gordon ramsay yelling

Gordon Ramsay: calls people ‘darling’ and 'sweetheart’ as it tends to be used as a friendly term in the UK and he only ever uses it in the friendly way

Gremlins: hes a mysoginist he doesn’t respect women at all :///

Gordon Ramsay: Cooks steak for a woman who was practically starving herself with a weird diet that cut out meat as she’d started working at a zoo that caused her to develop a gluten and dairy intolerance (shed only eat a baked potato or gluten free pasta with pesto and little else) who said she actually does enjoy meat but only if it was 100% organically and lovingly raised, goes through where and how the animal he’d gotten the meat from was raised with her, agrees that mass producing meat is a disgusting industry, raised two pigs himself in his back garden with love and care and cried when he had to send them to the slaughter house, calls chefs out on serving vegetarians things with meat products, is disgusted with frivolous shit like shark fin soup and any other food that involves senselelessly injuring or killing endangered animals for only a tiny bit of their meat

Gremlins: he couldn’t give a shit about vegetarians he hates them :///////

Gordon Ramsay: only screams, yells and swears at lazy, filthy, cheeky chefs who claim to be professionals with years of experience who can’t seem to follow the basic rules of hygiene/food preparation, is very gentle and encouraging with people who are still learning including children, is always ALWAYS respectful to wait staff (in the amy’s baking company episode when he learned that the owners were taking the tips of their one waiter he gave her his directly in front of them and also called them out on it in front of the customers too) and always starts off civilly until people give him shit

Gremlins: hes so over the top and verbally abusive ://///////////////////////// even top chefs can learn from their mistakes hes just a bully ://////

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okay but Percival Graves is the magical version of Gordon Ramsay, yes? where he yells and curses at his Senior Aurors but talks quietly to the Junior Aurors and reassuring them that they got this, that they can cast this spell and they still have time


Like, can we just appreciate…

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I love this. I love this. Because I can SEE IT. He’s downright motherfucking COLD in his rage to his senior aurors, because those men and women have KIDS. They can hate him all they like, but he’s going to fucking make sure they’ve got balls big enough and smarts quick enough to get their asses home at the end of the day - if that means they fucking hate him, so be it. Plus, they should fucking know better, merlin’s balls.

But his baby Aurors.

They’re babies. They’re new, young, baby-faced children that decided they wanted to use their gifts to shine a light in the darkness - knowing they could die, knowing it’d be worth it to protect their society. He guides them calmly, because they don’t know better yet. He pulls them back when they’re teetering on the edge. He doesn’t shame them if they quit. He doesn’t warn them if they stay. They knew what they signed up for.

He just prepares them as best they can and when they’re old enough, he fucking LAYS INTO THEM BECAUSE Jesus Christ, Abernathy, do you want a second hole next to your anus? Stay belly down on the ground long enough and one of Grindelwald’s flunkies will be more than happy to send an Avada Kedavra right up your asshole - see if it was worth “resting for a second” then!

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I love Duke so much, do you have some backstory you could talk about?

he works at a very shitty restaurant which i actually came up with because i was watching kitchen nightmares and i want fictional gordon ramsay to come yell at them

this is the same restaurant that dante works at part time if anyone remembers him

also duke refuses to acknowledge that he needs glasses and is part of the reason the restaurant sucks so bad


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Imagine…Confessing to Tony Stark that you love him.

[x] - requested by @melizzzabeth

Gif Credit: I can’t find it, but it’s not mine :(

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Word Count: 2,654

Warnings: Fluff, Angst, Panic Attack, Mentions of past abuse

A/N: Have I told you lately that Tony Stark is a beautiful and innocent cupcake who doesn’t deserve the pain of this world? No? Let me remind you. Anyway, I’ve wanted to write Tony having a panic attack for quite some time, and it just felt right to be in this. I also suffer from frequent panic attacks. I had to seek therapy for that and my depression. Know that you’re never alone in this and that there are people who are willing to help. Mental health is important. Please, take care of yourself. Also, I’m so sorry this is late. Due to a loss in the family, I haven’t been paying attention to Tumblr.

