Trump and the media: A summer relationship of love and hate
Analysis: Leading GOP presidential contender may enjoy short-lived moment in the spotlight as entertainment value fades

“Since he is treating the presidential election process like a reality TV show, he should be covered like he is a contestant, not a candidate…We need journalists to use their skills to parse out Donald Trump ‘the candidate’ from Donald Trump ‘the sideshow.” Diana Owen, Associate Professor, Georgetown University

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Gets Real About 'Choice' And Its Actual Accessibility

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Gets Real About ‘Choice’ And Its Actual Accessibility

In the United States of America it is legal to get an abortion. However, the idea of “choice” is one that isn’t a reality to many throughout the nation. Especially to those in red states with harsh abortion-restriction laws, and even more so for low-income women in those states. If you’re wealthy, or even of modest means, it’s likely somewhat available to have the “choice” of what to do with your…

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know that Trump is encouraging political fantasies. He is not preparing people for difficult choices, on, say, entitlements; he is assuring them that our problems could be easily solved if elites were not so corrupt. And he is wrong. Our problems are not easy. And I know that the success of Trump would be the downfall of the GOP. Any party captured by rage and resentment will fail, and deserve it. Republicans should stand for responsible reform, not reckless populism.
Artic sea ice is disappearing, and we’re running out of time.

According to the Arctic Methane Emergency Group, a dangerous feedback loop has begun in the arctic.

As warming melts arctic sea ice methane pockets are released. This methane causes further warming, which in turn melts the ice faster, releasing more methane… you see the problem here. This chain reaction would without a doubt be disastrous to the biosphere. This sudden and total loss of arctic sea ice would throw a wrench in the ocean’s food chain, and have disastrous effects for every creature on Earth, including human beings. This isn’t fear mongering, this is reality, this is the consensus of experienced scientists who know exactly what they’re talking about.

According to AMEG the loss of this ice could become unstoppable by human efforts as early as September 2015. We’ve run out of time for inaction, for procrastination. It doesn’t matter who you are – this is a matter of the human species. Liberals and conservatives, socialists, communists, radicals, and nationalists, blacks, whites, people of all backgrounds, all walks of life, this is about you.

“But what can I, an ordinary person with no power in government, do?” you ask. Well for starters, sign this white house petition to bring the issue to the President’s attention. With enough signatures, the administration will hear our voices and act, and we need them to do so ASAP. Remember, we’re down to a matter of months. Please, sign it, let our leaders know we won’t stand by and watch our planet die any longer. And when you’re done with that, if you have the energy, write a letter to your congressman. Send an e-mail. Don’t know how? Check here. But please, don’t do nothing. We need all of us if we’re going to force action on this.

Don’t scroll past this. Your voice matters, and you could be a part of the push that saves the world. Please, for your sake, for your children’s sake, for all of us.

As President, Mike Huckabee Wouldn't Rule Out Using Federal Troops To Stop Abortion

As President, Mike Huckabee Wouldn’t Rule Out Using Federal Troops To Stop Abortion

As the GOP has recently busied itself with an all-out smear campaign against women’s health organization Planned Parenthood, former Arkansas Governor and 2016 Republican presidential nominee Mike Huckabee is making a pathetic attempt to boost his campaign by saying he would consider involving the FBI and federal troops in his mad crusade to prevent abortions. While making several stops in Iowa,…

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Rand Paul, who allegedly is a medical doctor that upholds something called the Hippocratic Oath, is on CNN saying that Planned Parenthood is “completely unnecessary for women’s health” and making the outrageous claim that the organization “sifts through body parts” and sells them. I guess he took Bloviating 101 with Donald Trump.

BREAKING: Wisconsin Governor and GOP presidential candidate Scott Walker just signed an extreme, dangerous abortion ban that (at his request) does not have exceptions for rape or incest.

More reasons why he’s #NotMyCandidate: In the last four years, Walker signed a dozen measures to restrict women’s health, including ones to block access to birth control and preventive cancer screenings.
Jeb Bush Says No One Should Apologize For Telling Black Activists That ‘All Lives Matter’
The Republican presidential candidate was asked about Black Lives Matter protesters at a campaign stop in New Hampshire on Thursday.

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush dismissed the backlash over “all lives matter” remarks as a politically correct overreaction at a campaign stop in Lancaster, New Hampshire on Thursday.

Jeb Bush missed the point