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some days my magick is peppermint. some days my magick is sharp and polished. some days my magick is neat deliberate cursive handwriting with my best black pens. some days my magic is precision, a spell like a needle, a sharp force of mending and order

some days my magick is cinnamon . some days my magick is warm and spiced. some days my magick is a hot drink between your palms, and a rosiness in your cheeks. some days my magick brings blood to cold fingers. some days my magic is taurean, some days my magick celebrates the pleasures of the hearth

some days my magick is lavender. some days my magick is hazey and gauzy. some days my magick intoxicates people into drowsiness, lulls them with the sound of distant wind chimes and nudges them to come to rest with me here in this world i’ve made of goose down

some days my magic is sandalwood. some days my magick is dark purple and glittering. some days my magick sounds like dust being blown off the top of an old book; some days my magick has the texture of a wink. some days my magick, coyly promises, but never reveals such wonders


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Entry 691

January 10th, 2017

I met Natalie exactly one year ago today. One year. The first four months were turbulent, the next four were purgatorial, the last were pure bliss. And then it was over. Just like that she went off to a school on the other side of the country. It never satisfied me when she said she always wanted to move to California. I still wonder why she left…god I only knew Natalie for a year.

You never think in these terms though. You never meet someone and say yeah, I’ll know you for about three months. Well now I do. If I got one thing from Natalie it was the ability to size someone up right there on the spot and put a date on the whole thing.

When we met she gave us 345 days. Not a day more or less, and wouldn’t tell me how she knew when I pressed her on the matter. She always knew she would be leaving. If it counts for anything I always thought the coincidence of the string of numbers was beautiful.

Pal-entine’s Day!

Hey friends.  I want you to know how much I love you.  All of you.  Yes, you too, stop acting surprised, you silly goose.  Valentine’s Day is coming up and I want you to get a specially made Valentine in the mail, made special, from me to you.

No, I don’t care if we know each other.  No, I don’t care where in the world you are.  No, I don’t care if you send me one back.  No, I will not share your biz with the world.  Send me your first and last name and address in a message or an ask and I will put you on my Valentine’s list because you’re my boo.  This is not a drill.  Stop crying.

I love you.

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rosali proposal/wedding/anything?

why won’t rose let alisha make her an honest woman :(

Alisha raced down the halls of her mansion in quite the tizzy. Her meeting with Rolance officials had run over, which was certainly not a rare occurrence, but it had run so far over that she was dreadfully late for her own bridal fitting. She could not bear so be so rude to her tailors, despite their assurances that it was no trouble.

Because Alisha knew, indeed, that it was much trouble when she was not around to act as the lightning rod for her beloved, beautiful, and blisteringly frustrating fiancée’s antics.

She burst into the room to find said fiancée absent. She scanned the room for clues – had Rose faked her own kidnapping again to get out of dress fittings? She’d led Alisha on a wild goose chase for three days last time. If Alisha had to best her in hand-to-hand combat to win her cooperation in wedding planning, so be it. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time. This week.

She finally spotted a royal tailor at the window, gazing up and out of the open pane in despair. The tailor wielded the officially-sanctioned Rose Poking Broom in one hand – approved for the purposes of swatting Rose down from whatever she’d climbed up that day.

“Which way?” Alisha asked the tailor.

“Up the gutters, and then across the rooftops,” the tailor said, brokenly. “I…I tried to fit her for a corset.”

Gracious. Alisha quietly applauded the tailor’s bravery, and took a brief moment to fantasize about the prospect. Rose’s waist was already quite slim, and her breasts, well, they were already magnificent to behold. And the idea of a corset arranging them to be beheld all the more…but alas, there was no time for such base thoughts! Alisha coughed and briefly fanned herself to rid the redness from her cheeks. Her bride had fled across the city, and it was up to her to bring her back to her senses so they could have this wedding and Alisha could finally make her an honest woman.

Alisha gathered her Rose hunting gear at lightning speed and flew to the door. Her reinforced, knife-resistant, flame-resistant net fluttered behind her as she hit the streets. Knights saluted her as she passed, and helpfully pointed in the path of Rose’s flight across town.

Alisha’s chase led her to Ladylake Sanctuary. Perhaps the Lady Lailah was in, and could provide clues to the whereabouts of her charge.

What Alisha found instead was a battle arena. Candles lit the hall, and Rose sat at the center, cross-legged, head bowed. The Lady Lailah was indeed in, and was providing mood music by way of a tambourine. She swayed back and forth, smiling, shaking the tambourine without a care in the world. Alisha imagined Rose had asked her for something a little more intimidating.

“So,” Rose intoned, dramatically. Lailah shook the tambourine eagerly. Rose shot her a look. “–So. We finally meet.”

Alisha carefully circled the arena, sizing up Rose’s conviction. She would have Rose in her bridal best if it was the last thing she did, but if she wasn’t careful, it could possibly be.

“My apologies,” Alisha said, airily. “I was meeting with Rolance merchant officials to discuss trading plans.”

A lie – but a working one. Rose’s eyes narrowed. Alisha continued to circle.

“They spoke of the crop yields for the Pendrago region this year, and put forth estimates for trade – the crops’ yield is still weak, so Ladylake will be offering aid and helping to subsidize prices–”


Alisha flung out the officially-sanctioned Rose Capture Net, for which Rose was no match. She contorted herself in rage as Alisha dragged her catch out of the sanctuary.


Lailah shook her tambourine jovially, waving goodbye to Alisha with it.

“Can you guys get out of my house,” Uno asked from the head of the stairs.


Ladybird, ladybird pt. 2

Ladybug and Chat Noir seems to have a handle on things, but Mother Goose hasn’t finished that verse yet…. 

pt. 1
update: pt.3/pt. 3.5/ pt. 4/ pt. 5


Watch this incredible video of a man leading a lost goose to water.

Why IS Farkle a goose?

In the game of Duck, Duck, Goose, the goose selects another player to chase her by picking a new goose.

In GM Rules, the kids in Rileytown played Duck, Duck, Goose. Riley never picked a goose.

In GM Legacy, Farkle “is” a goose. “Why is Farkle a goose?” is the FIRST THING Cory says after announcing the lesson.

I mean I’m not SAYIN’. But I’m just sayin’. They went to the trouble of getting a goose for the day, I doubt it was just for a throwaway gag.