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I'm dropping to send some sincere words - I'm so happy I followed you and got a chance to met and talk to you! You're my meme sister and I really enjoy these moments when we can share laughs. I truly love your blog and sims and I'm so happy Goplana could be a part of Norwood family! PS. LEMME SMASH

Aaaaaaah <3 (This is what came out of my mouth when i read this adorably sweet message! I’m not a very vocally expressive person, it seems.)
I’m so happy that I got to know you better and that I discovered you love memes as much as I do. I could talk in memes constantly and I feel that you wouldn’t even judge me for doing that. Around you I can be my memeloverself.
And I’m so thankful that you shared Goppy with me! You can bet I’m never letting her go! She bore me beautiful grandchildren and she let my baby Finn smash for the first time. He is also a puppy when it involves her. It’s ridiculous(ly cute).

Ps, you can smash me anytime ;p

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An acquaintance of mine suggested a thing called “Let’s Have a Friendship Monday” which is where you talk to/draw something for a person you’ve never spoken to before!

LHaFM #2: Goopi/iunf!

This tumblr person, man. THIS TUMBLR PERSON. She reblogs some of the FUNNIEST SHIT I have ever seen and going through all 900+ of her pages was WORTH IT.

Also notice how I’m uploading this on Wednesday?? BECAUSE I’M STUPID AND FORGET TO DO THINGS IS WHY, AFHdsfjdsk


also featuring small and horrible cameos by cockprince and yazzdonut!!