Duck the Halls: A Mickey Mouse Christmas Specialunwraps what happens when Donald Duck decides skip his annual migration and experiences his first wintery Christmas.

Following the Dec. 9 premiere, the half-hour special will have a TV encore Monday, December 12 at 8 p.m. ET on Disney XD.

In Duck the Halls, Donald Duck opts to stay put when his flock of family and friends migrate south for the winter, and finally gets to enjoy his first Christmas winter wonderland with the most enthusiastic holiday reveler ever, Mickey Mouse, along with Minnie, Pluto and Goofy. Although he’s out of his element in the freezing cold, Donald is determined to have the full experience, and Mickey obliges with the ultimate to-do list of everything Christmas-y.

Part of the Emmy- and Annie-winning Mickey Mouse cartoon series, Duck the Halls includes cameos by Uncle Scrooge McDuck, nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie, Professor Ludwig Von Drake, Gus Goose and of course, Santa Claus. In addition to a delightful Dickensian flashback to Mickey’s childhood (and Pluto’s puppyhood) where he has a British accent … for reasons … the special also features original songs: the jazzy “Joy, O It’s Christmas Time” and show-stopping spectacular “Jing-a-Ling-a-Ling.”

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Wait, that (amazing) bootleg post mentioned sparky the dog, apparently an old fandom hoax. I've never heard of it; what's the story behind that, if you know?


aight so when fnaf 1 first came out, someone made a post ab a secret animatronic dog in the back room camera nobody talked about (nicknamed sparky for his missing, sparking arm). at this point, they claimed they couldnt get a pic because they didnt know how to screenshot a fullscreen game (which was understandable)

this began a goose chase to find sparky, with people camping the camera and going through the game files. they finally got a pic of sparky! (spoilers, it was photoshopped) and soon claimed they wanted nothing to do with sparky because he “did something ive never seen him do”

later their friend, who painted sparky into the hoax pic, came out with a wip gif and sparky by himself with the camera layer hidden, and thus was the fall of sparky

its partially his fault nobody believed shadow bonnie existed at first too


Inspired by @blackteaandlanguages‘ post, I decided to create this glossary of Christmas vocabulary in English and in Norwegian. It can be downloaded here.

adventskalender - advent calendar

alv - elf (Santa’s helper)

belysning - illumination, lighting

bjelle - bell

brød - bread

bursdag – birthday

desember - December

eggelikør– eggnog

engel - angel

eple - apple

familie - family

fedd - clove

feire - to celebrate

ferie - holiday

fisk - fish

fred - peace

gås - goose

generøs - giving

gilde - feast

gløgg - mulled wine

God jul! - Merry Christmas!

gravlund - cemetery

grønn - green

gull - gold

helligtrekongersdag - epiphany

hvit - white

ingefær - ginger

istapp - icicle

Jesus, Jesus Kristus - Jesus

jul - Christmas

jul - Christmas Day

julaften - Christmas Eve

julekort - Christmas card

julemarked - Christmas market

julemat - Christmas food

julenissen - Santa Claus

julesang - Christmas song

julestjerne - Christmas flower

juletre - Christmas tree

julpresang - Christmas present

kake – cake

kalkun - turkey

kanel - cinnamon

kardemomme - cardamom

kirke - church

kjærlighet - love

kjeks - cookie

krans -  wreath

kylling - chicken

lam - lamb

lykke - happiness

mandel - almond

misteltein - mistletoe

nøtt - nut

oksekjøtt - beef

ornament - decoration, ornament

pai – pie

par - couple

pepperkake - gingerbread cookie

pepperkakehus - gingerbread house

polkagris - candy cane

potet - potato

pudding - pudding

reinsdyr - reindeer

rød - red

salat - salad

saus - sauce

sjokolade - chocolate

skinke - ham

skorstein - chimney

slede - sleigh

snø - snow

snøfnugg - snowflake

snømann - snowman

sølv - silver

stearinlys - candle

stemning - ambiance

stjerne - star

strømpe - stocking

tradisjon - tradition

varm sjokolade - hot chocolate

varme - warmth

velvilje - goodwill

Christmas vocabulary in Spanish

Christmas vocabulary in Norwegian (I)
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WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME????? no but seriously what do you want.

hello, goose eggs!!! technically “goose eggs” means “nothings” but i want you to know that i use that term to mean “tiny unborn geese,” which for some reason my brain has decided is a cute nickname. look, i can’t control what goes on up there, i just have to live with it.

so: here is my question.  you guys may remember that like 1,000 years ago i wrote a draft of a book called “the blue line” for NaNo. to be up front and honest: it’s … not a very good book. like, it’s fine. but it was written in a month, you know what i’m saying?

i started writing a second draft of the book, and then what happened was, i got bored of it, and i’m still bored of it, and i’ll never be unbored of it, so i am not going to finish the second draft. it’s never going to see the light of day.


i know a lot of people liked what they had read of it, which was kind of them. for those thinking of or already donating $10/month, that’s 12 fancy sandwiches, and part of what you’re entitled to is “secret stories.” this isn’t really a secret but it IS unpolished enough that i don’t want to put it on the Real Internet. as part of that pledge, would you like to read it? i ask because it would temporarily replace any secret stories. i mean, they’d come back once it was all up, but it would postpone them.

there is no right answer here!!! i don’t have to put it up. but 12 fancy sandwiches is a lot. so, message me or comment here and let me know!




