausted and ready to go home for the day.

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You Are Watching: GHOST KING (part 3)

Once Dance had ended, Nico quickly changed out of his dance clothes and into his everyday clothing.

Dance had been exhausting today, but Nico loved it. Especially since him and Hazel were always partners, the perks of being short. ‘One of the only perks.’ Nico thought with a sigh as he finished tying his shoes and slung his backpack over his shoulder. He ran a hand through his sweat soaked hair and cringed slightly when his fingers caught a knot. With one last glance in the mirror on his way out of the boys dressing room and a wave to Mitchell, Nico made his way to the front of the performing arts building and waited for his sister so they could head over to their last class of the day. History.

As he waited he thought about the conversation at lunch. He thought about the pros and cons but ultimately decided to get his families opinions, he was sure Hazel and Persephone would be all for it, while his father and Bianca would be a bit hesitant. But still he wanted to hear what they thought. But soon his thoughts somehow drifted off to a certain blond haired, blue eyed, gorgeous boy.

Will Solace.

Gosh, even just thinking about him made his knees feel weak!

Will had that strange power over him, to make his knees feel weak, mouth go dry, blush into oblivion, and his hands sweat.

Nico was no fool, he knew this was more than a simple crush like the one he had had on Percy, but he couldn’t bring himself to do anything about it.

He didn’t want to ruin the friendship he had with the golden haired boy, but sometimes he thought that Will was interested in him too.

Little things like lingering touches and soft smiles.

Yeah….those were great.

Then his thoughts drifted to the many faces of Will Solace. From his overly happy smiles, to the down in the dumps frowns, and to the anger infused teeth bared.

He made a cute face at lunch, Nico remembered. He had been watching the first episode of Ghost King with Percy and when he heard the scream that Nico had his eyes got wide, and he jumped a little.

It was adorable!

Much too soon, Nico was begrudgingly pulled from his thoughts by his sister grabbing his hand and dragging him to their next class.

After the class was over, Nico and Hazel walked out to the parent pick up section of the school and stood around to wait for their father, or Persephone, they didn’t really know which one was coming for them.

“- and it was so nice! He brought me roses and everything!” Hazel explained with bright eyes and a wide smile.

She had been explaining her latest date with her boyfriend Frank as they waited when Nico felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned to see the very boy who plagued his thoughts.

“Hey Solace.”

“Hi you two! How was your classes?” Will asked as he took his hand off of Nico’s shoulder and stood beside the smaller teen.

Hazel smiled at Will, “they were good, History was a bit boring though.”

“Isn’t it always?” The blond supplied with a laugh.

“How was yours?” Nico asked as he adjusted the strap on his backpack and groaned at the weight of it.

“I got in trouble….but other than that it was good.”

“You? You Mr. Goody Two-Shoes, got in trouble? What for?” Nico laughed out.

Will huffed and mumbled something under his breath. Hazel smirked softly and sing-songed, “what was that? We couldn’t hear yoooouuuuuu.”

Another huff and a sheepish grin came from the blond as he blushed and shrugged. “I was watching the second episode of Ghost King and my teacher caught me. I couldn’t help it though! His videos are so creepy and suspenseful and awesome!” Will lamented.

Hazel and Nico shared a knowing glance and laughed.

“Yeah. They’re pretty awesome. We watch them all the time.” Hazel commented just as her phone dinged, signalling a text.

“You know. He kinda reminds me of you Nico.”

“Who does?”

“The Ghost King. He reminds me of you.”

Nico felt his heart skip a beat, on the outside he held his face a nonchalance and amusement but on the inside he was freaking the fuck out.

“Oh? How so?”

There was something in Will’s eyes that he simply couldn’t put his finger on, those breath taking blue eyes raked over Nico in a way that made him have to hold down a shiver.

Will opened his mouth to reply when Hazel interrupted after replying to the text. “Nico, Jules-Albert is picking us up, and he’s here.”

“Oh, okay. Um bye, Will…see you tomorrow.” Nico hastily said as he and Hazel started walking to their families black BMW as Will called back, “See you tomorrow di Angelo!”

Once in the safety of their car, Nico let out a sigh of relief.

“What was that all about?”

“Nothing. Oh, I have something to discuss with the family when everyone is home for dinner.”

“What is it?”

“You’ll see.”

“Is it bad?”




“Well is it?”


“Nico!” Hazel whined as Nico laughed as he swatted her hand that was going to poke him away. “You know I hate when you do that!”

“Do what?”

