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“But there’s nowhere to hide from the ghost in my mind
It’s cold in these bones of a man and a child
And there’s no one who knows and there’s nowhere to go
There’s no one to see who can see to my soul.”

Aneurin Barnard performing “The Mirror-Blue Night” as Melchior in Spring AwakeningWest End, 2009

Spotify link to original Broadway Cast recording (not Aneurin, unfortunately, but still amazing) (x)


Episode 6 Doodles! More just redrawing a lot of moments but MAN THIS EPISODE WAS SO FUN!!! Such a treat and the fight between Toxic and Healthy in the house was so fun. And the whole monologue where Healthy Rick explains that he doesn’t have an attachment to Morty was (at least for me) kind of a goosebump moment. Like it was creepy to see Rick just laughing about it.

Also, just want to point out a few favorite moments, but the whole toxic Rick screaming Morty’s name all the time and then revealing that he has all the attachments to Morty was really fun to see. (I was actually having trouble realizing that toxic and healthy were separate for a minute after the explosion.) And loving how both toxic and healthy Rick avoid getting into a confrontation with Beth, even though toxic Rick totally disses Summer. Guess toxic and healthy can’t do much against Beth. And that last moment with healthy Morty with him giving in was just fun with the subtleness of everything. Like it seemed really quiet. 

And anyone like that whole “I love you! Good booooy! Daddy’s little booooooy!” moment because I found it actually pretty adorable Rick was doing that to a ball of fluff.

Title: Can’t Lose You

Pairing: Prince Sidon / Link | SidLink

Rating: Explicit

Tags: anal sex, rimming, comfort sex, shark dude loves a blondie

Summary: After a little of Link’s blood gets into a quick moving river, he and Sidon have a heart to heart about their fears of losing one another.

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Staring up at the dimming sky above him, he made a mental note in the back of his mind that perhaps he shouldn’t rush down a steep, rocky slope.

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Behind The Mask

Matt Murdock/ Reader

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Words: 1.570

Summary: So what if you have a crush on the vigilante Daredevil? It’s not like he knows you personally.

Request: Can I please request a Matt/reader where they are friends but she doesn’t know yet that Matt is Daredevil, and one day they start talking about DD and Foggy starts bugging her about “having a crush on the Devil”(and she doesn’t deny it). And later on, Matt makes a move as Daredevil and drops a hint or two of who he really is?? Thankyou :)

Tagging: @kwaiky

Requested by: @iamthemaskhewears

Author’s note: im glad to see that daredevil fans aint dead. did a slight twist to the prompt

You take a long hard look at the reported photo of the vigilante Daredevil elaborately leaping to a nearby building plastered on the front page of the newspaper. The identity of his true self is unknown and the mystery surrounding him makes you want to know more about this infamous vigilante.

“Really, Y/N? Again with the newspaper?” Foggy’s voice comes from behind, making you grin at what he might say next.

“Next thing I know, you have a shrine of Daredevil in your closet.” He places a mug of hot coffee on the coaster next to you.

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Dive In;

Summary: Y/N wasn’t much for dancing, until Bucky Barnes swept her off of her feet.

A/N: The Avengers actually managed to stay together and they all still love each other, ESPECIALLY BUCKY.

“It’s beautiful, it really is,” Y/N complimented the way Tony (more like Pepper) decorated the main lobby of the Avenger’s building. After the events following the Accords, the fractured- yet healing- team needed a positive publicity event to remedy their relationship with the general public; Tony decided to fulfill the task by throwing a gala. It was quaint enough that all the team members would be comfortable, but a few journalists would be allowed in to report on the team.

Tony grinned with pride, tossing an arm around Y/N’s exposed shoulders, “Thanks, kid. You look pretty beautiful yourself.” Y/N’s complexion became flushed at the compliment. The black, long-sleeve, cold shoulder dress Y/N was wearing made her anxious at first; she usually never dressed up, seeing as she generally never had much of a reason to. The fanciest place she would ever go would be to kick the ass of some bad guy in a foreign country she’d never visit again. 

“I’m going to find Pepper and check on the band, you have fun, kiddo,” Tony pecked her quickly on the cheek as a goodbye before wandering off into the crowd. 

Looking lost, Y/N glanced around the crowded room to find a familiar face. Natasha was busy flirting with a new Stark intern, and Wanda was interviewing with a reporter who wanted to know more about her past and Pietro. Clint was introducing his lovely wife to the press as well, probably so the rumors would stop about an affair between Hawkeye and Black Widow.

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Dance - Newt x Reader

Requested: Maybe. (No)

Summary: Newt and Reader are invited to the Ministry’s ball.

Warnings: I think like one swear. Also fluff. Lots of fluff.


