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Morgan Rielly - The concert

 Request: Can I request a Morgan Rielly imagine where it’s the first time you’re meeting the team? And Mitch and Auston say/do stuff to embarrass Mo? Sorry if it too specific!!!!! Thank u!!

Warnings: None

I must have changed my outfit 8 times by now and I still have a tough time to decide if I want my hair up or down, how can this be so hard? I haven’t been this nervous since I applied for collage. Today is the day I’m meeting Morgan’s teammates; those guys are his family away from family. Morgan met my friends a week ago and now I understand why he was so nervous, this is awful.

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Wolf Encounter: A Theo imagine

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You chase after Liam, following him into the school. He was your little brother only two years younger than you. You two had just spend your evening tagging along with Stiles, not completely by choice, to try to figure out why the new kid was coming off suspicious. You hadn’t agreed with Stiles or his methods of finding out dirt on Theo, but you were curious about him. And it was almost too obvious. Even after the fact that he’s only shown his face in town for less than a week.
“Mason!” Liam shouts. “I’m sorry I didn’t make it! I forgot. My sister and I needed to help out the parents with little yard work after school today.”
“I worked out for 2 hours.”
“I’m sorry, Mason. I couldn’t get him here on time.” You say.
“But we have something we need to tell you, it was my idea, but (y/n) agreed to let me tell you.”
“Dude there is a wolf behind you.”
“A wolf?” You ask.
“There really is a wolf behind you.” Mason shouts.
Liam and you turn around around to see a black wolf. Instantly you snatch your brother’s wrist pulling him forward and push Mason towards the school. Alls of you start running down the hall. Masson runs up a flight of stair. Liam stops running and you meet his gaze eyes going yellow. You watch as your brother’s face shifts, instantly your mimicking the action. Instantly, in unison you both growl at the creature. The wolf runs out of the school and Mason stares back at the two of you for a second.
“You guys are werewolves.” He says looking shocked.
“That thing has to be a-” You say taking off in a sprint out the door.
“(y/n)!” Liam shouts. “Don’t go after it!”
“A werewolf? That’s is something…awesome!” Mason continues.
You run down the steps of the school and across the parking lot dodging in-between cars trying to catch up to the wolf. Did it know you were following it. You run until you find yourself at the edge of the school property leading up into the woods behind the school. Looking left and then right you enter the woods and move forward until you see the wolf. Quickly you crouch down behind a bush. The wolf’s slender limbs start to shift until you see bare muscular arms and legs. Your eyes meet the brown eyes of the Theo, the new wolf in town, but how had you not smelled him? He was looking around the woods clearly aware so some sort of presence there. Across his lips was a smile or maybe it was a smirk. Your eyes wander down his chest and stop at his belly button.

Theo quickly leaps forward and snatches you out from behind the bush. You start to struggle in his grasps tugging at your arm. He steadies you by smiling.

“I’m not going to hurt you, but are you following me, (y/n)?” He ask in his smooth voice that at times was unsettling. “Again?”
“How did yo-you followed me to the Beacon Hills High!” You start to say. Theo yanks you even farther from out of the bush and forward towards him. Without helping it you get a look at his bare body again and felt your cheeks get warm involuntarily. Yep, he had a nice body. Mentally scolding yourself you look away. “How did you transform into a wolf? How are you able to do that?”
“Why would I tell give away that secret after You, Stiles, and Liam followed me into the woods tonight?” Theo squints his eyes. “Maybe you had been following me for even longer. All I wanted to do was leave flowers for my sister.”
“I…we….ugh…Stiles?” You say slapping a hand over your eyes. Theo chuckles warmly. “Something isn’t adding up. Still.”
“Still,” Theo says starting to circle around you, like a predator, scoping you out. He looks you up and down. He approaches you, getting closer and you feel his body heat against your back. Taking in a deep breath he gets a big whiff of you scent. Goose bumps grow across your arms and spine. “I was thinking you were different (y/n), more like Scott McCall, nothing like Stiles. But you trusted Stiles more than Scott, your alpha.”
“I-I got dragged along, I trust Scott with my life, but you wouldn’t understand this unless you were in our position. You came out of no where. We have every right to be suspicious.” You were feeling on edge being with Theo alone. You could feel a shift coming on.
“I don’t like talking to people unless we are making eye contact,” Theo says stopping in front of you. “And if you ever want to learn how to completely transform you’ll have to get used to being naked around others and seeing others naked.”
“Are you going to tell Scott that you can fully transform?” You ask uncovering your eyes.
“Are you going to tell Scott that I can fully transform?” He asks smiling.
“I guess it’s not my place to tell Scott things, when said things aren’t about me,” You say side eyeing him. “But I will continue to tell him I’m suspicious about you. I’m curious about how you knew Scott was a true alpha and why you are back in Beacon Hills wanting to be apart of his pack. And you can’t expect warm welcomes towards a new intruder.”
“Am I intruder to you? To the McCall pack?” Theo lets your arm go. His face falls flat.
“Yes,” You say. “You came out of no where and people are questioning it. Maybe you’re more like a stranger.”
“I just want to be friends,” He says smiling widely then bites down on his bottom lip looking at your mouth. “I want friends and an alpha. Pack members. A family. What’s so wrong with that?”
“ You want to be friends? A pack member, to belong to this family? You seem to be off to a great start,” You lick your lips and shake your head. “But how did you know Scott was an alpha. A lot of people pass through town wanting to kill Scott McCall, but I’ll let you know right now that you’ll have to go through everyone last one of us in his pack before you ever get a chance to strike him down.”
“Why would I want to harm Scott?” His voice goes smooth. “Don’t you remember that I helped him against that large creature? I don’t want to hurt him.”
“I didn’t forget.” You say locking eyes with him.
“Then give me a chance.”
“(y/n!) you hear Liam’s voice out in the distance.
“I’ll keep my eye on you Theo.” You say starting to walk away from him.
“I’m sure you’ll enjoy that, but does that mean I can keep my eye on you?”
“By the way you looked kind of cute trying to scare me away earlier.” Theo chuckled again.
“It worked didn’t it?” You say breaking off into a sprint.
You run until you find Liam in the School parking lot with Mason. Mason’s eyes were wide open still amazed at the information he had just learned.
“Were you able to find the wolf?” Liam asks.
“I did, but then it ran off before I had the chance to corner it!” You say. “Let’s go home.”
Before getting into your car you look off into the distance to see Theo standing at the edge of the forest smiling. You felt your stomach flip with a mixture of thrill and uneasiness. Should keep Theo’s secret. Should you tell Liam who you actually saw in the woods? Tell Scott? Sure as heck wouldn’t tell Stiles because then there would be no chance given then!

Someone Like You

Part 6

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Hannah has agreed to meet Grace at a park close to their house. She smiles as she watches Grace walk through the endless winding pathways, marveling at the artwork.

“The sculptures though, how come you’ve never mentioned this place before?” Grace asked, absolutely captivated by the latest sculpture.

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