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Hi guys so this is something new for me. I’ve been asked to write some smut and honestly I didn’t feel comfortable at first writing it but I kinda wanted to test the waters and push the boundaries and I guess I wanted to see if I could write something out of my comfort zone. So here is the finished product! Hope you like it, please send me any feedback… Love - L


You had always believed in soulmates, since the day you learnt about love, you clung to the prospect of love in your own future, a love that would be strong, powerful and that could handle anything that life threw it’s way. Since the day you learnt about love, you believed that you would meet a lovely man, who hopefully would be kind, handsome, caring, talented and would hold the same interests and passions as you. You knew that you would find a man and if he was your soulmate you would know and hopefully he would know too. But when you met Harry four years ago now, you hadn’t got what you bargained for. You thought that it would be easy, that you would fall in love with your soulmate and that you would be together and live happily ever after. Of course you were too naive, you often were. You were still happy with Harry - not with Harry, not together with Harry, but you were happy being best friends with Harry.

You see, you met Harry when he was just that ; Harry. Before he was the well-known Harry Styles loved by many and hated my few - a jealous few you thought. You both had big dreams, maybe a bit too big for the both of you. Harry had always said “for an awfully small girl, your dreams are very big” and you would frown and he would place a kiss to your forehead and whisper “’s alright though love. Got big dreams for a big heart”. You fell in love with him back then, of course he grew and you grew with him. Him in one direction and you on your own, just as successful in the same industry. Then Harry became just him and you we’re still just you, still madly in love with each other, still naive.

Naive because you loved him and he loved you, but you thought he didn’t love you and he thought you didn’t love him. All too complicated for my liking. You knew he was your soulmate, hence why you were having this one particular discussion, more like argument really.

“I don’t get it love. Why are you going on a date with this dickhead?” he said, sitting on your bed, legs crossed, arms resting on his knees, head resting on hands and an adorable pout sitting on his all too perfect face. You were doing your makeup, elegant, way too elegant for this date, but he still thought you looked gorgeous.

“He’s not a dickhead Harry. He is a nice respectable man and he’s kind” you said, as you applied your mascara.

“Still a dickhead” Harry mumbled making you giggle and look up to meet his eyes and pouty face in the mirror.

“’m being serious Lou” he said, sitting up straight and coming to sit on the edge of your bed.

“H, with all due respect, you’ve never met him” you said, making him screw up his face.

“Don’t need to. Just have a bad feeling” he said, so innocently, almost making you question his true motives.

“Harry please” you said, putting hair spray in your curled hair.

“What? If I was going on a date with a girl and you had a bad feeling I’d respect your opinion and not go, because I trust the opinion of my best friend” Harry said, making you sigh and turn around to face him. Slowly, you stood from your seat at your vanity table, walking towards him and placing your hands on his shoulders as his came to rest on your hips.

“If you truly don’t want me to go, I won’t” you said, looking down at him as his pout slowly began to fade.

“Yer gonna make me feel bad” he said, making you sigh.

“What do you want then Harry?” you said, beginning to get frustrated.

“Just want ya to myself love. Was wrong with tha’?” he said, making you sigh again.

“What does that even mean Harry?”

“I’m jus’ sayin’ Lou. I know you’ll regret it” Harry said, making you angry. 

 “why do you always do this! You say something nice and cute and then I ask about it and you change the subject! What’s that even supposed to mean!” you said, now raising your voice and walking away from him.

“Fine! So you’re saying that everything you’ve ever told about the soulmate shit, is now just forgotten! You said that you’ll know when you meet the person that they’re the one! Well you’ve already met him so what? Is he the one?” Harry said, raising his voice too. But he was right, he usually is. 

 “That doesn’t matter! Why do you even care Harry! You’re supposed to be happy for me!” you said, getting so frustrated that tears ran down you cheeks. In all honesty you hated arguing with Harry. 

