Poecilotheria metallica

Poecilotheria metallica is a species of tarantula classified as critically endangered. Other common names:  Gooty sapphire ornamental tree spider, Gooty sapphire,  Gooty tarantula,metallic tarantula, peacock parachute spider.


lmao i probably did this wrong but- yeah here’s a galvantula subspecies sheet of various colorful tarantulas. obviously the designs aren’t exactly the same, but as similar as possible. i just wanted to do subspecies designs of my fave colorful tarantulas

im not good with common names but if you wanna look up the actual tarantulas here are their scientific names

  • mexican redknee - brachypelma smithi
  • brazilian pinkbloom - pamphobeteus platyomma (the male ones are the ones that are purple/pink)
  • gooty sapphire ornamental - poecilotheria metallica 
  • greenbottle blue -  chromatopelma cyaneopubescens

please love tarantulas they are so important and perfect

gootie  asked:

Serious question here. Isn't Godzilla female? I have always thought Big G was a lady because of Minya, and then the dumb ass cartoon with Godzuki. I just assumed Godzilla was a mother.

I’m unaware of any Godzilla story in which Godzilla is actually referred to as female. (Godzilla’s Revenge aside, I’m also unaware of any Godzilla story that would be affected by Godzilla being female.) Son of Godzilla, despite the title, never explains where Minya came from. The series bible for Hanna Barbera’s Godzilla called Godzooky Godzilla’s cousin. Hilariously, even the 1998 movie never has anyone call Godzilla female, before or after they discover she’s laying eggs.

EDIT: Forgot about A Space Godzilla (thanks to @rustybottlecap for mentioning it).

A new OC of mine that i’ve been designing over the past few days in between depressive episodes…Raindrop, the Gooty Sapphire Tarantula. She’s a tightrope walker!

She’s a very quiet person, keeps mostly to herself. She loves rainy/stormy/cloudy weather, and enjoys being in high places (hence the tightrope walking! She likes to feel as if she’s touching the sky). When she’s not putting on a show, she can generally be found in the nest she keeps high off the ground.