gootie  asked:

Serious question here. Isn't Godzilla female? I have always thought Big G was a lady because of Minya, and then the dumb ass cartoon with Godzuki. I just assumed Godzilla was a mother.

I’m unaware of any Godzilla story in which Godzilla is actually referred to as female. (Godzilla’s Revenge aside, I’m also unaware of any Godzilla story that would be affected by Godzilla being female.) Son of Godzilla, despite the title, never explains where Minya came from. The series bible for Hanna Barbera’s Godzilla called Godzooky Godzilla’s cousin. Hilariously, even the 1998 movie never has anyone call Godzilla female, before or after they discover she’s laying eggs.

EDIT: Forgot about A Space Godzilla (thanks to @rustybottlecap for mentioning it).