goose bumps



the bumps on a person’s skin at the base of body hairs which may involuntarily develop when a person is cold or experiences strong emotions such as fear, nostalgia, pleasure, euphoria, awe, admiration and sexual arousal; also known as goose bumps, goose pimples or goose flesh.

Etymology: from Latin cutis, “skin” + anserina, “of the goose”, from anser, “goose”.

[Teo Zirinis]

Okay so what I am getting is that the Hiccup from the movie is all three Hiccups from the books. 

H.H.H The First was the first to ride a dragon and end the dragon war

H.H.H The Second’s father thought he betrayed him

And H.H.H The Third defeated the Green Death (with Toothless)

Hiccup even almost lost his left foot when he got pulled down into the sand in How to Seize a Dragon’s Jewel!

I get goose bumps just thinking about it! ^.^

Access Your Inner Guru through the Subtle Energy Body 

Have you ever had “goose bumps” when something out of the ordinary occurs? Do you sometimes just know who is calling on the phone before answering? Your subtle energy body is giving you a message when these happenstances occur.
These experiences and many others are really not out of the ordinary. Perhaps they catch us off guard, but really, they are simply part of our energetic field that is picking up information from the universal energy field.
The subtle energy body is the energy field that surrounds the physical body. It is sometimes been referred to as the aura, the bio field, or the etheric field. This is the bridge between the energy “out there” and our own energy field. We are affected daily by electromagnetic fields as well as other fields of energy whether we know it or not. We are affected both somatically as well as psychically. We do not know when radio waves are passing through our space, yet we know they are there and can be received with the correct antennae. The same is true with energy. We can become in tune or attuned to energy and how it affects us through the fine tuning of our physical apparatuses called the chakras which are an integral system within the subtle energy body (SEB).
The SEB is like an energetic bridge that lives between the physical body and the Soul Self. It has many layers, or levels which include different bands or fields of energy vibrating at different Hertz which are cycles of vibration. Think of a piano with its different keys, each holds a different sound or vibration. Like the magnetic fields in and around the earth, we are not aware of them, until we find some way to become aware of them. This is true for the universal energy field with all of its multi-dimensions as well. Each dimension, like the layers in your subtle energy body, has its own “tone” or vibratory rate. Just as there are different intersecting levels of the universal energy field, there are different intersecting layers around the physical body. These layers around the physical body (there are at least seven energetic levels) are what the subtle energy body (SEB) are made of. The ability to access information ~ bring soul awareness~ through your subtle energy body is an ancient teaching found in many esoteric schools.
Inner Sensory Perception
Inner sensory perception, or ISP, is the one of the gifts of clearing the SEB. People who do yoga, or consciously clear the subtle energy body through chakra work and other means will find that their so called psychic ability gets turned up several notches. This is because the SEB becomes a clear channel to receive knowledge and information from the universal energy field which I call the Mystic Realms. The ability to give and receive information through a clear “processor” is your inner sensory perception (ISP) at work. Once you learn the way to keep your SEB clear, you will be able to access all the spiritual realms for healing, asking questions and discerning your soul’s purpose.
The Mystic Realms
I often think of the story of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, when I imagine the universal energy field. Entering the different realms is like entering a closet and coming out in another realm. Like the SEB, the mystic realms are fields of energy that lives around all things. They exist at levels of vibratory rates and have vibratory signatures that distinguish each level from the other. I talk about five realms in Gifts of the Soul: the elemental, the physical, the astral, the imaginal and the cosmic realm. We are very aware of one of them in our everyday lives; the physical realm. But there are energetic fields that are invisible and have their own vibratory signature that we can also become aware of and access for guidance and help. These realms are realms, within which your ancestors reside, or your spiritual teachers, and other sentient beings which are within a shift of consciousness away. Shamen have traveled to these worlds for thousands of years for help and healing. Yogis and Swamis of the East know the secrets to gaining this kind of help for healing and information. You can know how as well. It is a matter of clearing and balancing your energetic system, known as the subtle body.
This is why I am such an advocate of balancing, clearing and healing your personal energy field. You can “upgrade” your awareness of self and the universal energy field through personal work, chakra clearing and balancing and other body work methods. This work implies clearing the energy body (the bio-field) of the sludge that accumulates in the field from emotional issues and thougthforms hanging around you like a cloud of dust. Another way energy becomes blocked and is through trauma. Trauma lives in your energy field as cellular memory which can be from past lives or current life. Sometimes these are soul contracts, beliefs that you made when you died last. It can be emotional wounds from trauma to your body, such as illness, emotional hardships and other life traumas that lie buried in the unconscious found in the SEB. Accessing these energetic blocks and releasing them are key to clearing your SEB, a living antennae for knowing, for soul awareness and for healing.
As you do this work with your subtle energy body, you will notice an affect at all levels; physical, emotional and spiritual. As a result, you then become energetically “whole” and you are able to access spiritual help from the elemental, the astral, and the imaginal and cosmic realms. Want to hear your spiritual team talk to you, or give you images as messages? No problem. I teach you this and other valuable tools in my book, Gifts of the Soul. I also give you many exercises to practice to clear the subtle energy body, develop ISP, and gain help from the Mystic Realms so you can become your own inner spiritual guru!

The Subtle Energy Body: (Excerpt from “Gifts of the Soul”)

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Goosebumps & The Energy Body

Being close to her made my body ache. Not the sore muscles kind of aching, but the kind where, the very core of your being aches to crawl closer to her skin. That kind of aching.