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Happy New Year!!

I wish you all a prosperous 2018!

This is a brand new sketchpad of our life with 365 pages to be filled with memories.

And let’s not all forget to love our otome boys.

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Cass uses snapchat as evidence against her bat-siblings

(pic is like a sneak peak into the final story of my anthology fic. Check out the first few chapters here)

Okay Hollywood, hear me out;

A roadtrip bromance movie with supergirl and batgirl where Barbara and Kara just drive around, visiting random cities and solving crimes along the way, Scooby Doo style.

No big bad villain. No specific plot. Just these two gals being super pals getting around, getting lost, and getting on each other’s nerves only to discover, in the end, that the real super power is the strength of their super friendship.

Call me. 

okokok so this is thing and I can’t remember why I drew it (tho I have a suspicion it was something to do with @thunderbirdgordon but) THIS IS UR PROMPT u precious bagel <3333333

HERE YOU GO lenleg thunderbirdalan thunderbirdgordon


low gravity

“…John, honestly, the truth is just that he’s getting to be too much to handle down here. He made your grandmother cry last week and Scott hasn’t spoken to him since. Virgil and Alan are hitting their limits, and I’m doing my best, but–”

Jeff trails off and shakes his head. John winces at the stress in his father’s voice. He’s really not sure he’s up for this, but it’s the very least he can do. “Well, if you think it’ll help, I’m certainly willing to try. Have you asked Gordon?”

“Not yet.” His father hesitates and his eyes are distant, sad and his voice is soft when he continues, “It’s a lot to ask, John. If he can’t push past this, it feels like it’s going to break him.”

“I didn’t know it was that serious. He seemed fine the last time I was down. I guess…I guess it’s been a while.”

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Falling Off

(Requested- Hi! Whenever you get the time could you do an imagine with either Michael or Ashton where you’re a singer and you end up getting hurt during a performance and they freak out?)

(Using Michael for this because it’s kind of his thing ;) )

Being the opening act for 5sos had it’s perks, the best one being that you got to spend so much time with your boyfriend Michael Clifford and the two of you were able to watch each other perform every night.

Tonight was the second night at the current location, you couldn’t even remember where at this point. Tour was a whirlwind and it was all you could do to stay on time with rehearsals and shows. You were tired and worn down and just wanted to make it through tonight’s show so you could have three days off to relax and rest up with Michael and hide from the world.

You sang your heart out on the stage, like you did at every show. The fans cheered and you silently thanked God for allowing you and Michael to have so much support from them. You could definitely feel the fatigue settling in as you started the last song of your set, your head starting to ache as you focused hard on completing the song. As you closed your eyes and sang your last long note, you stepped forward, not realizing how close you were to the edge, and tumbled right off. You felt a harsh pain and heard loud screams and suddenly everything went black.

You blinked several times as light flooded into your eyes, slowly coming back into consciousness. “Oh my god you’re awake!” you heard Michael’s excited voice exclaim. You groaned, hand coming to your now pounding head as the noise just intensified the feeling. “Keep it down, please, my head hurts” you whined to whoever was around. Michael laid his hand on your arm, rubbing comfortingly as you got your bearings. “You’ve been unconscious for about fifteen minutes. You fell off stage and hit your head pretty hard, the paramedic said you need to go to the hospital to get checked out as soon as you woke up and are able to walk.” Michael told you as you sat up and held your head in your hands. “Give me a minute.” You mumbled without looking up. You felt his arms around you pulling you close to his warm body. “Don’t you have to go on stage soon?” you asked as you leaned your head on his shoulder. “They’re playing videos on the big screen for the fans so I could be here for you a few extra minutes.” he answered. Just then, Ashton came through the door, “Hey guys, Dave is ready to take (Y/n) to the doctor and we need to go on stage.” Michael pouted, giving you a kiss on the forehead, “Are you okay going without me?” You nodded, giving him a tired smile, “yea Mike, I’ll be fine. Go do an awesome show.” You stood with his help and followed him out of the dressing room where Dave was waiting. Michael let go of you and gave you a big grin, “One more night and then it’s me, you, and one large bed and plenty of food.” You smiled back at him as you started walking out with Dave, “I can’t wait!”