Stop calling yourself ‘pro-life’

If you’re ‘pro-life’ and care about an embryo but not…

  • Children starving due to the GOP cutting funding for school meals
  • Hungry or perhaps starving seniors also affected by the same cuts
  • Children dying everyday in Syria whilst America refuses to help
  • The millions dying from lack of healthcare every year in the US
  • Those unnecessarily dying due to weak gun laws that give anyone a gun
  • Blacks and other POC criminally shot and killed by police
  • LGBT folk committing suicide due to hate that’s endorsed by the VP

Then you need to stop calling yourself ‘pro-life’.


Like, I’m pretty sure if I (a white girl) got shot dead by cops and was unarmed no one would care about how shitty I was at Algebra in high school   

“But…But…she didn’t know higher maths! Failed physics too.”

“Ah, now her death means nothing and is 100% justifiable!”

WTF? This is mental.