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Dionysos Playlist

The thing no one asked for!  I often feel him through music, so here is a playlist of the songs I associate with Dionysos.  

The Temptress // Alesana

Velvet // Breathe Carolina

The Chemicals Between Us // Bush

Elder Goose // Dance Gavin Dance

Zydrate Anatomy // Repo! The Genetic Opera Soundtrack

Requiem of the Drunk // The Dirty Youth

Young Blood Spills Tonight // Eyes Set to Kill

Gone With The Sin // HIM

Crossing The River Styx // I Am Ghost

Natural Born Sinner // In This Moment

7 AM, 2 Bottles and The Wrong Road // Jonny Craig

Muther // Letlive

Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off // Panic! At the Disco

Wonderless //  Pierce The Veil

Gasoline // Seether

Cocaine (We’re All Going To Hell) // Strata

Let It Die (feat. KazMega) // TheFlashJam

A Gilded Masquerade // Alesana

Happy listening!

Wish Upon A Star

Dean lay sprawled across the bonnet of the Impala, the chill night air causing goose bumps to dance across his skin. His brawny arms were tucked behind his head, causing the bottom of his shirt to rise and reveal a portion of smooth, tan skin. His gaze was locked on the multitude of bright beacons shining above, his eyes sparkling in the starlight. Dean had always admired the night sky, and often frequented the bonnet of his car after a day’s hunting with Sammy. Tonight was no different. The inky darkness was permeated with pinpricks of light, twinkling here and there as he looked up. A light, cool breeze shifted his hair and brought with it the pine scent of the woodlands behind him. Once again he had lasted throughout the day. He had survived to see the glittering dark blanket above him. Whilst the stars offered him some form of comfort, Dean longed for someone to share their beauty with, someone to get lost in their magnificence with.

“Hello Dean.” Cas. Dean swiftly sat up, an uncontrollable smile breaking out across his face. Castiel had appeared close to the side of the Impala, his blue eyes piercing through the darkness and his sandy trench coat rippling gently in the nights whispering breath. “How are you Dean? I hope I’m not interrupting you.” Cas asked in his low, gruff voice.

“No Cas, you’re fine. I was just admiring the view. Is everything ok?” Dean inquired.

Cas ignored Deans question, instead moving around the front of the Impala to stand next to him. Dean felt his heart rate quicken and begin to flutter in his chest. Castiel had never fully grasped the concept of personal space, something that Dean was silently thankful for.  Dean followed Cas’ gaze back up towards the sky. “They’re beautiful.” Cas murmured under his breath, as hypnotized by the starlight as Dean. Dean ached to tell Cas how he found his beauty greater than all of the stars put together. But he hesitated, denying himself the opportunity yet again to tell Cas how much…STOP. Castiel was an angel of the Lord. Dean was a broken and damaged shell of a hunter, unworthy of such a pure and beautiful soul. Cas deserved better, more than Dean could ever give him. Every time Dean thought this, he felt a stabbing pain in his heart, yet he knew the truth. He couldn’t allow himself to love Castiel. He just couldn’t.

 Castiel turned his head to face Dean, tilting it to the side. “There are times when I feel like the stars you know,” Cas exclaimed spontaneously.

Dean went along with the tangent. “Why’s that then? Silent and broody like you, is that it? Or do they remind you of your camp sparkly side? Heheh.” From Cas’ face, Dean could tell that this was a serious moment, but he knew that without a joke he would be vulnerable and exposed.

Nevertheless, the smirk disappeared from Dean’s face, and his eyes locked with Castiel’s. “They are so close to each other, yet unable to touch.” Castiel continued, unphased by Dean’s digression. His icy blue eyes seem to cut through to Dean’s very core, decimating his protective wall and reducing it to dust.

 Cas raised his hand up and let it hover closely to the side of Dean’s cheek, causing the hair on the back of Dean’s neck to stand on end and his heart rate to increase further. The static in the air faded out as quickly as it arrived, Cas withdrawing his hand and letting it drop limply back to his side.  “Dean…” Cas hesitated, unsure whether to continue, “…Dean, I can’t do this anymore. I just can’t. How I feel…Dean… I…” Cas trailed off. Dean frowned and slid off the bonnet, standing up next to Castiel and placing a hand on his shoulder. A shock of electricity ran up Dean’s arm and throughout his whole body. “Cas, what’s wrong? You’re worrying me man.” Cas looked into Dean’s eyes, his own deep with an intense longing that Dean had never seen in anyone before. “I’m fed up of pretending Dean. Pretending that every time you say we’re family my heart doesn’t feel like it’s imploding. Pretending that these feelings of tenderness I have when I look at you aren’t real. Pretending that you aren’t my everything…” He trailed off. Dean felt tears well in his eyes and his heart soar.  

 Cas was still staring at Dean, staring into his very soul. Dean raised his own hand and cupped Cas’ cheek, warm and rough beneath his palm. “You have always been more than a brother to me Cas. You keep me together man, you always have. You don’t know how many times I’ve wanted to say something, how many times I’ve wanted to reach out and take you into my arms and never let go.  You are my moon and stars. You light up my life Cas, you light up the darkness.” Dean’s voice cracked at the last sentence, tears streaming down both of their faces. Cas’ features had softened and his blue eyes shone like gleaming beacons, leading Dean home.

 Dean pulled Cas’ head towards his own until their foreheads were pressed together. The spark that Dean felt from the contact was almost too intense to bare, but it was impossible to pull away. Cas pulled Dean into an embrace that he had been longing for since the moment he had first laid eyes on his angel. One of Cas’ hands gently stroked Dean’s face, the other arm was around his waist, pulling their bodies closer together. Dean, in turn, placed his other hand on Cas’ collar, yearning to hold him so close and tight. Their lips were so near, their breath dancing together in the night air. 

“I love you, Dean.” Cas’ gruff voice was shaky, the most beautiful sound. “I love you too Cas.” Dean’s lips connected with Cas’ and a feeling of the purest serenity and peace washed over him. At this point, Dean knew exactly what Heaven felt like. That feeling of being complete. Of feeling safe. That elation. Cas’ chapped lips were gentle, fitting Deans perfectly. Cas became more urgent, his hand moving to run through Dean’s hair. Dean parted his lips, welcoming Cas’ warmth into his mouth, feeling Castiel’s tongue run playfully along his bottom lip. Their tongues touched blissfully, the heat of their breath becoming one. Cas kissed Dean with such a fierceness that Dean pulled back, panting, taking in a large lungful of air. Cas gave him a smile so pure, so perfect that Dean wished he could preserve it forever.

 At that precise moment, a blazing star shot above them in the sky.“Shooting star. Make a wish.” Dean said to Cas.

“I don’t have to Dean. In my eyes, you’re perfect. You must be my shooting star because you’re everything I ever wanted. You’re everything I’ll ever need. And I love you more than all of the stars in the sky combined.” Their gazes met and that’s when Dean saw it in Cas’ eyes. His own beautiful constellation. His own forever.


The Happiest Duck in the World. (by PacoKart9000)