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territhium-under-takers  asked:

I have a 2 part question that I NEED someone to answer. I'll do one now and the other in a separate ask. What are their ringtones for one another, do they have customized ones or is it just default ones that come with their phone?

AWH YE LET’S DO THIS (This is Admin Copy here btw)
They’re all shit that they probably pirated off of YouTube, but here’s what I think they’d be!


  • Tamaki - Jelf the Elf (DEX version)
  • Hikaru - Jelf the Elf (Hatsune Miku version)
  • Kaoru - Candy Store (Heathers the musical)
  • Kyouya - Talk Nerdy to Me
  • Honey - Lollipop (MIKA)
  • Mori - Tall People Problems song


  • Haruhi - I Would Walk 500 Miles (The Proclaimers)
  • Hikaru - Never Gonna Give You Up (Rick Astley)
  • Kaoru - Guns ‘n Ships (Lafayette from Hamilton: An American Musical)
  • Kyouya - Supermom (VirginiaLynn)
  • Honey - Anaconda (Nicki Minaj) (Note: Hikaru set this one, not Tamaki)
  • Mori - Tall People Problems song


  • Haruhi - A boyfriend parody of Girlfriend (Avril Lavigne)
  • Tamaki - Never Gonna Give You Up (Rick Astley)
  • Kaoru - Shooting Stars (Bag Raiders)
  • Kyouya - Sandstorm (Darude)
  • Honey - Jelf the Elf screaming for 10 hours
  • Mori - Tall People Problems song


  • Haruhi - She’s Got That P-E-N-I-S (Ray Jessel, America’s Got Talent audition)
  • Tamaki - King for a Day (Pierce the Veil ft. Kellin Quinn)
  • Hikaru - If You Were Gay, na na na na na na na, That’d Be Okay, na na na na na na na… (like, the whole goddamn song. He’s convinced that Hikaru is gay, wHEN IN REALITY… *YGOTAS Marik Ishtar voice* H E I S T H E G A Y O N E )
  • Kyouya - Talk Nerdy to Me
  • Honey - You Are My Senpai
  • Mori - Shut Up and Sleep With Me (Sin With Sebastian)


  • Haruhi - gross beeping
  • Tamaki - Mouth from The Goonies screaming “J E R K    A L E R T”
  • Hikaru - a goat screaming
  • Kaoru - Michael Bay exploding sound effects
  • Honey - Childish screaming
  • Mori - Slenderman static


  • Haruhi - The Golden Girls’ theme
  • Tamaki - (incoherently screaming guy)
  • Hikaru - Chump (Green Day)
  • Kaoru - Someone screaming gay for 10 seconds straight, on repeat
  • Kyouya - Ham from the Sandlot screaming “YOU PLAY BALL LIKE A GIRL!!”
  • Mori - (alarms blaring)


  • Haruhi - The Tweet ringtone from an iPhone on repeat
  • Tamaki - You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch line on repeat
  • Hikaru - (relentless screaming)
  • Kaoru - (girly relentless screaming)
  • Kyouya - Stewie from Family Guy going “mom mom mommy mommy mom mom mom mama mama mama lois lois lois etc.” on repeat
  • Honey - (alarms blaring)

80s Movies Kids (private commission).

This piece was a huge amount of fun to create (although as I’ll go on to explain, not without its challenges!). When the client first suggested that they were interested in a piece featuring The Goonies, the kids from Joe Dante’s Explorers, as well as Corey Haim (circa License to Drive) and Michael J Fox, I started to figure out how best to get all those characters to work in a dynamic collage.

It then became clear that the client actually wanted all the characters to be in a single scene, all walking together down a typical suburban American street. A very cool idea no doubt, but as you can imagine this increased the complexity quite a bit. Lots more research was needed up front before I could even get started, getting a handle on the relative heights of characters, finding reference of them looking in a certain direction so they could be ‘talking’ to each other and so on.

Still, detail by subtle detail it gradually came together, and the artwork will soon be framed in the (very happy) client’s home.