“I met a sniper once, at Bragg. Kid from Alabama. Wasn’t long after Korea finished up. Everyone was talking about going home, and some asshole asked this kid how he could do the things he’d done: How he could pull the trigger on so many people. He didn’t bat an eyelid. He said shooting, being a marksman, it helped him make sense of the world. He said the four constant, steady clicks of the bolt– up and back, forward and down– put him in mind of a kind of mechanism. Like clockwork, maybe. In a warzone, in the middle of all that blood and chaos, he’d found one simple thing he could rely on. When things got bad, it banished the fear. In battle, it gave him back control. Well that day in Laos– I watched Frank Castle make the world make sense.”

Fury MAX by Garth Ennis, Goran Parlov


“I fell safe when you are with me. That’s because you are so brave and strong. It was you who told me not to be scared of the dark. But I was never really scared of the dark. It was what was IN the dark that scared me. Connie’s dad scared me sometimes. He’s got a rotten temper and he smells bad. He’s not nice like you. He shouts at Connie all the time. You never shout at me. He’s not as handsome as you either. I don’t want to get all icky, but you’re probably the best dad ever. I mean, would Connie’s dad go with HER on a picnic in Central Park? I doubt it. You’re kind and you’re funny too. Except when you’re really really tired and then you go quiet which is okay. I guess you’ve got things on your mind. I used to think I would marry you when I grow up. Now I know that was silly. I can’t marry you. You’re way too old for me. But we can always be best friends and when you and mom are too old to work, I’ll look after you.”

Punisher MAX #75 Father’s Day, Peter Milligan, Goran Parlov

Happy Father’s Day!

Wish Frank had more happy father’s day.

Natasha: Back to work, then. I have climbed more interesting pitches than this recently— but not alone and not without ropes. And not in the dark. And the rain. And certainly not where I had to be quiet when I reached the top. And in case you’re wondering: don’t I miss all this? The answer is no— not any of it.

Another one of the things I did like about Morgan’s take on Natasha is how she really, explicitly, didn’t like the spy stuff. Black Widow is meant to be a melancholy character, not (just) a bubblegum chewing asskicker who ran out of bubblegum. Her codename is her tragedy. So the question becomes— if she doesn’t like it, why does she keep doing it? And that’s really where Natasha becomes interesting.

From Black Widow: Homecoming #3, by Richard K. Morgan and Goran Parlov.

Natasha: You know what I want you to do now, baby?
Martin: Ohhhh, yeahhhh….
Natasha: I want you to tell me… everything you know about your friends in 2R.
Martin: You little—
Natasha: Ah-ah. I’m the one with the knife, Marty, I’d keep a civil tongue in your head if I were you, that way I won’t be tempted to remove any external appendages.

From Black Widow: Homecoming #3, by Richard K. Morgan and Goran Parlov.