“Tell me you’re going to tell me something later but don’t tell me!”

“I’m going to tell you. Just not until later.”

“Uuuggggghhhhhhhh.” Hazel dramatically groaned as she leaned on Nico. He chuckled at her antics and kissed the top of her head.

“I promise you’ll know soon.”

“Fine.” She grumbled but made no move to get off him, and he was perfectly okay with that.

“Does Bianca know?”

“Not yet.”

“Does dad?”


“Does Per-”

“Hazel! Stop asking questions.” Nico ordered playfully.






“Is it boy problems?”


Story Time

I remember a few years back I was at my friends house. We were doing the typical middle schooler thing, oovooing people and watching those tween shows. So we’re in her living room watching some nick show when this gorgeous human being stepped into the room. It was her older brother. He made himself comfortable and just sat down near us and began to watch the show with us. He was a blond haired blue eyed boy (my friend was white) with a gorgeous smile and muscular arms. I was this chubby middle schooler with an awkward personality who laughed at the stupidest of things. My friend and I got bored so we went upstairs and I started to sing some Glee song and then this attractive boy comes and walks in while I’m screaming at the top of my lungs. I was so embarrassed but he just smiled and looked at me then got what he needed and left. If only he could see me now. Such a fine ass man.

So Now You Want Me? Part 3.

Requested – Yes.

Prompt – You change after Luke rejected you rudely.

Warning – Feels for Luke. Feels for Calum. Feels for Ashton. Feels for Michael. Feels for Jesus. Feels for everyone.

Words – 1809.


Part 1.

Part 2.

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“Ah me! How sweet is love itself possess’d when but love’s shadow are so rich in joy." Romeo

✮More Leo DiCaprio Lusciousness here✮ 

Preference #1 Where you meet him.

Nash: You meet him at a county fair.
You were about to ride the Zipper with your best friend when a gorgeous blue eyed boy comes up and asks you if you would like to ride a ride with him and introduces himself and his friend Cameron. You get on the ride and waiting for it to start you say “My hair may or may not fly in your face as we flip and I laugh a lot on this” you said smiling. He smiled and said “it’s alright if I had long hair it would fly everywhere too” after you got off the ride you two exchange numbers and rode on a few more rides with him.

Cameron: You meet him in Starbucks. You were waiting in line behind a tan and tall boy. When it was his turn to order he turns around asks what’s the best thing he should get. He clearly knew what he likes it was just an excuse to talk to you.

Matt: You meet at the beach. You were laying down tanning when a boy stumbled over you trying to catch a football. You got up and you went to help up the boy you finally helped him to his feet. He had the most gorgeous brown eyes with brownish blonde hair. He began to apologize but you knew it was an accident. He took you out for ice cream to make it up.

Shawn: Met him at a local music store. You went to the store with your friends. They were all looking at the drums but that didn’t spark your interest so you told them you were going to the guitars. You picked one up and started playing singing softly. You looked up and noticed a boy kinda staring at you smiling. “You are really good” he said sounding amused. You guys talked and eventually exchanged numbers.

Carter: You and Carter met at a party. You were dancing with your friends not caring who saw you. Carter noticed that you didn’t care and that made you so much more attractive. You stopped dancing to get water because dancing that hard you are gonna need water. Carter came and stood next you and paid for your water. You looked at him confuse to why he did that. He waited till you were done drinking and grabbed your hand and started dancing with you. After the dance he gave you his number and with that you left glancing at him one more time.

Jack G: Jack and you met at a mall. You were walking into Nike, your favorite store. You and your group of friends saw a group of cute boys. So you and your group walked over casually glancing at the shoes next to them. One of the guys was staring at you. You noticed him I mean who wouldn’t he made it so obvious. You looked at him and blushed at the fact he was looking at you. He came over and introduced himself. Your group and his group hung out for the rest of the day.

Jack J: You met Jack at a gas station. Your friends and you were driving around in your jeep. You guys were blasting Iggy and all the windows are down. A group of guys in the car next you looked super cute. You started rapping with Iggy while your friends kinda hollered your name as you rap, it was kinda your groups thing to do that. The boy next to you couldn’t stop laughing at the fact that you looked super adorable. You saw that he started following you so you pulled into a gas station and he pulled up next to you and you guys started to hit it off. Also you made plans the next day to hangout.

