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Donald Trump Jr. Make Up Your Mind

Why is the number of people in Donnie Jr’s “nothing meeting” with Russians increasing day by day?

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The Trump Presidency Falls Apart
After an extraordinary 10 days, the tenure of the chief executive may have deteriorated beyond his ability to repair it.
By David A. Graham

May 8: Yates testifies and calls out WH/Flynn/Trump lies
May 9: Trump fires Comey, at the reported recommendation of Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein and Sessions
May 10: White House retracts recommendation “Trump did it on his own”
May 11: Trump admits the Russia probe was a factor in Comey’s dismissal in an NBC interview
May 12: Trump twitter-threats Comey re: tapes of their convos
May 15: Trump shares sensitive classified intel with Russian foreign minister and ambassador
May 16: a memo from Comey leaks — quotes Trump as asking him to drop the FBI investigation into Flynn “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go”

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Front page of the London Daily Telegraph. This is what socialized medicine does. This is what single-payer healthcare will do to America. There will not be enough doctors. There will be rationed healthcare. There will be waiting lists. As if the VA scandal wasn’t bad enough, imagine that same quality of care for our entire nation.

[s] game over metaphorically predicted this election

aranea (donald trump) ditched meenah (the IRS) and vriska (vriska) and invaded the b2 session (united states election) in order to take control of the timeline (the united states) by using gamzee (various scandals) to acquire the ring of life (candidacy). meanwhile, terezi (the GOP), who was initially okay with aranea (donald trump), realized that she made a huge mistake by being influenced by aranea (donald trump) and being complacent towards gamzee (various scandals), and lost part of her identity as a result. aranea (donald trump), who was opposed by crockertier jane (ted cruz) and jake (marco rubio), uses brain ghost dirk’s sword (outright bullying) to skewer jane (ted cruz) and jake (marco rubio) and remove them as threats. at the same time, karkat (mainstream media) attacks gamzee (various scandals) for his attacks on terezi (the GOP), but gamzee (various scandals) overwhelms karkat (mainstream media) and stabs him into a pit of lava (truly horrifying unbelievable shit). kanaya (social media) bisects gamzee (various scandals) with a chainsaw (fuckton of people with information). aranea (donald trump) uses her network of damaras (loud angry bigots) to force terezi (the GOP) to stab herself with a sword (accept donald trump as the republican candidate).


Benghazi victim’s widow:  “No one has the right to tell me it’s time to move on”  #neverhillary