goonie j

LETS GOOOOOO!!!!! And just like that, it’s GAME OVER. I’m back. I’ve been quiet long enough, working in the background, and now I won’t stop until I’m underground in an all gold casket. Everything’s about to change. GOONIE BACK. Whoever thought I was done was foolish. Nothing but money and success coming my way. The top spot isn’t even good enough for me anymore, I’m taking shit 2 a new level. DROPPING NEXT MONDAY “The Zero” produced by @ThatsIkonMusic …….lol maaaaaaaan it feels great to finally break the silence. Been holding this in for too long.

The day is finally here, no words can express how good it feels to be back in the game. Its been 2 years since i last dropped something, and those closest to me know the wild ass ride I’ve been thru in these last two years. Now I’m finally back and ready to to represent my city, family, friends and inspire as many as i can. Im here to make music that i like and share it with those who’ll appreciate the art of it just as much. Wont be long now til I’m where i deserve to be. Love me, or hate me, real recognize real. Thank you, and enjoy. The ZERO
Produced By Ikon
Mixed and Mastered by Ethan Fang

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