When Newt came home that night, he looked awfully nervous. His eyes kept refusing to look into (Y/N)’s, and though that wasn’t completely out of character, it was much worse than usual. 

He seemed fidgety, jumping around a bit before he insisted on going into his case to check on everyone. 

(Y/N) sighed.  "Be back soon, this paperwork for the Ministry needs your signatures as well.“

Newt stiffened just a bit when she mentioned the Ministry, but she didn’t notice as he nodded and fled to his portable safe-haven. 

(Y/N) and Newt had been working together for quite some time; if (Y/N) was keeping track correctly, they had just passed nine months. Over that time, they had grown more and more comfortable around each other, Newt still a bit awkward at times, but (y/n)  had grown to know that that was simply as he was.

The Ministry recognized the fact they worked well together, giving them both pay for the research they collected in various creatures. They both loved their jobs, Newt getting to save and study magical creatures as (y/n) drew the fantastic beasts. Neither of them could imagine any better way to spend their lives. 

Well, Newt could imagine one way,, but it wasn’t very likely.

After about a half an hour, (y/n) decided to go in the case to visit her companion. Marking the page she had last filled out, she stood from the table and made her way to where the case lay. 

She climbed down the ladder and turned around, brainstorming where Newt might be. Without much thought, she headed to the bowtruckles. She wasn’t at all surprised to see him there, playing mother to the small creatures.

"How is Pickett adjusting?" 

Newt jumped at the sound of her voice, quickly turning around. "Merlin’s beard, (y/n)!”

She chuckled a bit. “I wasn’t trying to scare you.”

He couldn’t help but smile a bit at her laugh before answering her question. “To be honest, he doesn’t like it. He just wants to keep in my pocket.”

She sighed as she crouched down next to him. “I told you all that favoritism wasn’t going to help anyone.”

“I didn’t mean to! I just–”

She cut him off with a laugh. “I know, i know. But he better get used to it. And you better stop visiting him so much.”

She could’ve sworn she saw him roll his eyes, even if it was just a bit. 

“You seemed a bit uptight when you got home. Anything happen at the Ministry?”

At the question, Newt tensed. He seemed instantly nervous, a tale-tell sign if him not telling something.

“It’s… It’s nothing, really,” he mumbled.

Sighing, she stood and crossed her arms. “You’re a bloody awful liar, Newt.”

He stood in front of her, but didn’t look her in the eyes.  

“The… The Ministry invited us to…”

(Y/n) tilted her head, not having heard the second half of what he said from his quiet voice. “What was that?”

“They invited us to a dance. A ball of some sort.”

She gasped. “Why didn’t you tell me? When is it?”

Newt looked up at her, nervous butterflies still fluttering in his stomach. “Two weeks. But there’s one problem.”

“And what’s that?” (y/n) asked. 

“They said to bring a date.”

The statement hung in the air for a moment, before (y/n) spoke. 

“Well, that’s easy. We’ll take each other. As friends, of course. Just to avoid the hastle.” She added the last part on quickly after seeing Newt’s surprised expression. 

She thought his face may have went a bit pink as he looked at the ground. “Are you alright with that, Newt?”

“Yes! Yes.” He said quickly. “It’s just…” He hesitated. 

“What? Come on, you can tell me.”

He looked sheepishly at the ground. “I don’t really know how to dance.”

She grinned. grinned. “Then we’ll just have to learn together, won’t we?”


The idea of finally having a use for the old Muggle record player pleased (Y/n) very much. She put on a soft and slow song, one set up for a waltz. 

Newt stood beside her, his face almost one of fear as (y/n) turned to him. 

“Alright.” She started. “So, you need to hold mine hand–other hand, Newt, yes–then my hand goes on your shoulder and your other hand goes on my waist.”

(Y/n)  felt her face burn a bit as she felt the light pressure of his hand. If she had been brave enough to look at Newt, she would have noticed he was just as red, if not more. 

“Perfect,” she said. “Now, if I’m right, we move our feet in sort of a square…”

She instructed him on the movements, and though he seemed to understand, he kept stepping on her toes. Of course, he’d immediately apologize after each time. (y/n) just kept smiling. 

“I-I’m sorry,” Newt said with a sigh, having just stepped on her foot yet again. “I’m not very good at this, am I?”

“No, no!” (y/n) protested.  "You really are getting the hang of it, you just need to loosen up a bit.“

"That’s the part I’m not so good at,” he mumbled. 

“One more time, alright?” she pleaded. “Just one more song and I’ll let you go and visit Pickett.”

“Oh, alright,” he said with a sigh. 

He placed took his hand in hers, and placed the other on her hip. Listening to the soft beat of the music, he took a deep breath. 