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concept: i break into gordon ramsay’s house. he does not know i am there. i put positive sayings all over his house. i bring in sixty-seven throw pillows. pet his dog Bruno. i give him three frying pans and all of them are pastel. i give him spatulas that are red, yellow, and orange. i decorate his house with fresh flowers. it looks very nice. 

i break out. he wakes up bewildered. he tries to throw out all sixty-seven throw pillows but is unsuccessful in this attempt. i have succeeded. 

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alex tries to cook again???

Bless her, she tries.

She tries making paella and the smoke alarm ends up in the trash can.

She tries baking cupcakes but miscalculates the amount of flour needed and they resemble burnt pancakes.

Tonight, she tries to make a simple salad but, after only five minutes, Maggie hears the sharp intake of breath and the curse word and she immediately discards her book on the couch and rushes over to the kitchen, to Alex who’s hunched over a chopping board. ‘Babe?’

‘It’s fine, it’s nothing, it’s a small cut, that’s all.’

The reassurances would have been more convincing if the vegetables weren’t drizzled in blood. Maggie takes the knife from Alex’s hand and places it down on the chopping board before she gently takes hold of Alex’s hand, to examine the deep cut on the top of her index finger. ‘Babe,’ she says softly, sympathetically. ‘Let’s get that cleaned, okay?’

Alex hisses as Maggie runs the finger under warm water and Alex winces as Maggie applies pressure on the wound with paper towels. Blood soaks through them but finally ceases bleeding after a couple of minutes.

‘Stay here. I’ll get the first aid kit,’ Maggie orders, knowing how notoriously stubborn her girlfriend could be. Much to her surprise, Alex is still there on the couch when she returns from the bathroom a minute later, first aid kit in hand. ‘Lemme see,’ she whispers, tenderly taking Alex’s hand again.

The awkward nature of the cut means that Maggie has to strategically use two band-aids to ensure proper coverage. Alex waits until one is applied before she deadpans, ‘I think Gordon Ramsay would yell at me.’

Maggie laughs. ‘You think?’

‘Just a hunch.’

Maggie carefully puts on the second band-aid before she brings Alex’s knuckles to her lips and kisses them. ‘Babe, you know you don’t have to cook or bake for me, right?’

‘But I want to.’

‘And I won’t stand in your way if you do but you don’t have to, that’s what I’m saying. You are already perfect to me. Plus,’ Maggie pauses to grin. ‘I also love takeout.’

‘Says the health freak.’

‘I’m an enigma,’ Maggie winks as she reaches for her phone. ‘The usual order, yeah?’ 

Cups of Tea (Reader x Bucky Barnes)

Summary: You are a member of the Avengers when you fall ill and Bucky takes good care of you. 

Warnings: none, just fluff. (some mentions of gross things that happen when you’re sick)

A/N: I decided to churn this out since I am currently grossly sick and wish that I had a Bucky to make me tea and soup. Enjoy!

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You lie against a tower of pillows on the couch and drape your blanket over your lap before turning on the TV. You have the tradition of watching cooking shows while you’re sick, so that’s exactly what you plan on doing.

Your sinuses were completely congested and your throat felt raw from your constant coughing from the night before. Luckily your nose stopped running but you had to suffer through the fact you can’t breathe through your nose at all.

The rest of the team were out on a mission, leaving you alone at the tower. Tony had joked that you would help in the mission by entrapping enemies with your snot. Steve quickly shut down the idea and you weren’t even upset because you honestly didn’t want to leave the tower.

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If you’re ever mad at someone, just imagine Gordon Ramsay yelling at them. It’s pretty cathartic.

Doesn’t matter if they’re a cook or not, just imagine Gordon Ramsay yelling at them for whatever reason you’re mad at them for.

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Maralie are you like okay? Can I offer you a brownie in this trying time? It's warm and gooey and tastes fine even if the texture and consistency and aesthetic presentation would make Gordon Ramsay yell at me

thank you :) i’m sure they’re better than anything i could make lmao if i had my own kitchen i would totally learn to bake… someday i will do that

i’m… not great currently, lol, but there’s nothing to do about it but pray and wait, which is freeing in its own way. usually my problems are of the “if you’d just do x, it’d get better” variety, but this is not. this is just a thing that sucks, and eventually it will suck less. but thank you for the thought :)