gordon heyward

Yes Kobe, those hands were outscored by a white guy ... [sigh]

Kobe’s like, “What have I done?”

Without context, you’d think Kobe’s:

A) Counting how many rings he needs to get to 10.

B) Counting how many rings he needs to pass Michael Jordan

C) Counting how many rings he has compared to Shaq

D) Measuring his ring size, now that the swelling has gone down.

E) Looking at his hands in puzzled amazement, thinking about what he did in Eagle Rock

When in truth, the Lakers just lost to the Jazz. No big deal at this point. Except Kobe’s wondering how he got outscored by Gordon Heyward (two points is like 400 points in Kobeland).

Wonder if he’s going to behead Heyward and feed his entrails to the rest of Butler’s 18 percent field goal shooting college squad.