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What's your opinion on English Setters?

I’ve met some show line setters and they are kind, gentle puppers. Field/working line setters have a reputation for being stubborn trouble makers! 😆 But overall, they are good dogs.

Here are some fun facts from @coonhoundchronicles:

There are a couple types of setter breeds: English setter, Irish setter, Red and White setter and Gordon setter. Setters are a gundog breed that silently searches for game by scent. When prey is encountered the dog freezes rather than chasing after the game. Setters get their name from their distinctive stance; a sort of crouch or “set” upon finding their quarry. Most setters are born with a natural proclivity to hunting and are used in dove or quail hunting to point out and flush game. As for temperament, they are generally happy and playful dogs with fairly high energy in working lines.


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 If you’re still interested in seeing people’s pets.
This is my boy Rufus. He’s 3 years old now. We adopted him when he was 10 months old. He’s a mix of Husky, malamute, English setter and Gordon setter, and people constantly thinks he’s an overgrown border collie. He’s pretty much as tall as I am when he stands on his hind legs.
He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I love him so much.
(Sorry, this wasn’t meant to go on so long. I just really get enthusiastic about my pets)


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I mention it on the form, but I am afraid I will not be making moving jaws due to not being confident enough.

I am also afraid I will not be taking on any couple suits. The reason being for this is that they have caused me a fair bit of stress in the past, and I would like to try and avoid that this time.

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@the-forgotten-glow -cairn terrier
@luminescentphoenix -Finnish spitz
@blank0000001 -Yorkshire terrier
@cryptisc -Bolognese
@jammiehamato -cocker spaniel
@fireflylightking -shiba inu
@jade-doodles -American Eskimo dog
@altoanimator -Norwich terrier
@letsbepurrfect -bichon frise
@noellelamarie -goldendoodle
@bubblesboncing -coton de tulear
@anon-noodle -Dandie dinmont terrier
@jayzonesarts -Great Dane
@joshthepersonwhoisafurry -English foxhound
@junkokenzie -pembroke welsh corgi
@ta-aime -labradoodle
@serslee -Irish water spaniel
@thephantombeyond -Airedale terrier
@alexlememe -German Shepard
@eyedevergreen -Dalmatian
@tinyscribbles -Cardigan welsh corgi
@Seab-draws -Polish lowland sheepdog (someone tag him it doesnt wanna work)
@unknownymous43 -Icelandic sheepdog
@purplesweaterdrawz -Siberian husky
@genothecreeper -Tibetan spaniel
@manifold-superstorm -schipperke
@jenipirex - Gordon setter
@h3l3nxx -Pomeranian
@terry-skeleton -border collie
@zpheadcanons -Maltese shih tzu
@sleepycolorz -Akita
@theunrealhorseman -French bulldog
@monadoswag123 -Brussels griffon
@cricketschirp -cockapoo
@zpdoodles -poodle
@thisrandomuser -blue dapple dachshund
Omg i -huff- never -puff- wait uh.. Lemme phew.. Gsus lemme just breathe first
*2 minutes later* omg i didnt know that this community was that big (and maybe even bigger!) sorry i couldn’t draw anyone
But if i receive 4 or more comments that i missed a few people, ill draw them! (As dogs of course!)
You guys are so awesome! I love every piece of art, theory, headcannon, song, story idea, fanfiction you people post out there! (Yes, even memes)
And even if you don’t really do anything more in tumblr than like and reblog thats ok! Its nice to see people support other people! And you are that person! (Thank you!)
And uh if you ask why its dogs well theres a lot of cat content (andI'mmoreofadogperson) so i decided to turn us into all dogs!
But again, thank you guys for just being here in this community and contributing to this community!(i really want to meet all of you guys in one place irl [although it would be a bit awkward haha]) I really love it and i hope it will continue to grow!
(Also sorry in advance if i spelled your username wrong. And sorry too to the people who are not satisfied with my drawing [im still learning!])

Tikken, Gordon Setter (4 y/o), Schønings & Vibes Gate, Oslo, Norway • “He’s a he with a she name. ‘Tikken’ was the wife of an old war hero from Norway called Max Manus.”