 “Maybe because I’m pissed off! I’m pissed off because I know you’re the one but you’re too naive to see that! And I’m too naive to think that someone like me would be your soulmate! Would be the one for you! I don’t want you going on this date because if you go on this date and he is the one it ruins everything. It ruins all possibilities of you waking up one day and realising that no maybe I’m not the one but yes…. Maybe I’ll do” Harry said, his own tears falling down his cheeks and he sat back down on your bed. Feet planted to the floor, arms on thighs, head in hands, head facing downwards. Suddenly everything all made sense and a wave of sadness washed over you. Dropping to your knees in front of him and placing your palms on his knees, you began to talk.

 “Is that what you think?” you said softly, your heart breaking as he sniffed and sobbed a little. No answer from Harry and you had to make him see otherwise.

 “No Harry… No. I, I thought you didn’t love me. Harry listen to me, you, you are perfect, everything I’ve ever wanted. I loved you the moment I saw you, I got to know you and Harry you were perfect. You still are perfect. I agreed to this date because no he wasn’t you, but yes, he was nice and kind and I was tired of waiting for you” you said, making him look at you. 

You stood up, his eyes following you, you placed yourself on his lap, using the pads of your thumb to wipe the tears from his beautiful tanned cheeks. Harry took your small hands in his and placed a kiss against them. 

“Harry I love you, I love you so much and I’m so sorry for not telling you sooner but I was so afraid” you said, making him hush you. 

 “No love. I’m sorry too” he said, both of your tears still falling but coming to a gradual stop. 

“C'mere” you said, pulling his head closer to yours. You placed your lips against his for the first time ever. It was more than you had ever imagined, his lips rough yet soft against your small ones, tears mixing together and lips pushing against each other, intoxicating the both of you.

 A love filled kiss shared between two former friends, the possibility of a love together floating through the air. Your dreams of your soulmate and a strong love true at last. Finally you pulled away, Harry still chasing your lips. 

“Be my girlfriend please” Harry said, making you giggle at how childish he sounded. 

“As long as you’ll have me, my love” you said ,making Harry smile widely. 

“My mother is going to be so proud” Harry said, as you played with his hair.

“Mhmm. Gem will finally stop teasing you” you said, making Harry giggle and place another kiss against your lips.

“the boys will be happy too. Finally got the girl I’ve been pinning over for four years. Louis will be ‘appy, loves yer he does, yer his best friend after all” he said, making you nod.

“My mum’s gonna smother you even more now, you know that right?” you said, making Harry smile and nod. 

“Won’t get a bollocking from your brothers will I?” Harry said making you laugh and tilt your head back, Harry leaning forward a kissing your throat, your hand threading further into his hair as he attacked your neck. 

“Na they love ya. Not as much as me though” you sighed out. 

 “And ya dad?” Harry said, as he sucked at your sweet spot, blood running to the surface and your gasp ringing through the room. 

“Don’t wanna be thinking about my dad right now H” you said, making him tilt your head down to his and placing his lips to yours again, his tongue slipping into your mouth, the foreign feeling making you rut against him, the both of you loving the feeling.

“Probably should call and cancel that date with was his face” Harry mumbled against your lips. 

“Probably” you mumbled back, tongues fighting against each other and your hips moving against his, a particular rub working for the both of you has Harry thrusted his hips against yours in pleasure. 

“Mmm baby” Harry mumbled, out as your hands ran down his chest, undoing the last few buttons of his shirt and running your hands down his chest to his jeans.

“Gonna call him then?” Harry groaned out, as you placed a kiss against his chest, marking him against one of the swallow tattoos. Harry was growing by the minute not wanting this to stop and praying that you wouldn’t stop this to call him. 

“Na fuck it” you said making Harry groan out and flip the both of you over so Harry was hovering over you. 

“Thank God for that. Thought you was going to leave me all hard for a moment there” Harry said, making you both laugh loudly. You giggled as he placed soft kisses against your neck tickling you. Harry sighing into your neck before moving to see your face. His hand cradling your face, leaning down to place a kiss against your lips, the mood suddenly changing. 

