goosebumps :3

"They paint the world full of shadows... "
James Flint
"They paint the world full of shadows... "

“They paint the world full of shadows… and then tell their children to stay close to the light.
Their light. Their reasons, their judgments.
Because in the darkness, there be dragons.
But it isn’t true. We can prove that it isn’t true.
In the dark, there is discovery, there is possibility, there is freedom in the dark once someone has illuminated it.”


taehyung petting hoseok ♥

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nice!! can you make a gifset of silver springs 1997 where stevie sings the lyrics right in lindsey's face? they looking at each other and especially that part stevie sings "was i just a fool". oh, this always brings me goosebumps. thanks! <3

Absolutely anon. I’m going to try to do it tonight, if I can’t, I’ll post it tomorrow. :)


To commemorate this wonderful day, Kanjani8’s cover of “3月9日” (9th March)

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oh no please dont tease me ,,, feeling nails just barely graze along my skin makes me MMM just the thought gives me wonderful goosebumps <3

Even better if I had you in my lap, able to feel you squirm while I kissed n nipped at your neck still not giving in to your cute lil whines

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just found out theres thirst content for the Goosebumps franchise including the dummies and jack black rl stine

ive only read like 3 goosebumps books in my life so i dont have any personal stake in this but im glad im who you thought to tell. i respect them

Okay, let me know which one of these nostalgic 90’s shows I loved as a kid you want me to gif (eventually, because I’ll have to re-watch them first):

1. Friends
2. Goosebumps
3. The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo
4. The Nanny
5. Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
6. The Secret World of Alex Mack
7. All of the above

And yes, expect more Buffy, the Vampire Slayer gifs as soon as I find an HD “source”.


I went to see phantom yesterday, which was aMAZING, and then this evening I made the mistake of listening to down once more from the phantom25 soundtrack which is just??? there are no words for the depth of emotion just conveyed by their voices…you have to listen to it to understand. listening to it always makes me desperate to draw and tonight I finally gave in. these are all either personal headcanons, interesting bits from last night’s performance or my favourite aspects of phantom25. idk what the hell this style is but it was really really theraputic to do after a few days of not drawing much. my thoughts under the cut.

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Here are few things I’d like to say about Mel Gibson’s HACKSAW RIDGE

1. I am proud that the name “Seventh-day Adventist” was boldly mentioned.

2. The movie began with a narration of verses from Isaiah 40. *goosebumps*

3. I can’t accept the almost-90-degree angle Dorothy used for collecting Desmond’s blood. THAT MUST BE ZERO ANGLE. (Haha. Sorry, OC here). Plus, you can’t just hold the needle throughout the collection. That’s why we have micropores. Lol

4. The character of Desmond Doss was clearly portrayed with very little deviations. I like how his Bible reading was emphasized.

5. “Help me get one more”
Uuggghhh. That prayer. *more goosebumps*

6. Desmond was in love with Dorothy. After two days of donating blood, he wants to donate again. That’s cute but I’m sorry Desmond. The standard operating procedures require 8 weeks interval.

7. I love the scene where Desmond was hiding in the undergroud tunnel and he was faced with a wounded enemy. Instead of killing him or running away, he did not hesitate to offer him help by administering morphine and bandaging wounds.

All in all, two thumbs up to Mel Gibson and his team. I was crying while watching and the only words I could utter was, “Indeed Lord! You are there!”

desmond: *looks up dramatically* I think I crashed your plane

me, watching this show for the billionth time: hOOO00O0OLY SHIT *tearing up* OH MY GOD OH MYGOD OH MY GOD *rocking back and forth* HOLY CRAP OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDD