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Could you please translate goreyers interview together about going to the olympics? It's called S04-Duo Meyer und Goretzka reist nach Rio. I can't find any translations anywhere and I don't understand a word they're saying but they're just so sweet together!

Yes I know they’re so cute together!! Don’t worry, I’ve got you!

This is the video

Leon: I’m nervous simply because I don’t know 100% what we can expect. The Olympics are a very special event, I think. Usually, if I were to participate in a European Championship I’d know more or less what to expect so yeah the tension rises by the day.

Interviewer: Initially, you’re going to be in Salvador. The temperatures there are about 26-27°C but at night they’re still at 24°C so it’s going to be pretty consistent.

Max: Then I already know what’s gonna happen which is that my fellow beside me here is going to turn on the AC at night which I won’t like but yeah… if there’s no other possibility to cool down the room then that’s how it is. Of course, the temperatures aren’t the best for us. We’ve already had to deal with that in China. It was very exhausting because you couldn’t breathe, you almost couldn’t move; it was like in a sauna. So I think that’s the hardest thing to prepare for.

Interviewer: Who forgets everything and who packs double the amount?

Leon: I don’t pack double. We’re used to travelling already so I think we’re really good at packing our suitcases.

Interviewer: So does Leon always pack his toothbrush?

Max: Toothbrush yes, toothpaste no.