gop obstructionists

The GOP is obstructionist and refuses to compromise, there’s no way Democrats can take ‘middle ground’ on anything without still causing massive damage.

Trying to ‘compromise’ with people who are putting forth an agenda endangering the lives of millions of people is not reasonable nor taking the moral high ground.

I’m so tired of people blaming Democratic losses on the party’s poor messaging. The real problem is that the GOP lies blatantly and willfully and everyone believes them. The GOP is repealing ACA because of supposedly soaring premiums. The increases would have been higher without Obamacare and many of the increases are offset by govt. subsidies.

But of course everyone believes the lying 🤥 obstructionist GOP who refused to work with Dems to create ACA.

anonymous asked:

ppl didn't want to vote for hillary because obama hasn't done anything to create more jobs, and hillary's policies are similar. some people are so desperate that they're willing to vote for anyone who says they'll do something different. they figure that all the rest doesn't matter as long as the economy gets fixed.

at least trump is going to try new things instead of repeating the policies that haven’t fixed anything

  I certainly have noticed a “disturbing trend” in this country during the last seven years, and while it is directly related to President Obama, it has very little to do with how many police officers have been killed during his term in office.


During the 1990s, President Bill Clinton signed the Brady Bill and the Assaults Weapon Ban. The Clintons had to work within the context of an obstructionist GOP Congress, but still made progress where they could. However, once George W. Bush became President, he took our country backwards. Not only did Bush turn a 236 billion dollar surplus into trillions in deficits, he also let the Assaults Weapons Ban expire.

Any “Bernie or Bust” advocate that says there is no difference between the two political parties hasn’t been paying attention. Don’t turn your backs on the Democrats again like you did with Nader. You gave us Bush instead of Gore. Now you want to give us Trump. Remember: Bush let the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban expire in 2004.

(Republican Senator) Mitch McConnell doesn’t get it. 

In the United States of America, the commitment to care for the men and women who put on our nation’s uniform shouldn’t stop once they return home from the wars they were sent to fight. 

This isn’t a new promise made to our troops – some of our first colonial laws dealt with the care of wounded veterans. 

That’s why it was so jarring to watch Mitch McConnell lead his colleagues in the Senate during a filibuster of legislation to improve veterans health care and tuition benefits … all over his desire to push our country to the brink of yet another war, this time with Iran. 

Mitch McConnell has been on a desperate crusade to appeal to dissatisfied Tea Partiers in Washington D.C., but Kentuckians back home would be appalled by his actions. 

Kentucky has over 330,000 veterans who live in the state, tens of thousands of them who receive pension payments, tuition assistance, or health care. 

McConnell’s vote is a slap in the face to all of them. 

Thanks for standing with us, 

Jon Soltz 
Iraq War Veteran and Chairman 

  You know what? If the Whining Little Baby Party (aka: the Republican Party) wants to obstruct the working of our government (again), and block the nomination of a new Supreme Court justice until the next President takes office, I hope Bernie Sanders nominates Barack Obama. - The Mad Sonneteer