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Man sends over 2,000 potatoes to Wisconsin politician who refuses to hold a town hall

  • What would you do with 2,000 potatoes? Make some French fries? A mammoth batch of buttery mashed potatoes? Homemade potato chips? Perhaps a large cheesy gratin?
  • Sen. Ron Johnson better start thinking. On Friday, a whopping 1,920 potatoes were en route to the Wisconsin Republican’s office to join the ones that had already arrived earlier in the week. Read more. (4/7/17, 3:58 PM)

Mississippi lawmaker Karl Oliver wants to lynch people who take down Confederate monuments

  • Mississippi state Rep. Karl Oliver learned of New Orleans’ successful effort to remove Confederate monuments from public spaces, and he wanted to do one thing to the people responsible: lynch them.
  • “The destruction of these monuments, erected in the loving memory of our family and fellow southern Americans, is both heinous and horrific,” the GOP politician wrote Saturday on his Facebook page.  
  • According to the Jackson Free Press, Oliver’s message was “liked” by state Republican representatives John Read and Doug McLeod.
  • The Facebook post also drew at least one Twitter rebuke from a Democratic member of the state’s House of Representatives. Read more (5/22/17)

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The congressional shooting that happened yesterday in Alexandria was horrible. No one should disagree with that. 

But a year ago this month, nearly 50 people were killed at the Pulse night club in Orlando, Florida. 

Two years ago, nine people were killed at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. 

Five years ago, 20 children and six adults were killed during the Sandy Hook shooting. 

These are only the shootings I can think of off the top of my head. Just this year alone, and June hasn’t even ended yet, there have been 150+ shootings.

But it took an attack on old white men for the media to bring gun control back into the public mindset. It took this attack for Paul Ryan to proclaim, “An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.” 

It would’ve been nice if this anger from GOP politicians had been around for all the innocent people who have died from shootings. No one has died yet from yesterday’s shooting, and hopefully, Steve Scalise recovers soon. 

But could this please be the breaking point for the GOP? This country needs gun control. If our politicians had done something before now, perhaps they wouldn’t have become victims. 

an article popped up on facebook about a GOP politician who said that we don’t need planned parenthood because women can just go get birth control at the grocery store.

he does know that the pill, IUDs, et cetera, aren’t lined up in neat rows next to condoms, right? and that starting birth control in general typically requires at least one doctor’s appointment? he does know that his party has been staunchly opposed to making birth control available OTC, right?

would it be inappropriate to stand in the middle of the street and scream?

anonymous asked:

let's be honest, if you're a democratic politician the GOP's gonna throw anything they got to attack you, no matter how ridic. Remember Obama's dijon thing, the arugula bullshit, or the Tan Suit Kerfuffle? Keep on tumblin'.

also i’m a democratic WOMAN so i’ll have it ten times as bad, oh well. when i’m president i will personally pay every one of my followers $100 to shut the fuck up about this blog

It may be a cynical point of view, but there have been a few recent incidents of GOP politicians being attacked or assaulted recently, and I can’t help but wonder if they’re not being caused by the deliberate feelings of helplessness and fear that party is actively trying to instill into people in our country.  These sorts of things are desperate acts from people who feel there is no other way to be heard, and the GOP has responded to those people with “You’re right–I’m not going to listen to you and there’s nothing you can do about it.”  I wonder how close we are as a nation to a breaking point, because these are definitely stress fractures.

Biggest takeaways:

  • Pence is implicated in this heavily
  • The investigation will take time–lots of damage to be done
  • Comey wants to bury Trump. He’s an egomaniac with a white knight complex, and it actually helps us here.
  • Trump could fire Mueller if he really really wants a riot on his hands
  • Justice Dept investigation probably killed Congress establishing its own investigation for some time
  • 2018 will have voter suppression on the largest scale since Jim Crow
  • Likely looking at President Speaker (post ‘18) and VP Hatch (don’t see Dems winning the Senate).
    • Can Dems win House with gerrymandering/suppression? Can Pelosi get primaried please?
  • Every GOP politician is in a no-win position right now. Base loves Trump and will stick to the bitter end.
  • An external crisis can flip the dialogue on all of this in a second

If GOP politicians want to take away our healthcare coverage. Then let’s take away their healthcare coverage. And why not?

It’s our tax dollars that are funding their healthcare coverage as members of congress. So taking away their healthcare coverage is fair game.

Any questions?


GOP politicians and the people who vote for them are so fuckin dangerous because once again we’ve learned if you are a white, male politician you can get away with ANYTHING even blatant assault. With Trump, people tried to dismiss it as just talk. But with Gianforte, there were charges and there were witnesses. I am not going to say that there aren’t any situations that require violence because unfortunately, when it comes to self-protection, there can be. But this wasn’t one of them. Journalists are being literally assaulted trying to get the truth to the American people and that doesn’t matter apparently.