Hayes: You meet Hayes at an amusement park. You and your best friend loved the go karts. While waiting in line a cute boy who has brown flippy hair and blue eyes came up to you with what it looks like his brother. He introduced himself and his brother. You had made friends in the line and you were finally sitting in a kart and he was next to you. “I would watch out I’m super good at racing” he stated. You chuckled at that clearly he has never seen you race before. “He’s lying he horrible” you heard a voice from behind yelled clearly his brother. “Oh don’t worry. You should be the one that should watch out” you smiled. He laughed and with that it was time to race. You won and hung out with him the rest of the day.

Taylor: You meet Taylor in Wal-Mart. You were going to Tye-Dye a white shirt you had just got. Searching everywhere reasonable you finally found the Tye-Dye kit. You picked it up when you were reading the directions you ran right into a cute boy. You dropped your stuff and he picked up the kit to hand it to you. “You like to Tye-Dye?” He said smiling and handing you the kit. “Yeah. Except I buy Tye-Dye stuff normally, except I thought maybe I would try to be creative today” he laughed at how cute you were. He held out a hand and said “well I’m Taylor Caniff.” You grabbed his hand and said “And I’m Y/N” he smiled and asked for your number. You of course gave your number to him. And he smiled and walked out of the store because his dad said to hurry and bring home the groceries. Seconds later you received a text from the gorgeous boy.

Troyler One Shot

*Tyler’s POV*

I decided I had to tell him. I had to tell Troye, he was my best friend. We had been flirting for months now and I knew that if I didn’t tell him soon, I would lose him. As I walked up to Troye’s hotel room, my heart was pounding so heavily, I thought I would die. But nevertheless, I knocked, and suddenly a gorgeous, tall, blue-eyed boy was standing across from me. 

“Hi, Tilly,” Troye said, engulfing me in a huge hug. “Come in!”

After letting go, I walked through the threshold and sat on the bed. Troye sat down next to me with a worried look on his face.

“What’s wrong, Ty?” He asked. I knew I had to say something. 

“I feel like I’ve been lying to you for a while now and I think it’s time to come clean,” I say, looking down at my hand to avoid eye contact. 

“You can tell me anything, you know that, right, Tyler?" 

"Okay, ” I respond. “It’s just that….” I stop. I don’t know if I can do this. 

I see Troye looking at me with so much compassion. I know I have to keep going. 

“I don’t want anything to change between us, okay? Promise?” I ask, desperately. 

“Promise,” Troye says, taking my hand. 

“Troye…I don’t like nutella.”

The End

I wrote a fic based on this^^^

The people in the restaurant were staring at the gorgeous blue eyed, black haired boy, with sad eyes. He had been sitting alone at a table for two for almost an hour. The waitress kept coming over to ask him if he wanted to order but the boy kept insisting that his boyfriend would be there any minute.

Alec looked down at his phone his black hair falling into his face. A frown formed on his face, and the little hope that his boyfriend might show up drained from him, when he saw the bright screen displaying no messages. At first Alec had been hopeful that he would show up, but now Alec was just angry. They had been dating for almost a month and Alec was just now realizing what an asshole he was. He never showed up for their dates, leaving Alec sitting alone while people looked at him like he was a kicked puppy. He never called or texted Alec. Plans they made only ever fit to his schedule and it didn’t matter if it got in the way of Alec’s. He was such an as-. Alec’s eyes were dark now and there was a scowl on his face.

Alec was getting angrier by the minute when the waiter walked over to the table again

“Sir are you sure you don’t want to order?”

“No I think I’m about-” Alec was starting to get up when a man he had never met before came over and interrupted him.

“Sorry I’m so late, babe, traffic is crazy right now,” Alec gave him a confused look but let him sit down anyway because he was beautiful. His hair was spiked up and was that glitter?! His eyes shone like the night sky and his lips looked so soft. He was wearing jeans and a shirt with more glitter on it. “I’m Magnus. Just go with it, yeah? Whoever didn’t bother to show up is a dick,” he added in an undertone.

Alec smiled at him and told the waitress to bring them some drinks.

Later, after Magnus had saved Alec from another embarrassing night alone, the two walked out of the restaurant together laughing and smiling. Alec was actually glad that his boyfriend had stood him up. If he hadn’t Alec never would have gotten to meet Magnus.

Magnus looked over to Alec, “You know I had a really great time tonight,” he started then looked down, nervous to say what he wanted, “maybe next time we could go on a real date?”

Alec was shocked, “I would r-really like that,” he stuttered out.

Magnus smiled and gave him his number.

Looking at Magnus smile like that Alec couldn’t help it. With a burst of courage he didn’t know he had, he leaned down and gave Magnus a quick kiss before walking off, feeling happier than ever.