Chuck Taylor™ blog, 10.25.2016

Always read the FINE print!

I entered the world of CHIKARA to make a name for myself and there was only one way to do it – take someone else’s! There were papers printed, parties signed them, and I obtained the name CHUCK TAYLOR™ (along with some other stuff, which can only be described as deec). It was a lot of paperwork. Imagine the Marvin Gaye and Anna Gordy paperwork TIMES 10.

DUSTIN is contractually obligated to either record a duet with me (lol that voice), take Trent? and I to Universal Studios, or help me become a CHIKARA Champion. I chose the latter for him since Trent? has apparently blocked my number. Hey man, I didn’t really mean it when I said “Roppongi Vice” needed an Akon solo. IT WAS A JOKE, MAN. Unblock me.

Anyway, on Saturday, November 5, we’re entering a 4-way elimination tag-thing to win 3 points.

You all know what’s next, baby. I mean, do you ever dream of Candy Coated Raindrops? If so, you’ll see some Soul. FOR REAL. Chuckie T and DUSTIN as Campeonatos de Parejas!

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It is a controversial topic and one that may make for uncomfortable viewing.

BBC drama Call The Midwife is to tell the story of a pair of disabled lovers forced apart and ridiculed after the woman becomes pregnant.

Disability charities yesterday welcomed the plotline, saying it highlights how far society has come since the judgmental 1950s in which the programme is set.

The episode, which is to be aired on Sunday night, will feature the characters of Sally Harper, who has Down’s syndrome, and Jacob Milligan, who has cerebral palsy.

The pair live in an institution, having been sent there by their parents – as was common at  the time.

But after they fall in love and Sally becomes pregnant, the  couple are separated and Sally faces ridicule from her mother and father.

The episode deals with the prejudice and stigma she would have experienced.

Call The Midwife is shown on BBC One before the nine o’clock watershed, and in the past storylines featuring abortion, incest and infidelity have shocked viewers. But yesterday campaigners welcomed the inclusion of disability and love as a theme.

The character of Sally is played by Sarah Gordy, and Jacob by Colin Young. Both actors have the disability that they portray on screen.

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