goose geese

so you know how one is a goose and two are geese, and the funny guy in the room always says ‘well then two moose is meese’, well why not keep going

the singular of sheep is shoop 


Hunting geese with a Finnish goshawk over the winter in Nevada. She didn’t want to hold on to any this day (I don’t blame her!) but she pulled feathers off of one! She committed and caught one the following day but unfortunately I wasn’t there to see it. The chases were still amazing though! When the bird decides to hold on to one, the falconer needs to get there right away to help the hawk or the fight can get dangerous. Geese are extremely strong and the other flock members will come down to attack the hawk if the falconer isn’t right there. It’s as hardcore as it gets!

Goddamned Canada Goose
Thanks a lot, Canada. These fuckers are considered a pest species. Why? Probably the noise, droppings, aggressive behavior, and habit of begging for food in urban parks. Oh, and then there is the incessant honking, and their long, stupid necks… Basically, everything about these birds makes you want to choke them. 

Goose Tip: Feeding the geese at the park? Be aware that they can become overly aggressive in large groups. If you have to fight, don’t let them surround you– keep moving and try to take them on individually or in small groups.