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This basically confirms that: Warner Bros gave Gotham City Sirens to a meninist like David Ayer and pitched a harley/joker movie, but Margot said no to both of them and started developing her own Birds of Prey movie instead.


Hugging Bats, Cats, and Birds, Oh My!

  • National Hugging Day: Batman/Bruce Wayne (Prime Earth)
Today is National Hugging Day (21 January) and to celebrate this day, I thought I would do a photoset of Batman or his alter ego hugging someone else. Despite his cold and emotionless exterior, the Bat is rather a softie inside – under the extremely thick layer of gruff of course. It was rather fun and easier than I thought it would be to find nine different people that the Dark Knight has hugged for whatever reason.

Images Source
  • Barbara Gordon: Batgirl (Vol. 4) #6 by Ardian Syaf (Upper Middle)
  • Cassandra Cain: Batman and Robin Eternal #13 by Marcio Takara (Middle Left)
  • Damian Wayne: Batman and Robin (Vol. 2) #14 by Patrick Gleason and Tomás Giorello (Lower Right)
  • Dick Grayson: Forever Evil #7 by David Finch (Upper Left)
  • Jason Todd: Red Hood and the Outlaws (Vol. 1) #18 by Tyler Kirkham (Upper Right)
  • Julie Madison: Batman (Vol. 2) #33 by Greg Capullo (Lower Middle)
  • Selina Kyle: Catwoman (Vol. 4) #18 by Rafa Sandoval (Middle Right)
  • Stephanie Brown: Detective Comics (Vol. 3) #940 by Eddy Barrows (Lower Left)
  • Tim Drake: Detective Comics (Vol. 3) #967 by Alvaro Martinez (Center)

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Spider-Gwen meets the Bat-family. Thoughts and their reactions to each other?

Okay so I’m positive that she’d assume Bruce was a supervillain at first. Pretty much the same logic from the Justice League/Power Rangers crossover. “Dressed like a bat, keeps making threatening comments, scary looking… probably a villain.”

But once that all gets cleared up and Bruce realizes he’s dealing with a young adult who got stuck in another universe, well… it’s not his first time. So he brings her to the batcave and contacts Helena and Karen over on Earth 2 so they can help get her home.

But in the meantime, yes, she meets Bruce’s kids.

She and Dick would mostly just crack a bunch of jokes that Bruce pretends he finds annoying, but it really reminds him of the old days, when Dick was Robin.

Gwen and Jason would probably have similar tastes in music? I get that feeling. They’d pretty much just chill out and share weird stories about vigilante stuff while listening to “Face It, Tiger”.

Tim mistakes her for Stephanie for a solid minute and a half because he’s not paying attention. Once he does figure it out, I think he’d take an interest in her web shooters, and would try modifying them to make them more versatile (kinda like Peter’s shooters in Homecoming).

Cassandra and Harper bump into her while on patrol (Gwen left to clear her head and get some space away from Bruce and the former Robins). They’d already heard from Bruce about her, and would probably just chill with her for a bit. I feel like Harper would get really curious about alternate universes? So she’d ask tons of questions. Cass mostly just finds it neat that they both went with the “skintight mask under a hoodie” costume idea.

Duke just nopes out of the room the minute he hears that she’s from a parallel universe, although he does end up asking a few questions about Captain America, since she sounds cool. Now he wants Bruce to fund a movie about Gwen’s Captain America.

Damian doesn’t end up interacting with her at all. He watches from a distance, suspicious, but doesn’t attack since she seems to be cooperating with his family. He probably ends up regretting not talking to her once she leaves, but decides he will if she ever comes back.

And because they’re one of my fav crossover friendships, Gwen and Steph. They hit it off immediately. Same taste in music, same sense of humor, they both crack jokes about Bruce being emotionless and broody, and just become really great friends.

Helena Wayne, upon arriving to retrieve Gwen, starts bonding with her over what it’s like to end up trapped in other universes, since both deal with it more often than one person should. They’d probably keep in touch, actually, and visit each other every so often.

And a couple weeks after she leaves, Bruce has Oracle check to see if a “Gwendolyn Maxine Stacy” exists their universe. Just to see if she exists, and if she does, that she’s doing alright. She does, and she is. Living a normal, happy life in Metropolis.

Give me a live action Batman film that tries to be dark and gritty but gets ruined by the sassy and sarcastic comments and bad puns from all of his kids


This is from Batman: Gotham adventures Vol 2 #9. 


“Joker is so funny!!1!1!! 🤣🤣🤣 He’s one of my favorite villains because he’s not even a real bad guy lolz he’s just a weirdo hahaha 👏👏👏 He’s so funny and random I love how quirky he is 😍😍😍😍😍 I hate how people say the Joker is a bad person he’s just a funny weirdo 😝😝😝”


*Beat 15 year old Jason Todd to death with a crowbar*

*Abused and emotionally manipulated poor Harley for years*

*Shot Barbara Gordon in the spine and paralyzed her before stripping her naked and taking photos in an effort to drive Jim Gordon insane*

*Once skinned a man alive out of spite*

*In Injustice, tricked Superman into brutally murdering Lois Lane - the love of his life - as well as their unborn child*

*Literally shaved his own face off and wore it as a mask for what reason???*

*Raped a woman just to get back at her husband*

*Blew up a school building full of innocent children*

*Tortured and brainwashed 13 year old Tim Drake and turned him into Joker Jr., which deeply traumatized him to the point of having a mental breakdown*

*Literally everything that happened during the dinner scene in Death of the Family*