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clear and his super sharp hearing and kaethe - whether at home or outside, if she's sleeping in the room down the hall or in aoba's house in misaki's room. if he's close or on the opposite side of the fucking island. clear /knows/ when kaethe makes the slightest tiniest sound that might indicate she's in pain or uncomfortable. he tilts his head to listen and goes very still to listen and if it keeps happening he just bolts from wherever he is.

noiz usually gets on alert too because (like everything with clear) you never know how serious it can be. and while most of the time kaethe is just fine and is whining because misaki isnt letting her play with a doll she wants or she just stubbed her toe, clears super hearing also got them to find kaethe when he went missing or when hurt herself accidentally so. there is not second guessing and minimizing the situation when it comes to her so yeah. baby cant even sniffle these dumb losers


can you imagine the awkward teenage years though jfc her kura always being within earshot of just about everything that comes out of her mouth ;alksdfj;laksjdf

though imagine when she’s genuinely scared or upset and her dads aren’t immediately around or perhaps she’s in trouble, she doesn’t need a coil, she just whispers under her breath ‘kura i need you, can you come find me…?’

//can’t handle these feelings b ye

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Hello there! Sorry I'm only introducing myself now, but I'm Jazz~ (=゚ω゚)ノ I see you there on that reblogged ask (and your reply to Lynn killed me jfc), so I came to inquire, as to how exactly noicle happened??¿?


Idek how other people came to enjoy the pairing, BUT I was browsing the DRAMAtical Murder tag here on tumblr and, sometimes, folks post snippets of their fics and then give a link to their story on AO3.

Originally, it started off as an OT3 for me between Noiz/Aoba/Clear. I thought it was cute as fuck, because these characters are rad as hell.

Then from the same author, I stumbled onto this fic that’s about Noiz and Clear when they’re just playing games at home while Aoba was at work. I loved it so much, I even drew fanart for it!

It really started out as a joke cracky ship, ok, but then the little cretin called feels crept into my heart and then suddenly

Then after doodling even more fanart of the two, a couple more of my shipmates, Chini and Goosey, were dragged came aboard and, suddenly, there were DMMd AUs and DMMd babies and otp headcanons and //WHEEZES// And I guess we’ve been the ones primarily coming up with stuff for these two and have been nicknamed the NoiCle OT3 or somesuch pfpfa

whispers pls ship responsibly

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hi ww ;;; so I've seen our noiz/clear lovechild w/goose and chini and she's super super adorable and I have a small question. I write a hs au version of minao and I wanted to know if way way way down the line if maybe i could write her in a bit too interacting the minao lovechild a bit ahaha ;; i know this is really outta the blue but I was thinking about it earlier today and thought it woul be super cute (cause even tho minao is the main in the au clear/noiz is a thing too ww ;;)

Ok, firstly, excuse me while I

I think I’ve read the series your talking about (the only MinAo High School!AU I’ve really read actually, so I hope it’s the same? ovo;) - it’s really very cute!

Since this is something you hope to add way down the line, I’m actually going to talk to Goosey and Chini about it (since they’re responsible for a good portion of the headcanons that tie Noicle baby into our own little AU, the only differing circumstance is a Kouao baby) and see what they think and what they’d like to do.

This is very cool idea, though, and I’ll make sure to get back to you when possible!