I AM the Toy-maker; I have brought from the town
As much in my plack as should fetch a whole crown,
I’ll array for you now my stock of renown
And man’s the raree will show you.

Here’s a horse that is rearing to bound through the smoke
Of cannon and musket, and, face to that ruck,
The horseman with sword ready-held for the stroke,
Lord Lucan, maybe, or Prince Charlie.

An old woman sitting and waiting for call,
With her baskets of cockles and apples and all;
A one-legged sailor attending a ball,
And a tailor and nailer busy.

Or would you have these? A goose ganging by,
With head up in challenge to all who come nigh;
A cock with a comb dangling over his eye,
And a hen on a clutch nicely sitting;

Or a duck that is chasing a quick thing around,
Or a crow that is taking three hops on the ground,
Or an ass with head down (he is held in a pound);
Or a fox with his tail curled around him?

A ship made of shells that have sheen of the sea,
All ready to sail for black Barbarie,
The Lowlands of Holland, or High Germanic
And who’ll be the one that will steer her?

I’ll speak of my trade: there’s a day beyond day
When the hound needn’t hunt and the priest needn’t pray,
And the clerk needn’t write, and the hen needn’t lay,
Whence come all the things that I show you.

I am the Toy-maker; upon the town wall
My crib is high up; I have down-look on all,
And coach and wheelbarrow I carve in my stall,
Making things with no troubles in them.  

– Irish poet and novelist, Padraic Colum, born December 8, 1881                    

Looney Tunes: Back in Action sentence starters

“Well, as it turns out, I’m secretly evil.”

“You tricked me!”

“Who has dynamite?!”

“Smell that, [x]? That’s the sweet aroma of money, glamour, and busload upon busload of senior citizens.”

“You? A stuntman? Please.”

“Sssssh! I’m about to defy you!”

“S/He brought a goose?”

“So this is Area 51?”

“Aha! I’m going to be the hero of this picture!”

“[x], I’ve known you since you were this big.”

“A mission? I’m all for a-tingle!”

“There is a [x] in the middle of the picture. Remove the [x].”

“All right, let’s see what this baby can really do.”

“Throw it out the window! Throw it out the window! Throw it out!”

“I’m rich. I’m affluent. My liquidity is assured.”

“I told you we should’ve taken that left turn at Albuquerque.”

“Now don’t start that again.”

“Gee, it was really nice of Wal-Mart to give us all this free Wal-Mart stuff just for saying “Wal-Mart” so many times.”

“It’s a pain in the butt being politically correct.”

“Well, what do you know, s/he fell for it. I guess I owe you $5!”

“Suddenly I feel like I’m in Aunt Marge’s Jell-O mold.”

“Wait! I haven’t tried toadying, kowtowing and butt-kissing yet! I’m still begging here!”

“What a fantastic view.”

“Oh, what am I talking to you for? All you have to do is munch on a carrot and people love you.”

“Oh, I’ve hit rock-bottom. I’m hanging out with a [x] who lives with his/her father/mother.”

“I think we scratched it.”

“Place, I say, place your bets! Money plays, loser stays! Everyone’s a winn - well, not everyone.”

“Sure was a lucky coincidence you showing up just now.”

“I’m afraid [x] must choose between a handsome matinee idol, or this miscreant perpetrator of low burlesque.”

“Lady/Sir, if you don’t find a rabbit wearin’ lipstick amusing, then we ain’t got nothin’ to say to each other.”

“How do you know about that thing that I’ve never heard of in my entire life?”

“If you, like, goof up on me in the sequel, I'ma coming after ya!”

“Here is your father tied up on the tracks, and here is the train of death right on schedule. You see [x], if the train of death doesn’t kill your father, then maybe those crates of TNT will, not to mention the two ton anvil hanging over his head, and…Oh, and look there’s the pendulum of doom! What’s the pendulum of doom doing there? I did not order the pendulum of doom! That’s overkill! Get rid of it!”

“I’ve seen the way you look at me - I know I’m hot.”

Maybe you worked hard for Hillary, either because you believed in her, or because you couldn’t stomach the alternative.

Maybe you voted for Trump, because you were taken in by a campaign promise he made, or you really, really hated Hillary that much.

It doesn’t matter now.  If you look around you, and are horrified by Trump’s behavior, horrified watching the Trump cabinet nominees accumulate, each with a history of attempting to undermine or circumvent the offices they’re supposed to be heading are there to enforce (up to and including a Secretary of Labor who doesn’t believe in maintaining a minimum wage), if you’re horrified by the way Trump is destroying our carefully-built relationships with other nations, both allies and opponents - then we’re all on the same page right now.

And what matters now is acting to prevent further damage, and stopping those who are still goose-stepping along with the kleptocracy.