“You’re so beautiful” Harry said staring at you, making you blush. Your hands came to rest on his shoulders, pushing his shirt off before pulling him closer. 

“I love you so much” you mumbled against his shoulder, as you placed kisses there.

“Hmm. Think I love ya more pet” he said sucking at your neck and groaning when your heavenly gasp floating around the room, your hips arching off the bed and slowly rubbing against him.

“Harry” you gasped as he placed his lips back on yours. Frustrated, you tried to unbuckle his jeans, groaning when you were unsuccessful. 

“Harry” you said again, kissing his neck and distracting him 

“Yes love?” he groaned as you accidentally rubbed your hand against him still trying to unbuckle his jeans. 

“Get these off” you groaned, as his hands came to push your dress up, bunching at your thighs. Your hands finally steadied against him, managing to undo his belt and then successfully undoing his zip and pushing his jeans down his hips, past his round bum and down to the middle of his legs where he kicked them off.

“Can’t believe that twat was going to get a date with you… You’re too gorgeous even for me” Harry said making, you giggle as he your dress over your head. Harry ’s hands found your waist pulling you closer to him and attaching his lips to yours again. You sighed against Harry’s lips as his tongue entered your mouth, feeling Harry twitch against your thigh. Harry kneeled above you, you rising up so you were kneeling in front of him, you lips attacking his neck, moving down to his stomach, kissing against his butterfly tattoo and finally against his ferns.

 "What you doing love?“ Harry said, directing you back to his lips. 

"Admiring you. You’re perfect” you said, sucking a love bite at his collar bone, earning a loud and full groan from him. Harry placed his hands against the small of your back, lifting up and unclasping your bra before placing the two of you down against the mattress. 

“God you are perfect. How are you so perfect?” Harry mumbled against the mold of your breast, making you moan. Your hands found his hips, pushing his boxers down slowly. Harry’s hands pushed your lace panties down your hips and past your legs, moving them off the bed along with his boxers. 

“Are you sure about this kitten?” Harry said, smiling down at you, you lent up and placed your lips on his, his tongue entering your mouth “yes” you said quickly. Harry took condom out of your draw (he had browsed through your draws once whilst being bored, teasing you afterwards, to which you just punched him).

He placed the condom on, you then wrapped your legs around his hips, Harry then pushed the tip of him in, making the both you gasp. 

“Fuck” Harry said, as he pushed the rest of the way in making you arch your back against him and moan out. 

“God it’s like you’re made for me” Harry said, as his lips find yours. 

“Move H” you said, sighing into his mouth at the heavenly feeling. Harry pulled away and placed his forehead against yours as he began to trust slowly and deeply into you making you gasp again as he instantly found your g-spot. 

“Harry, you feel so good” you said, squeezing around him and making him groan and throw his head back.

“I love you so damn much” Harry said, placing his forehead against yours again, placing soft and passionate kissing against your lips.

“Gonna -fucking hell- take you on so many dates and- ummphh - treat you like a -shit so tight- Queen” harry said, as he continued to trust against you.

“Oh God Harry. Faster” you gasped against him, beginning to meet him with his thrusts. You placed your legs further up Harry’s body, now wrapped around his waist, making it able for Harry to hit a new angle inside of you.

“Oh God babe… So close” Harry said as you tugged at his hair. Your back arched and your eyes closed as you came closer to you high. 

“Baby, look at me… Look at me… Wanna see your face when you come” Harry said, thrusting faster now. 

“Ohhhh Harry” you said, as you reached your high, your back arching off the bed, your breasts touching his chest. You squeezed around him as you came, making Harry spill into the condom.

“I love you, I love you I love you” Harry said, kissing you softly as the too of you came down from your highs. Harry rolled off you, pulling you closer so your head was against his glistening chest, quickly sliding the condom off and throwing into the bin next to your bed. 

