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This is a story of boy meets girl. The boy grew up believing that he’d never truly be happy until the day he met “the one.” The girl did not share this belief. Tom meets Summer on January 8th. He knows almost immediately she is who he has been searching for. 

                             This is a story of boy meets girl, but you should know                                                           upfront, this is not a love story. 

Been thinkin about this game again ❤ It’s been roughly four years since I did this thing over here and it’s absolutely showing its age lol

Tbh I just wanted to draw some fun profiles again, I don’t think I ever actually realized how ~~handsome~~ Barney is, that boi is fine


Okay but listen…

Melissa Fumero as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl/Oracle
Naomi Scott as Donna Troy/Wonder Girl
Naomi Knight as Zinda Blake/Lady Blackhawk
Becky G as Stephanie Brown/Spoiler/(Eventual Batgirl)
Stephanie Beatriz as Helena Bertinelli/Huntress

(Blame @bluearrow126 for enabling this and giving birth to Naomi Scott as Donna… and @dicapito totally is at fault for influencing Naomi Knight on me… what enabling jerks 😘😘😘)

Callout Post for @ogchanyt
•modest af (even if it’s a bit depreciative(?))
•makes relatable music that is amazing and possibly 94918394092x better than what’s on the radio 90% of the time
•looks hella rad in pink AND purple
•a great guy with a heart of gold
•so interactive!
•makes the best erica jokes
•makes Texas look better than it actually is (I am a Texan hush)
•is just a great and talented guy
•best use of memes

Add what he’s done that makes you feel too attacked smh
It’s gotta be illegal to be this cute

Hopes for season 3:

- Wally!!!!!!
- Nightwing coming back to the team
- Kaldur finding love please, he’s so lonely
- Bluepulse becoming canon
- Mal and Karen either moving in together or getting engaged
- Finding out who Raquel married/will marry
- Jason Todd as the Red Hood
- Supermartian getting back together
- Wally and Artemis being together and happy again
- Beast Boy and Conner having a brotherly moment
- Dick and Barbara openly flirting or getting together
-Barbara as Oracle because Mal isn’t ops manager anymore so it would be the perfect opportunity to have Babs as Oracle and Steph or Cass as Batgirl
- Roy being a good dad to Lian
- Ollie and Dinah getting married
- Darkseid creating chaos
-G Gordon Godfrey getting punched in the face
- Either Raven, Starfire, or Cyborg. At least one, please
- Dick making up just one more not-word, please I need it
- Someone watching Hello Megan! again just once
- M'gann baking again
- Roy and Jason becoming besties
- Red Hood and the Outlaws
- I want to cry at least twice during the season