gordon haywood

If Achievement Hunter had a Restaurant
  • <p> <b>Geoff:</b> *Boss*<p/><b>Jack:</b> *Decor & Building manager*<p/><b>Ryan:</b> *Head chef & Meat management*<p/><b>Michael:</b> *Bar management *<p/><b>Gavin:</b> *Waiter*<p/><b>G.h.o.s.t. Ray:</b> *ordering Orange juice from the bar*<p/><b>Gordon Ramsay:</b> *comes in**starts yelling* WHY IS THERE A BLOODY COW IN THE KITCHEN!<p/><b>Ryan:</b> His name is Edgar, and The City Building Commissioner wouldn't let us dig a hole in the Floor.<p/><b>Geoff:</b> *yells at Gordon*<p/><b>Gordon:</b> *yells at Geoff *<p/><b>Geoff:</b> *walks away*<p/><b>Michael:</b> *Comes in Screaming at Gordon, and splashing alcohol*<p/><b>Gordon:</b> *Cries and leaves*<p/><b>Jeremy:</b> *makes a Rap about it*<p/><b>Matt:</b> *makes a minecraft representation*<p/><b>Lindsey:</b> *hugs Michael*<p/><b>Kdin:</b> *puts Behind the Scenes footage on the internet*<p/><b>Caleb:</b> *moderates comment section*<p/><b>Trevor:</b> *is hanging with Caleb*<p/><b>Steffie:</b> *is on Tumblr*<p/></p>