“Never done that before?” Harry said, confusing you.  

“What do you mean? You’re not a virgin H” you said, your arms crossing on his chest, your head resting against them and looking into his eyes. 

“Never made love to someone before…” Harry said, making you smile.

“Me neither” you said, kissing his now swollen lips. 

“I love you so much. And I promise I’ll take you on dates, and do all the stuff we’re supposed to do and I’ll spoil you rotten. But I can’t wait so please be my girlfriend?” Harry said making you kiss his chest.

“Of course H. Don’t care about that stuff… Just want you” you said, making him smile and kiss your forehead.

“Well you have me” Harry said reaching for his phone. 

“who are you texting? That’s incredible rude after what we’ve just done” you said making Harry laugh and then he showed you who he texted. He had text Gemma telling her that you two were now together. “

You need to text that douchebag anyway” harry said. “Na just leave it” you said making Harry laugh loudly.

The Party

Quick Info - Misha has a party which leads to a night that changes everything for Jensen and Y/N
Word Count - 4909
Warnings - Open relationships, talks of open relationships, smut, oral sex (female receiving)
A/N - No disrespect to the Ackles or Collins intended. Crazy story idea cousin Beka encouraged after we started talking about writing the other day. Idea came from a conversation with another friend.

Maybe there will be a sequel…maybe not…

The Party

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Neighbours: Part Thirteen

The Game

Part One | Part Twelve | Part Thirteen Part Fourteen |

We stay cuddled close for a few minutes, until the calming glow of sex wears off and the hay begins to irritate my skin. I climb off gingerly to find my step-in and Tommy’s undergarments, throwing them to him, before fishing in his jacket for the cigarettes I know are in there.

“You kicking me out?” he says with a smirk, although his eyes don’t seem to appreciate his little joke.

“No, of course not,” I reply gently, laying myself next to him on my stomach and propping myself up on my elbows. “So, you ever had sex in an Earl’s stables before?” I ask with a smile, lighting him a cig before taking one for myself.

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anonymous asked:

dickkory! :D

OMG. I’m sorry anon! I forgot about these? BB/Rae week was a doozy @_@ Anyways, better late than never right?