The Great Flamingo Uprising

I told this story to a few guildies a while back and decided to archive it in a longer format; so here is the story of The Great Flamingo Uprising of 2010 as told to me by my favorite cousin who was a keeper at the time.

In addition to the aviary/jungle exhibit, our zoo has several species of birds that pretty much have the run of the place.  They started with a small flock of flamingos and some free-range peacocks that I’m almost certain came from my old piano teacher’s farm.  She preferred them to chickens.  At some point in time they also acquired a pair of white swans (Or as I call them, “hellbirds”) and some ornamental asian duckies to decorate the pond next to the picnic area.  Pigeons, crows, assorted ducks and a large number of opportunistic Canada geese moved in on their own. 

Now; the ponds that dot the zoo property (I don’t remember how many there are but the one by the picnic area is the only one with swans) were also full of ginormous koi fish, some of whom by now are at least three feet long.  Sensing an opportunity to cash in on the koi, the zoo put up little vending machines all over the place that dispense handfuls of food pellets.  I swear to god the fish can hear the crank turning, and will show up at the nearest railing, blooping expectantly at whoever happens to be standing there and doing their best to appear starving and desperate. 

Like this.^  And they weren’t the only ones who learned to associate the sound with the imminent arrival of food.  The Canada geese knew a good deal when they saw one, and had long since ceased to migrate anyway.  They formed roving gangs of thug-geese and staked out their turf around the vending machines, ready to mug anyone with pocket change.  Picture yourself as a small child squaring off with a bird fully prepared to strip search you while standing on your feet and yelling “HWAAAAAKK!!” in your face.  It’s traumatizing to you and deeply hilarious to your parents.


The flamingos had their spot near the zoo entrance and never seemed to mind the presence of the other birds, as they kept themselves to themselves and didn’t really like the taste of fish pellets.  The problem lay in that their shrimp pond was close to a vending machine.  Ordinarily that wouldn’t have been an issue at all, but eventually the goose population grew large enough that one of the gangs decided to annex it.  Being territorial little shits, they would harass the poor flamingos any time they strayed within ten feet of it.  The flamingos tolerated this for years until one day they snapped collectively.  Here’s a summary of the incident in chronological order.

1.) It was a hot day, so everyone in question both human and avian, were cranky by the time the zoo even opened.
2.) A few flamingos (let’s call them The Jets) strayed into the radius of the vending machine and were immediately confronted by the indignant hissing geese (The Sharks)
3.) Possibly due to heat and the simple fact that the geese had been giant douchebags for far too long, the flamingos decided fuck it, this time they were going to FIGHT BACK DAMMIT, and swarmed the geese en mass.
4.) Chaos ensued.  The geese were outnumbered 4 to 1 but had the advantage of being able to scream for back-up. 
5.) Hearing the shrieking Canada geese and the bellowing of the enraged flamingos, the peacocks came to the conclusion that the apocalypse had come upon them and began to gather in the surrounding trees in droves and wail in despair.  Or cheer them on, whichever.
7.) Apparently one of the siege tactics employed by the geese is to shit explosively all over the sidewalks. Never in the grass. 
8.) The geese, having secured reinforcements from all over the zoo, went berserk and proceeded to attack EVERYBODY who had come to watch be they human or otherwise.
9.) The flamingos were chasing/being chased by the geese through the crowd accompanied by cheers/wails from the peacocks in the box seats.
10.) Complete pandemonium when the zoo tram became stalled on the tracks by the flamingo pond due to battling birds.  The Jets, sensing these were somehow reinforcements on the side of the Sharks, charged the tram.  Adults were doing the duck and cover.  So were the ducks.  Small children were screaming, adding to the noise.  People were slipping on goose shit and hitting the ground in the fetal position, only to be stampeded by the rampaging flamingos.
11.) The koi continued to bloop hopefully for food.
12.) Two of the geese were cornered by a rival gang of their own and were chased into the swan pond.  Cue slow-motion.
13.) The swans detected an enemy presence in their territory and by god, SOMEBODY was going to PAY. 
14.) The staff were having no luck in breaking up the fight and on the verge of giving up and just building another zoo elsewhere when the hellbirds stormed the battlefield, trumpeting battle-cries, to dispense feathered justice.  The staff promptly dropped their brooms and fled.
15.) The uprising was squashed in less than two minutes.  Number of casualties was unknown, feathers were flying everywhere and there was enough goose shit to build another bird.  One staff member had been knocked to the ground and was left with a melon sized bruise courtesy of one of the hellbirds.  Several children were traumatized, probably for life.  The zoo eventually removed the vending machine by the flamingos. 

The geese went back to being giant douchebags. Because geese.


Drew some Porls
I really love the outfit and hairstyle Pearl has in the pilot, but she didn’t have The Nose ™ so obviously something had to be done about this
I also remembered in Steven The Sword Fighter she cycled through her previous forms before taking form and the first one was her pilot design. I like to think she actually looked like that before rebelling, so I made a few tiny changes to fit that.
Also got to play with a new, Rebecca Sugar-inspired coloring style! Even though once again this was just going to be uncolored sketches and I have no self-control!