Has the world turned upside down? Rio hailing Terry? Are the media actually on our side for once in a lifetime against the epically failed Arsenal fans attempt to make it seem like we’re not worthy of the league? All the managers and stars calling their stupid fans out, and making them look like the dimwits that they are has just been brilliant for football. “only pathetic people who know nothing about football” so the majority of their fans then? Nice one, from a not so secret but supposed to be a secret because he’s a commentator, Manchester United ex player, fan - Gary Neville.

The criticism of Arsenal fans’ chants by former premier league stars/managers has been brilliant. Another goonette plan epically backfired.

Even Koeman says Chelsea are not boring and rivals should look at their own failings (basically fuck off). He is what another out of an endless list of football stars/ managers (Neville - blasting Chelsea’s rivals Utd, City and Arsenal for their pathetic attempt at challenging them, Lawro, Garry Monk - “They have been unbelievable and Chelsea are probably the perfect example of how to win games in different ways.”) who have basically told those dumb pricks where to shove their boring boring Chelsea. 

Fantastic response by famous people/ basically everyone who actually has knowledge of football against the arsenal fans’ FAILED attempt to start another media hate campaign against Chelsea. Epically backfired, and makes them look like the bitter assholes that they are. Even their legend Thierry Henry says their team isn’t good enough and would bring in people for Giroud and Ozil.

Whilst our defenders carry on scoring more goals this season than the likes of Falcao, Dzeko, Balotelli, you guys have fun carry on typing and writing “boring boring chelsea” and looking like a fool in doing so because that’s all you can do whilst we party when we win the league