  • who hogs the duvet:
    DICK. I mean, I think they both do, but Dick does it more. There’s usually some sort of struggle that happens in the middle of the night, where they both just keep swiping the blankets from each other, but Starfire always wins. Dick knows better than to engage in play fighting with her; she kicks his butt even when she’s going ‘easy’ on him. Granted, they usually end up having sex at this point, but shhh.
  • who texts/rings to check how their day is going:
    Both. I feel like Star and Dick have this super healthy relationship. They’re basically the pinnacle of a good romance, and they probably both periodically call one another to just check in. They’re definitely the type who prefer calling to texting.
  • who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts:
    Hmmm. Kory? I think she’d try to really think outside the box with his gifts, whereas Dick is more of a classic sort of man. Roses, a gorgeous dress, and a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant. Kory would probably take them dog sledding or something. 
  • who gets up first in the morning:
    Dick. He’s an early-riser, probably always has been. Kory likes her beauty sleep. 
  • who suggests new things in bed:
    Both. They’re very open in terms of sexuality, and neither shy away from trying new things/experimenting. The excitement alone is a turn on for them. 
  • who cries at movies:
    Probably Kory. Not that Dick doesn’t cry, just that it takes a bit more, I think. Kory is all emotions, and she feels them all quite vividly. So yeah, when there’s a villain and he murders an innocent to get at the protagonist, she’s all tears and starbolts. 
  • who gives unprompted massages:
    Dick. He’s definitely the type of guy who’s a giver. He likes to ‘set the mood’. With him, it isn’t a question of ‘wanna get intimate?’ It’s more of a subtle thing, such as a foot rub, ankle rub, thigh rub, and he just keeps climbing, if you catch my drift ;) Kory can take a hint. 
  • who fusses over the other when they’re sick
    Both. They’re both worry warts, honestly. Dick and Kory are fiercely protective of the people they love. This isn’t any different. 
  • who gets jealous easiest:
    Neither. I don’t see either Dick or Kory as the jealous types. They’re both extremely attractive folk who are confident and aware of it. They know and trust one another to understand that no one is a ‘threat’ to their relationship. 
  • who has the most embarrassing taste in music:
    Dick. I mean, I wouldn’t call it embarassing, but Star finds his love for old country music (70s,80s) pretty cheesy. 
  • who collects something unusual:
    Kory. She’s got this green thumb, so she has a habit of collecting any plants she deems interesting. She usually dries them out, and maybe tries getting seeds to plant them herself. She has a wonderful little garden. 
  • who takes the longest to get ready:
    You know what? Dick. He’s a pretty boy, and no boy that pretty doesn’t wake up without spending an hour in the bathroom grooming (but mostly ogling himself in the mirror because daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn). Plus, his suit is way more of a pain to put on than any of Kori’s gear. 
  • who is the most tidy and organised:
    Dick. He’s definitely one of those uptight clean freaks. He blames having to share a room/house with any of the other batkids. Kori is clean, but definitely disorganized. Dick is usually picking up after her and it’s kind of cute. 
  • who gets most excited about the holidays:
    Kori. Uh, an excuse to see friends, buy a bunch of cheesy decorations and make everything look ridiculous? I mean, her and Beast Boy practically bond over this stuff. 
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon:
    Dick is probably the little spoon. He doesn’t mind in the slightest. 
  • who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports:
    Kori. She’s pretty fierce, and doesn’t really get this concept of ‘letting them win’ to be polite. It sounds like hogwash, and on Tamaran, is probably considered disgraceful. 
  • who starts the most arguments:
    Probably Dick. Kori worries about him and obviously wants what is best, but the kid has his head up his butt sometimes, and he has issues letting people in, so you know that’s something they work through together quite a bit. 
  • who suggests that they buy a pet:
    Neither. Kori has Silkie and the idea of replacing him would break her heart into pieces. Plus, Silkie would most likely eat any other pet they brought home…it happened once to Gar’s hamster but as far as he knows, Taro is still just ‘missing’. 
  • what couple traditions they have:
    Oh, they definitely roleplay. They’re that weird couple that plays out some sort of scenario like they’re just meeting for the first time at an art gala and Dick is this handsome secret spy while Kori is a double agent, and they hit it off anyways. On a more normal scale? They definitely have more play fighting/sparring/training that usually just ends with them making out on the floor or something, all out of breath. 
  • what tv shows they watch together:
    Soaps and dramas, most likely. They watch them weekly, and argue/make bets about what will happen to x character(s) next episode/season. 
  • what other couple they hang out with:
    BB/Rae, Roy/Donna, Wally/Linda, Tim/Steph, pretty much any/all of the batfam members and their SOs. 
  • how they spend time together as a couple:
    Being silly and doing dumb, childish things. I mean, I can see them in their new apartment, and Star steps off the carpet in their living room and Dick is like: “KORY! NO!” He’s clutching his hair like she’s just committed a crime most foul. Then, he says: “THE FLOOR IS LAVA!” And they proceed to play tag, giggling like idiots. 
  • who made the first move:
    Honestly? It could have been either. On one hand, Kori goes for what she wants. On the other, she drops hints like mad, and it’s usually Dick that has to sort of acknowledge it. He’s too polite to just go for it, but Kori makes it clear quick she’s interested, so he might. Still, with Dick, the ladies probably take more charge than he does. 
  • who brings flowers home:
    Dick. He’s a classy guy. Definitely the roses and chocolates type. I mean, Kori has a whole garden; she doesn’t need to buy roses. But he likes doing it so she likes it when he does it. 
  • who is the best cook:
    Uh…Neither of them can cook? Kori burns everything she touches, and Dick’s dishes usually look like they crawled out of a horror movie.