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This adorable baby polar bear.

Video by Goran Visnjic


Timeless | Season 1 Gag Reel

things i want from timeless season 2

- jiya keeping the visions a secret but eventually confiding only in rufus 
- wyatt teaching lucy self defence 
- learning how tf lucy gave flynn the journal 
- to find out why emma holed herself up in the past if she was actually always part of rittenhouse 
- wyatt being the first one to guess jessica was part of rittenhouse (so i guess also jessica being part of rittenhouse)
- wyatt being terrible at physical comfort and lucy being terrible at verbal comfort so when rufus finally comes to them about jiya’s problem a complete mess bc he’s a genius and “i should be able to figure this out, why can’t i help her, i just love her so much” lucy holds his hand and wyatt gives a rousing speech 
- lucy convincing the boys to spring flynn
- a titanic episode, idek why i just do 
- the time team having to lay low and live together in some shoddy warehouse or something 
- a heart to heart between the time team about whether or not they’ll be able to forgive themselves for what they have to do to end rittenhouse/save history 
- someone to punch connor mason (preferably rufus) for getting them into this mess, no matter that he’s trying to fix it now 
- flynn to see his fam one last time 
- a season 3