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ok imagine when inigo said all this, henry is stunned coz he can see a small part of himself in his son. henry can empathize n understand the reason his child did such a thing. going thru hell while masking a smile?? never showing how he really feels?? basically covering up his misery with a laugh?? all that hell hes been thru. and now hes looking right at it again once he knows his son is facing tht sort of hell like he did. n the worse part here is henry didnt realize it at first until inigo burst it out. imagine the mans heartbreak. imagine his self-disappointment n sorrow. imagine me crying on the floor

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Ok if you're doing this night .... imagine having or trying to have sex lol and your child interrupting the moment lmao. My biggest fear when I have kids one day


It’s the first time in a while that you’ve had to finally get intimate with Harry. You’re making out, undressing one another, but trying desperately to stay quiet so you don’t wake up your four year old son.

You’ve just started, and he’s kissing your neck. You’re getting a bit lost in pleasure and let out an accidental loud moan, but Harry quickly silences you with a kiss.

Minutes pass, and you’re so content, moaning into one another’s mouths to keep quiet, when suddenly…..


You scream and scramble for the sheets while Harry rolls off of you. He sits up, helping you cover yourself up. “Heyyyy bud,” he says through an awkward giggle.“

“Are you hurting mommy?”

You’re flustered and uncomfortable and your son is looking at you like he’s so terrified. “Nooo, no,” you say quickly. “Daddy wasn’t hurting me!”

“But you made a noise like you were being hurt!” Your son insists. He steps closer to the bed and you instinctively pull the covers up higher.

“No, mummy was just having a bad dream,” Harry says quickly. “I was helping her.”

“Why were you on top of her?” You sigh because of how much your son is like his father, always asking questions. Ever so persistent.

“I was cuddling her.” Harry doesn’t miss a beat in his answer, and you’re thankful for that. “Trying to make her feel better.”

Your son hesitates, not quite sure if he buys the story until you flash him a big smile. “Listen buddy,” you say slowly. “Why don’t you go get back in bed, hm? Daddy will come in in a bit and tuck you back in, okay?”

Your son squints in the dim lighting. “Mommy…. are you… wearing a shirt?”

Harry sighs, shimmying to try and get his boxers back on under the covers. “Yes, bug, mumma’s wearing a shirt.” Harry gently slides out of bed and pulls his boxers up completely on the way. “Cmon, we’re gonna go back to sleep okay?”

He trudges over and takes your son’s hand to lead him back to his bedroom, but your son gives you one last long, hard look. “Are you SURE you’re okay mommy?”

You nod, smiling a bit. “Absolutely, love. Go back to sleep.”

He sighs, allowing Harry to lead him out of the room. “Okay, mommy, but no more bad dreams, okay?”

Press Record (Dino/Chan and S.Coups/Seungcheol Threesome - Submitted)

(Admin note: this is a fucking masterpiece. this is true art. i don’t know what else to say about this. warning for smut and gayness. be cautious and don’t read if you don’t like that kind of stuff, but if you do, hellz yeah bebes strap in you are in for a gooood time. also, big high five to nali for finding the picture for me, which i originally forgot to put there oops. -Tanisha<3)

Athour: chancoups (death) anon

Summary: Chan and Coups were involved. That was easier to see than a bright flashing arrow pointing to a sleazy motel. No, the thing that was difficult to figure out was how you got here - holding a phone in your shaking hand and seeing them going at it through the camera’s view. Smut.

At first, the unusual bond between the two boys went unnoticed. Seungcheol started to drift away from Jeonghan and Jihoon, Chan started to drift away from Hansol & Seungkwan, and somehow the maknae and the eldest drifted together.

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You want to change things? You’re gonna have to go out there and change them yourself, because there are no fairy godmothers in this world.

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The only okay form of eddsworld/ellsworld is eddsworld boys dating other eddsworld boys and ellsworld girls dating other ellsworld girls and they meet up for double dates at ice cream shoppes and have a gooood time

hmmmm ,’:-)