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Serious question here. Isn't Godzilla female? I have always thought Big G was a lady because of Minya, and then the dumb ass cartoon with Godzuki. I just assumed Godzilla was a mother.

I’m unaware of any Godzilla story in which Godzilla is actually referred to as female. (Godzilla’s Revenge aside, I’m also unaware of any Godzilla story that would be affected by Godzilla being female.) Son of Godzilla, despite the title, never explains where Minya came from. The series bible for Hanna Barbera’s Godzilla called Godzooky Godzilla’s cousin. Hilariously, even the 1998 movie never has anyone call Godzilla female, before or after they discover she’s laying eggs.

EDIT: Forgot about A Space Godzilla (thanks to @rustybottlecap for mentioning it).

Poecilotheria metallica, sometimes known as the Gooty sapphire ornamental spider, is an arboreal (tree-living) tarantula.

Critically endangered in the wild, by most accounts, it exists only in a single, 39 sq. mile forest in central southern India.

However, specialists have well-established captive breeding programs for the Gooty. Thus, the spider is probably easier to find in a pet store than in its native habitat.

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Poecilotheria metallica
Or metallic tarantula is a species of tarantula. It reflects brilliant metallic blue color. Like others in its genus it exhibits an intricate fractal-like pattern on the abdomen. The species’ natural habitat is deciduous forest in Andra Pradesh, in central southern India. P. metallica was first discovered in the town of Gooty.
P. metallica is found only in a small area of less than 100 square kilometres (39 sq mi), a reserve forest that is nonetheless highly disturbed. Surveys of adjacent forest have failed to observe this species. The type specimen was discovered in a railway timber yard in Gooty about 100 km southwest of its known range, but it is believed to have been transported there by train.
P. metallica’s behavior parallels that of many arboreal spiders. In the wild the P. metallica live in holes of tall trees where they make asymmetric funnel webs. Their primary prey consists of various flying insects, which they seize in flight and paralyze. It is not unknown for the spiders of this genus to live communally when territory, i.e. number of holes per tree, is limited.
This species is desired by many tarantula enthusiasts, with adults sometimes pricing above $500 in the USA.


Lost Homes

I wanted to write one more drabble for “The Iron Squadron” before I watched the newest episode, and @meldy-arts suggested I write Ezra and Gooti talking about their home worlds, so I gave it a shot!

This actually turned out a lot more feelsy than I first planned? But I still like how it turned out! Hope y’all like it too!

Fic below the cut:

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