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+ a gun victim’s boyfriend beat a delegate with an “A” grade from the NRA. A civil rights lawyer who sued the police department just became the top prosecutor in Philadelphia. An out trans woman of color won a seat on the Minneapolis City Council. And Democrats flipped 14 seats from red to blue in VA making it the biggest pick-up since 1899.


This is from Stephanie Taylor of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee:

Republican Senator Shelley Moore Capito is trying to fool her West Virginia constituents.

Her state will be hardest hit from Medicaid cuts – and she really wants the grassroots pressure to stop.

So hours after Republican Leader Mitch McConnell announced he would delay the vote a few days in order to cut deals that get more Republicans to vote yes, Capito announced she opposes the Republican repeal bill “as drafted.”

And she wants lots of positive credit for that squishy move.


The ad focuses on a real mother and daughter in West Virginia. The daughter, Micah, has cerebral palsy, suffers seizures, and has needed constant care for 38 years. If her senator votes for Trump’s health care repeal bill, Micah could die.

Sen. Capito is one of the key swing votes, her state would be the hardest hit, and this ad puts front and center the real faces of real people – her own constituents – who will feel the brunt of this bad law. […]

*Please take 30 seconds and watch this*
Obama Attacks Tactics of Republican Candidate for Governor in Virginia
By Jonathan Martin and Nick Corasaniti

Former President Barack Obama, returning to the campaign trail on Thursday for the first time since leaving the White House, issued an unexpectedly stinging attack on the immigration-focused campaign of the Republican candidate for Virginia governor.

Seeking to lift the candidacy of Lt. Gov. Ralph S. Northam, the Democratic nominee for governor, Mr. Obama abandoned nine months of self-imposed political silence to accuse Ed Gillespie, the Republican, of fear-mongering tactics that he called “damaging and corrosive to our democracy.”

While not mentioning President Trump by name, Mr. Obama seemed to have the racially tinged 2016 presidential campaign on his mind as he denounced a controversial commercial that Mr. Gillespie has aired that targets the gang MS-13 — which has roots in Central America — and features a group of heavily tattooed Salvadoran prisoners.

“What he’s really trying to deliver is fear,” Mr. Obama said of Mr. Gillespie. “What he really believes is that if you scare enough voters, it might score just enough votes to win an election.”

It is, Mr. Obama continued, “as cynical as politics gets.”

My heart goes out to the Congressman, the officers, the other victims, and all of their families. My hope is that they all pull through. I have no doubt that this was a politically motivated attack, and that this will be used by both sides to push their own agendas, but violence will solve nothing and will only drive us further apart on common sense solutions. We must stop this ridiculous, vile hatred.