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It’s the moment of truth,
And the moment to lie.
The moment to live,
And the moment to die.
The moment to fight,
The moment to fight,
To fight,
To fight,
To f i g h t !

anonymous asked:

A little so to add to the AU, May opened a martial arts training center in LA, and finds Skye after a rough night of being Quake and offers to train her.

This AU by the way for anyone curious or confused.

Mmm yess, I love it, anony! Welp, I’m inspired. I guess let’s delve more AoS characters into this AU:

- When Skye moves to L.A. she gets a job at a tech engineering company to make some income where she quickly becomes friends with her coworker Leo Fitz.

- Fitz learns that she is currently living in a van, so he mentions that his neighbor Jemma, a biochemist researcher at UCLA, has been looking for a new roommate since her old one Bobbi left after getting married and she should apply. She does and immediately she and Jemma become close friends.

- Skye tries to hide her alter vigilante life from her roommate, but when she stumbles into the apartment one night half-dead, Jemma is the one to stitch her up. Jemma disapproves of the danger Skye puts herself in, but if she is going to continue risking her life at least Jemma is going to make sure she doesn’t kill herself.

- Fitz at first is basically the Karen Page to Skye’s Matt Murdock (so I guess Jemma is her Foggy?) where he has a huge crush on her and unknowingly her alter ego Quake. But instead of romance, Skye very clearly but easily lets him know she isn’t interested in him like that. She tells him to maybe try dating Jemma because the two would be so cute together (which eventually the do, because, duh, FitzSimmons). Fitz then becomes her tech guy who helps make her superhero costume, gauntlets to help control her powers, etc.

- (Sidenote: if Skye is like Matt, does that make Robbie her Frank Castle? … alright let’s just move on from that comparison …)  

- Phil Coulson is the owner of their apartment building, but is also the chief of the LAPD. People think he is a tough, hard-ass but really he is like a Dad to all of his tenants. At first he thinks Quake (and Ghost Rider) are nothing but a menace, but then he starts to become the Commissioner Gordon to her Batman. Mack is his deputy chief.

- May is her fight trainer/mentor (as anony said).

- Ward is her downstairs neighbor that she has a huge crush on at first until she learns he is a psychopath and the leader of an underground crime ring in L.A. He becomes her arch-nemesis.

- Lincoln is also her true Karen Page / Gwen Stacy, because he’s the normal guy (sorry Lincoln, no powers for you in this au) that she loves but he accidentally gets caught in the crosshairs during her vigilante stuff and is killed because of it.

- And of course, Robbie is her vigilante rival that eventually becomes her closest friend. Even when Skye’s life becomes troubling and stressful, he starts to become the person she turns to talk to at night because he knows exactly what she is going through. (And dare I say they fall for each other but try to deny their feelings so they can keep a professional friendly relationship?)

So basically I just made a whole superhero AU for an already superhero show. Nice, go me! (Okay, but it’s more like a superhero au if it was just focused on Quake, like it’s a Marvel’s Quake Netflix series, so I guess not so terrible :) ) 


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