It was as if a new Newt was dancing with her, (y/n) thought. He had become less stiff and jumpy than before, and he lead her this time through each step. Newt seemed to notice his own improvement, and decided to take a risk. 

He spun Her, and she followed gracefully in his arms. She smiled at him, proud. 

His confidence higher than it had been the entire night, Newt smiled back before ending the song in a long dip. 

But it seemed Newt’s luck had worn out. 

His feet were off balance and he went toppling down, (y/n) beneath him. If he hadn’t have caught himself with his hands, he would have hit heads with her under him. 

She  looked up into his eyes, breathing a bit heavy. Their noses were nearly touching, and the feeling of his breath across her skin gave her goosebumps. 

The moment grew more tense for the pair with each passing second, until finally, (y/n)  laughed. 

It wasn’t a small chuckle, or even a cute polite laugh, but a great big laugh that very nearly ended in a snort. Newt couldn’t help but grin down at her, his own laughter pouring from his lips. 

He rolled to the side, getting off from on top of her. They sat beside each other, just laughing and grinning at each other until the needle came to a stop on the record player. 


The night of the ball had arrived a bit too quickly to Newt’s liking. He shifted his feet nervously as he looked at himself in the mirror. He was wearing what was the typical best dress for a man in the 1920s, therefore not as bright as his normal clothing. He had argued very hard to wear his blue coat, but (y/n)  had ultimately won. 

He adjusted the bow tie once more before he left his room with a sigh and went to the main room to wait for (y/n). He hoped she wouldn’t be long. 

Just after he had had that thought, he heard her door open. When she came into sight, his jaw very nearly dropped to the floor. 

She was fiddling a bit with the shoulder of her flapper-style dress, looking nearly as uncomfortable as Newt felt. Her hair was curled and tucked neatly by her chin, red lips pressed together. 

She looked down to smooth her dark blue dress before looking back up to Newt. She smiled. “You cleaned up nicely,” she said. 

“You did too. Better than nicely, actually, I mean, you, you look…” He paused and took a deep breath. “You look stunning." 

(Y/n)’s cheeks burned. "Thank you,” she said softly before walking over to him. “I think it’s time we go.”

Newt nodded and offered his arm. He was relieved when she took it. 

It wasn’t long until they were at the ball, for they apparated right outside the doors. They walked in, and Newt was shocked at the amount if people there. He looked back at (y/n). 

“You’re going to have to stay close to me. I’d hate to lose my… Date.” He said the last word with a bit of hesitance. 

(Y/n)  grinned. “No problem. I wouldn’t want to either.” They both smiled as they walked further in. 

They began making small talk to some of their aquantinces on the sides of the room, most asking Newt about his book and nearly ignoring (y/n) completely. He caught on to this, and was sure to include her by mentioning the illustrations so that he could have the chance to introduce her. 

After a while, they found themselves in the edge of the dance floor. A waltz was just beginning. Newt cleared his throat a bit. “May I have this dance?" 

She smiled and nodded, taking his hand as he led her out to the floor. 

He had improved drastically compared to the shuffling he had been doing back at their flat. He was no longer stiff and almost never stepped on her feet as he moved. She was smiling as he led her. 

He spun her, and when she came back in, she found herself momentarily pressed to his chest as they stumbled. 

"Sorry,” he muttered as he righted himself. 

“It’s alright,” (y/n) said with a red face. She found herself looking at her toes as a slightly awkward mood set in. 

“(y/n),” Newt said suddenly, causing her to look up. 

“Yes?” she asked. 

“There’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you for a… For a long time now, and I’ve decided just to say it because you know what I always say is worrying makes you suffer twice and–”

“Then just say it,” she giggled. 

He swallowed. “Well, I… Like you. More than a friend. And I was so nervous to tell you about the ball because I didn’t want to try to ask you, or worse, have you ask someone else, but then you said we could go as friends and I know that you probably just want us to be friends and—”

“Newt,” (y/n) said again as she grinned. “I like you too. More than a friend." 

He looked at her, dumbstruck. "Are you… Really?”

She grinned. “Really.”

He smiled as he looked down at her, face lighting up. “Then… Then could I kiss you?”

She gave a shy smile as her cheeks burned. After a brief moment she nodded, and soon his lips met hers. 

Auston Matthews- Fifty Shades Awkward part 4

A/n - I’m very sorry about the long wait for this…After much debate I have decided to split the smut part of this story into two parts.  So here it is… 

- Lisa 😘

Originally posted by austonmatthews-34

Part One / Part two / Part Three

Warmth.  It was surrounding you like a blanket of fire that didn’t burn your skin.  You blinked your eyes a couple times as you slowly woke up.  You were laying so you weren’t quite on your left side but not quite on your stomach either with your right leg slightly bent and in front of the left. Auston was as close as he could get to you basically mirroring your position but using you like a body pillow.   The position was quite comfortable so you were content to lie under him and just think rationally about what was said last night.  You couldn’t help but wonder if he was serious about what he said or if he was just saying it to get in your pants.  It was then that it really hit you… you didn’t care, you were going to go with the flow and trust that everything would work out the way fate intended.  

