Just about every second of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, such as it is, has been a disaster. He kicked off his campaign two weeks ago with a speech calling Mexican immigrants criminals and “rapists,” and he’s been dealing with the blowback ever since. Those comments prompted NBC – which had tolerated his bigoted nonsense for years while airing his reality show – to finally cut ties with Trump, who responded by calling NBC “weak” and “foolish.” Univision announced that it would not carry Trump’s Miss USA pageant, prompting Trump to threaten to sue the network. 

Condemning Donald Trump’s obvious racism would be the easiest thing a Republican could do, but no one’s doing it

Donald Trump Is Suing Univision And Blaming The Whole Thing On Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump Is Suing Univision And Blaming The Whole Thing On Hillary Clinton

Recently, Univision – the largest Spanish broadcaster in the United States – severed all ties with GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump after he publicly stated that Mexican immigrants were rapists, drug dealers and criminals. Anyone with even a small amount of common sense would accept that they’d done something wrong, apologize and lay low, but that’s just not Trump’s style. Furious that the…

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Donald Trump may be losing corporate backers for his business enterprises but he is gaining ground with Republican primary voters in the early voting states of New Hampshire and Iowa according to the latest polls. NBC Universal, Macy’s, and Univision have all dropped ties with the real estate mogul after he called Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals during his presidential announcement two weeks ago, but it appears as though the controversy has had no negative impact on Trump’s standing with Republican voters.

The Coming Of The GOPocalypse - The End Of Republicans As We Know Them

The Coming Of The GOPocalypse – The End Of Republicans As We Know Them

When Republicans took the senate in 2014, the outlook for our country and any kind of reasonable government looked grim. Jon Stewart named it Democalypse 2014. As Democrats ran from their President in droves, voters responded by staying home. It turns out reports of the destruction of the Democratic party, and democracy in general, were premature and greatly exaggerated. Analysis of the 2014…

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1) In spite of Christie’s occasional pandering to gun control supporters, Christie is the National Rifle Association’s best friend in New Jersey. 

Not only did he blame video games, of all things, for motivating Adam Lanza to massacre 20 children at Sandy Hook, but he also vetoed legislation that would have restricted the size of ammunition magazines from from 15 rounds to ten — and he vetoed the bill practically in the faces of the parents of two Sandy Hook victims who traveled to Trenton to beg Christie to sign the bill. Christie also vetoed a bill that would’ve restricted gun purchases to one-per-month.

2) I knew Christie was planning to run for president in spite of his ongoing bridge scandal

I knew it as soon as Christie pledged to veto legislation at the request of the Iowa Pork Producers Association. As an animal rights supporter, this move was particularly horrendous to me, so I won’t even float the too obvious and unfair Chris Christie pork joke. Long story short, Christie vetoed legislation that would’ve outlawed so-called “gestation crates” or “sow stalls” used for raising pigs. It’s an unnecessarily cruel, medieval device that basically immobilizes pregnant sows in pork production facilities, preventing them from turning, moving or laying down. 

3) Remember when Christie so effusively celebrated with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones? Apparently, Christie attended the game as an illegal gift from Jones.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie accepted a plane ride to Dallas and a seat at a Cowboys playoff football game in a luxury suite from team owner Jerry Jones, who has a business relationship with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, officials said.

4) He’s also certifiably insane when it comes to economic and fiscal policy, vetoing tax hikes on millionaires while cutting infrastructure and education spending

He’s perpetually miserly with spending, except when it comes to airlifting him to soccer games. Then it’s spend, spend, spend.

5) Oh, and to top it all off, he happens to be staunchly anti-choice on reproductive rights, infamously vetoing a spending bill to fund Planned Parenthood

Not for nothing, but it continues to confound reason why anti-abortion zealots would cut funding to an organization that literally helps to prevent unplanned pregnancies and therefore abortions. But there it is.

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Why won’t Republican leaders admit the Charleston shooting was racist? It goes against their policies. 

Jeb Bush said on Friday that “I don’t know what was on the mind or the heart of the man who committed these atrocious crimes." Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum claimed the massacre was an "assault on religious liberty." Gov. Bobby Jindal said, "I don’t think we’ll ever know what was going on in his mind.”

So why the twisted logic? Admitting racism exists would up end their entire platform.


In the United States, money spent on candidates, politics, or public policy is protected speech under the First Amendment. What happens when protected speech is wrapped in a cloak of secrecy? How to reconcile Citizens United, which gave corporations the same rights as individuals with regard to political speech while shielding them for any accountability for that speech? This is the story of how one government agency struggled with these questions and how it was defanged before it could implement rules to force nonprofit organizations who are spending on political campaigns to disclose donors.

Big lie about the IRS and Tea Party obscured real truth: The defanging of laws regulating secret right-wing money