to be honest i’ll be always surprised that really cool ppl are following me and i’ll never understand what exactly did they like in my blog or even me

usually its because my art, BUT YOU KNOW I -even though this gonna be sound really silly- PUT MY SOUL

and seeing people liking my text post, dump comics, adding reblogs with nice tags makes me go DO THEY ACTUALLY LIKE MY STUFF
THEY THINK THAT’S OK?? AND THEY LIKE IT?? but im lame what what does this meannnn. 

because i always think that people staying here bc they think im hilarious and they’re making fun of me ( i mean, they do not, but they find me funny-lame)

but the reality usually proves otherwise so

thank you all for all your reblogs, asks, likes, nice tags in reblogs and just knowing that here am i, doing some art with gays
im feeling being accepted this way, that i don’t look like a weirdo for some people, because i, well, blog in pretty strange way, just like a kid, and i was always told that’s stupid and lame (yeah showing positive emotions is lame wow)

so thank you once more! you all are so cool, really, im so glad you all exist, that really makes me happy!

OK, so I got like six hundred words written, exhaustion is creeping over me. I think I will sleep. At least I don’t have to work until 8:30 tomorrow, and not 6:00 like the past two days. I don’t think I could do that another day in a row. Well I could, if I would just go to be at a sane hour like normal fucking people, but I don’t, so there’s that.