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—and Alfred is my grandpa, while Babs is like a sister and mentor to me. Going out from there is when things can get tricky. Former Commissioner Gordon is somewhat like a grandpa, though he’s more like a cool uncle I get to hang out with sometimes, and while Ivy and Harley are technically rivals like the Joker they treat me and padre like family, so they’re sort of like my aunts, and—

So the amazing @11thsense held a contest a couple weeks ago and I was lucky enough to win 2nd place! My request was the Batgirls hanging out and eating pizza in costume. As you can tell she went above and beyond! The girls look great!


You seem like you’re really into him. I’m not into him. Okay. What if I was? You know, what if I was? Why couldn’t I be? Hey, you be whatever you want, man. I just want you to be happy. I just didn’t know you were.. I’m not into him. Okay? Why do we have to be so rigid? You know, why do we have to have all these rules and labels and things? Why do we have to put people in boxes? You know? Why even call a box a “box”? I think it’s just easier to have words. Easier for who? Not the box. Maybe the box wants to do its own thing, you ever think of that?