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Batkids throwing a pool party

Idea comes from @atomicnightbear.

- Bruce was gone on League stuff and Alfred was visiting family.
- It started with Tim. He wanted to have Bart and Kon over because they had been talking about swimming.
- Cassie had to join, there was no telling her no.
- Wally came you know to see Dick. Next thing you know Roy, Starfire, Garth, Cyborg, Donna, Raven, Kaldur’ and about every member of the Teen Titans ever was there.
- Of course this means the whole batclan needs to be there. So all ten of them show up.
- Kara and Jon are there of course because they are missing out on the fun.
- Roy and Jason have dubbed themselves in charge of the grill.
- Kon, Bart, and Tim decide to have a cannon ball contest. Stephanie, Kara, and Cassie joining in.
- Cass is loving watching all them.
- So much gossip. Like by the end of there’s nothing about the Justice League’s life they don’t know.
- Harper elects herself in charge of music after her and Raven wanted to throw Dicks ipod out the window for playing Barbie girl.
- Beast Boy decides to jump in as a whale.
- Ultimate game of chicken.
- Kori hair staying perfect after being wet.
- Barbara being the one to break out squirt guns. Donna having the super soaker ready.
-Duke loving the chance to meet everyone.
- The Justice League coming back and being like where are the younger ones.
- Bruce calling them in the watchtower and saying to come get them.

Jason and Tim in: Always lock the bathroom door (Ft. Dick Grayson)

Tim: *seated on toilet, happily reading a magazine*

Dick: *swings the door open*

Tim: Dick, I’m trying to use the bathroom!!*tries to close door*

Dick: *swings it back open* Nope, you know the rules little brother. JASON!!

Tim: no no please don’t call ja-

Jason: *appears from down the hall* Whats up

Dick: look at your little brother


Tim: *desperately tries to cover himself* Jason don’t take a pic-!

Jason: *takes multiple pictures* Dick, get in this selfie with me

Tim: Seriously, you guys stop!

Dick and Jason: *Take multiple selfies with Tim in the shot*

Dick: Tag me in that one!

Tim: can’t a man take a crap in peace?!

Dick: What kind of man wears My Little Pony boxers?Hahaha!

Jason: *Takes picture of boxers* This is so going on instagram hahaha

*Dick and Jason walk away laughing*

Tim: God, I hate this family


Prompts: A combination of this reader is the batfams sister and she convinces them to go to a horse farm and the reader and Bruce are good at riding they horses and then dick and Jason is all clumsy and stuff? AND THIS Sequel to Big Brother where the reader comes home with a hickey

AN: This serves as a sequel to the one shot big brother click HERE for that!

Words: 496

“I’m sorry, but how is this supposed to be fun?”

You grin at your brother and Dick grins back. The two of you had been dealing with horses and other big animals since birth. The circus had provided plenty of instruction on how to ride elephants and horses alike.

Tim and Jason however, had not had that training. While Jason had at least been able to get on his horse, Tim had opted for standing near the fence. Damian was already riding around the corral, while Bruce supervised from his own horse.

Jason calls your attention back, “Grin all you want girly, but I am going to master this horse.”

It takes everything you have to not burst out laughing as Jason tries to get the horse to simply move. “Should we help him?” Dick finally asks.

You shake your head, “They need to work this out themselves.”

Dick just laughs, as the two of you start heading towards the trail, leaving the rest of the family behind. You’ve been on the trail for several minutes when Dick asks, “So what’s up with scarf?”

It takes everything you have to not blush, “What do you mean?”

“It’s spring, and it’s warm out. Why are you wearing a scarf?”

You shrug, “No particular reason.”

Dick’s eyes narrow and he reaches for your scarf. You lean further away before encouraging your horse to speed up. Dick matches that speed, and before you know it the two of you are in a full on sprint. You stop once you hit the river bank. A little out of breath the two of you face each other and you ask, “Truce?”

Dick shakes his head, “Never.” And then, faster than you can react, he pulls the scarf down. “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?”

You wince at the tone, “You’re going to spook the horses.”

He immediately lowers his voice, “What is that mark on your neck?”

You sigh as you fix your scarf, “It’s a hickey Richard.”

His eyes go wide, “A hickey?”