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T minus 6 - inspiration

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I just rewatched this. 

It’s a scene were “we” get to see that look but Jack is looking somewhere else. 

For me, personally, watching this the first time, it was one of the goosebumps moments of “Oh gosh, he’s really hopping over to the dark side”, after the whole conversations with Bedelia, the sacrificing of Frederick and then the whirlwind of an episode that finally led to this:

Originally posted by abigailhobbssghost

Will is decided by that point, there with Jack. Because he tells the Dragon how they’re gonna do it in that Motel room. Yes, he is forced to make a decision in that Motel room, but once he has made it… he sticks with it. 

Yes, Will wouldn’t be Will without the pull to light, as Hugh has so nicely put it at RDC3, but it feels a lot like Will has finally decided to accept his pull to darkness as well. And even the fact that he can now go and tease Hannibal about it.

Originally posted by thaaraa

I think Will is finally allowing himself the “other means of influence” after TWOTL. And… surviving… that would change the whole game. He acknowledged this would be his becoming and the last few parts of the chrysalis were ripped away in bloody ecstasy.

Show us your vision of how it would change him, how Will’s becoming would manifest.

We can’t wait to see :)

Bonus (because this scene is so beautiful and really says a lot about Will’s state of mind after they have both healed!)

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He’s at peace. Whether he is physically there with Hannibal or “just” in the mind palace. He is at peace, there, with Hannibal.

soccer player yuta + “hey, I’m with you, okay? always.”

> when “taste the feeling” actually gives you too many feelings

Nakamoto Yuta has a strange relationship with soccer, because it means so many different things in his life and it simultaneously makes him want to pull the hair out of his roots while also giving him a very on-top-of-the-world sensation.

Unfortunately, today just so happens to be one of those ‘pull the hair out of his roots’ kind of days. Sure yes the sport is his lifeblood and his ticket to a better life and has just made most of his days happier and manageable but that doesn’t mean it can’t be frustrating and exhausting and demanding in both the physical and the emotional aspect. It’s not the first time Yuta has to learn the hard way that forcing a practice session on himself after more than twenty four hours of no sleep and way too many shots of caffeine is definitely not the way to go.

But it’s not like the boy has much of a choice on the subject matter, given that playoffs are just a few days away and Yuta can physically feel his level of skill decrease from the lack of attention he’s been giving it since the start of the season. He’s one of the star players this season, and the pressure he’s received from himself and nearly every other living being with an interest in the sport almost has him desiring nothing more than to fling himself off a cliff. If not, then perhaps just curling up into a ball would do the trick just fine.

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bookish asks
  • 1: what's the book you always turn to when you're sad?
  • 2: what are you currently reading?
  • 3: last book to give you a mental papercut?
  • 4: what's the most satisfying novella you've read so far?
  • 5: describe your favorite goosebump-inducing moment from something you've read.
  • 6: what fact did you learn from a book that you use in your daily life?
  • 7: using only a color and one of the five elements, describe the book you last read.
  • 8: what book are you proud of yourself for reading?
  • 9: name a book you didn't finish.
  • 10: name a book you've reread over five times.
  • 11: name a book you've reread over ten times.
  • 12: describe the book you're currently reading as if it were a candle scent.
  • 13: name a book you are avoiding because you just can't face it and the feelings it brings up.
  • 14: grab your current book and write the last sentence you read before you put it down.
  • 15: what kind of candy would your favorite book be?
  • 16: what's a book that others wouldn't expect you to like?
  • 17: approximately how many times has someone asked you how you are able to read as much as you do?
  • 18: if you could have any pet from any book, who would it be and why?
  • 19: you are magically transported into a book or series of your choice. are you able to survive?
  • 20: which book are you most looking forward to reading this year?
  • 21: if your current favorite book was to be adapted into a movie, what three characteristics would you insist be kept for the main character?
Part Three: Dig Down Deep. (Swan Song S05E22)

Episode Summary: The showdown between good and evil is at hand. With the apocalypse looming, the reader, now a demon, abandons the Winchesters to work at Lucifer’s side to help further his plans along. Sam and Dean realize they are out of options to save her and the fate of humanity. They are forced to make heart-breaking decisions that will change their lives forever. 
Warnings: Demon!Reader, angst. 
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader 
Word Count: 6,517.

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