goop on the girl

Sometimes I laugh when I think about S2 Hook being handcuffed to his hospital bed and somehow escaping. he was prolly thinking Waheey!Freedom!!^^!! everything’s coming up Killian Jones! Must get back to my nefarious plots….Um What’s this platter of blue wobbly slop? And he has every opportunity to sneak out and do his villain thing but NoPE. Gotta seek out the intriguing Swan girl to ask her about this ungodly goop, maybe flirt a little, let her check out my shapely calves, and yah, perhaps she’ll chain me back up again but you know #WORTH IT.

September 2017 - Master List

Here’s our Master List of fanworks created for the second round of the Gift Exchange.


A Heart To Come Home To by @ladyseasauvageofhousesantorini rated T (read on AO3 here)

A Rose on Any Other Day by @geekprincess26 rated M (read on AO3 here)

Bound Souls by @amymel86​ rated M (read on AO3 here)

Cabin Mishap by @jonsasnow rated M (read on AO3 here)

dreams of fire by @manbunjon rated E

Frankly my dear… You know the rest by @aknightfornawt rated M (read on AO3 here)

Lich King by @glubefics rated E (read on AO3 here)

Love Letters by @bex-xo​ rated M (read on AO3 here)

stay with me to remember by @alittlestardustcaught rated E (read on AO3 here)

Take Me Home, Country Roads by @theonbaejoys​ rated M (read on AO3 here)

the god’s have fashioned us for love by @deathsweetqueen rated E (read on AO3 here)

This One’s For You by @allisonswan​ rated T (read on AO3 here)

Unnamed Fic by @cerseilanniser rated T

Fic and Art

First Home Edit & Fic by @lydiia-martins rated G

I’ll Keep Whistling for the Hills We Know by @mon-blanchetts rated T

Marriage Proposal Edit by @lydiia-martins

Milestone by @redwolf1283 Rated G

Oops I Did It Again by @the-eagle-girl rated M

Fan Art

Breakfast Club AU Edit by @sardoniyx

First Baby Boy Edit by @starkroqers

Marriage Ceremony Edit by @baelerion

Thank you so much once again to everyone that took part. We hope you’ll join us again for round three, so please make sure you’re following us to be kept in the loop for December signup dates.


Sarah, Hannah & Julia