You roll your eyes, “A mark that typically comes from an intense make-out session.”

“I know what it is, why do you have one?”

You stare at your twin, “Why do you think?”

He straightens, “I’m going to kill Wally.”

“No, you’re not.”

He glares at you, “And why not?”

You smirk, “Because he has to wear a turtleneck today.”

Dick groans, “Oh come on, I didn’t need to know that.”

You begin directing your horse back the way you came, “Then you shouldn’t have pulled my scarf down.”

“Well, maybe but …”

“No buts Richard, I am an of age woman, you do not control me, or who I have sex with.”


You curse at that. He didn’t need to know about that. Urging your horse a little faster you pray that you can get to Wally before Dick, or at least enlist Barbara’s help, because you rather like Wally in one piece!


The action heats up in 1970s Gotham City as the Amazon Princess arrives in Man’s World in search of her old ally, Batman! Instead, she finds a new hero: a motorcycle-riding daredevil with a familiar face and a new crime-fighting costume!
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But the Start of an Age.

Summary: What happens when Damian has seen/experienced too much to keep being Robin?

Pairing: Reader x Damian Wayne/Robin (mention) and Damian Wayne x Barbara Gordon (Platonic)

Warning: Mention of death

Author’s note: This is the second part of “It Was the End of a Decade.” The previous part was all dark and twisty so I decided to end it all on a more positive note.

Tagging: @gobydana

Part 1: It Was the End of a Decade.

Damian mourned your death for a long time. Adjusting to his new life wasn’t easy. Living without you didn’t even feel like living. You were the one who took care of all the important things. Sure, Damian knew how to cook, clean and do his taxes but he never had to worry about any of that stuff. You took care of all the finances and paperwork for the pair of you. Thus, attempting to decrypt your elaborate color code and post-it system proved to be a challenging task, even for the world’s greatest detective’s son.

Barbara had been a key asset in helping Damian process his emotions in a healthy manner. She wanted to avoid, at all cost, Damian becoming like his father or brothers. She didn’t want all that pain to be channeled into something negative. Additionally, she wanted to give Damian the opportunity to move on without feeling guilty. Fortunately, as per usual, Barbara had a plan.

“Damian, you have to retire your Robin suite.” Stated Barbra.

“Just because [Y/N] is dead doesn’t mean that I’ll go off on a killing spree of barricade myself in a truckload of work. I can handle myself.” Spat Damian, harshly.

“Relax, no one said anything about that.” Whispered Barbara in a suiting tone before placing her hand on his shoulder “I just think that it’s time to pass on the mantle to someone else. Like your brothers did when they got old enough.”

“Sorry,” apologized Damian, in a sincere voice “I didn’t mean to lash out at you like that… It’s just that… you know…”  

“Don’t worry about it, Damian, I understand. [Y/N] was very special. However, I believe that in order for you to move on, you have to let go of Robin. Robin symbolizes something that you aren’t anymore.” Explained Barbara calmly.

“You’re right, Barbs,” admitted Damian softly, “I’ve been through too much, I’ve seen how cruel this world can be.” With a glimpse of excitement, Damian added eagerly, “So, where do we start? Oh, and just so we’re clear, I’m keeping my sword. That doesn’t change.”

“Name, we need to figure out what your new superhero identity will be. Hum… what about Ghost? I like it because: It would fit the situation perfectly, you would be able to haunt your worst enemy’s nightmares, it would be easier to hide in the shadows, and it would be a great tribute to Bruce’s childhood hero, the Grey Ghost.

“I LOVE IT! What’s next?” Exclaimed Damian.

“Colour scheme, we have to determine the proper colours.”

“TT, that’s easy, grey and black. Next?” Said Damian with his arms crossed rolling his eyes.

“Next, we define what your symbol.”

“I’ll draw something out later, but I’m thinking something along the lines of a bat.” Replied Damian.

“Are you going to keep the cape?” Asked Barbara.

“Possibly, I’m not dependent on it but Titus likes to hide behind it when it’s cold outside and I’ve caught Alfred the cat using it as a bed a few times while I was gone.”

“Hahaha, Oh Damian, how some things never change… After all these years.”

“Always.” Smirked Damian.