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GOP hypocrisy: “After the president’s tweet, I must withdraw my support for everything but his agenda.

I am shocked and appalled by his behavior. And I am not afraid to say so. At a fundraiser. For him. Before asking for more donations.

Everything else the president has done is fine — the continued attacks on the media’s legitimacy, the carelessness toward history and diplomacy, the harmful rhetoric about Muslims, the — well, it is all fine. But this is too much, though, and I am putting my foot down, here, on my way to vote against icebergs.”

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Never think for one moment that the evil the GOP House has pushed forward today with the apocalyptic AHCA* is the worst they can do.

The GOP has declared war on the American people. They have made it clear they intend to steal every penny they can from us, use us, leave us to die in pain while keeping everything for themselves. They have made that nakedly clear, literally writing in exemptions for themselves from their own bill so THEY get to keep all the protections they strip from us, turning virtually everything into a “pre-existing condition” that can strip you of the insurance that will skyrocket in costs to get in the first place, and gloat and laugh and ship in beers (at our expense) to celebrate sentencing millions to die.

These unconscionable monsters absolutely will do worse if allowed. They’re prepping for a dictatorship.

Never, ever stop being angry.

* - In some minor good news, the AHCA is not law yet. Supposedly Congress isn’t even voting on that bill, as the GOP there are drafting a different healthcare bill, presumably in an effort to save their skins given the backlash. But they are not off the hook even remotely, and you should never, EVER stop being furious at what the “pro-life” GOP have done today.

i honestly don’t get it…. why is the GOP so fucking evil? how are you going to let millions go uninsured so that you don’t have to pay taxes u sure as hell can afford ???!


Dr. Evil Took Over ‘SNL’ To Criticize Sony And North Korea

Dr. Evil is back and he’s not happy that Sony and North Korea are giving evil organizations a bad rep.

The classic Mike Myers character invaded “Saturday Night Live” last night to address the Sony hacks and interrupt a hilarious Sam Smith Christmas parody.  Watch the full skit here. 

A Message to All My Followers

My boyfriend and I prayed the Great Litany twice last night as the potential paths to Hillary Clinton’s presidential win narrowed. As I wake up this morning, I feel physically sick.

We will lose so much during these next 4 years. Everything President Obama has fought so hard to accomplish will be ripped from our grip. But it is important to remember that each and every day brings a new opportunity to stand strong in the face of evil. The sun will still rise. Birds will still sing. The universe will continue to thrive, as if nothing at all has happened. We must be as perseverant as the universe. Like the sun, we must rise each and every day. Like the birds, we must continue to sing, regardless of our surroundings.

I still can’t accurately convey how I feel. But I want every one of you to know that in the end, it always gets better. Love always triumphs. Good always defeats evil. Righteousness always prevails over sin. In the end, it is God who is always victorious.

The next 4 years, we need to spend every ounce of spare time we have reforming state and local Democratic Parties. We need to preach from our pulpits about the evils of sin and God’s loving, life-giving, liberating power over Death. We need to keep our chins up and continue on, slowly dredging a new path towards progress, one step at a time.

Don’t lose hope. I know it’s easy, but try your absolute hardest to not lose hope. If you’re poor, a person of color, a woman, LGBT, an immigrant, or a religious minority, try your absolute hardest to keep moving forward. And when you feel like giving up, know that there is a God who loves you more than you can possibly imagine, and that this God is a jealous God in whose Kingdom there is no room for evil.

I hope you all get some time to rest today. Don’t forget to stay hydrated, eat regular meals, and get some sleep. Don’t forget to pray.

In the end, evil always loses.

Bernie Sanders is just here to push Hillary toward the Left.

Most of y'all know I’ve never really considered Bernie Sanders to be a serious candidate for President.  Regardless of his rabid support with the Liberal White College-Educated Under 35 Set, Bernie isn’t interested in playing politics and after the debate last night, I’m pretty sure he’s not even interested in being President at all.

(Look at that picture though.  He doesn’t even look like a President.  He looks like a college professor of economics or underwater basket weaving at a liberal arts school.)

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