#TrumpTheRegime: Resources and Ongoing Resistance to Trump and the Far-Right
Trump’s win of the electoral college (despite losing the popular vote by 2 million votes) thrust many into the streets for the first time against the billionaire real estate mogul and the wider system and crisis of capitalist civilization he seeks to manage.

Moderator Chris Wallace has indicated he has no plans to fact-check the candidates, but journalists are aren’t afraid to call Trump’s lies out in real time:


Right-wing media have been helping Trump push his “rigged” election conspiracy. It’s total bullshit.

They just said Trump is 918 votes ahead in Florida.

918. That’s the size of the junior class at my high school.

That’s you, third party voters. You are jeopardizing the safety of the entire country for the sake of your fucking protest vote.

I swear to god, if Trump wins by 1000 votes…

Fuck third party voters.


1.) undocumented immigrants cannot vote, accusing 2 million plus who voted are undocumented immigrants has no basis or truths behind it.

2.) by making this ridiculous claim that will make liberals rebuke it, it then also makes the calls for auditing the vote and recount also appear as ridiculous and make democrats look like sore losers and hypocritical.

This is how Donald won and continues to win, everything he says his opponents are doing, he is doing himself.