Arsenal Whatsapp groupchat.

Since more people seemed excited about the idea of making a group chat for Arsenal fans I decided to make one on Whatsapp because it means that anyone can join no matter what phone they have.

If you want to join please send me your number with your land code in a message and I’ll add you to the chat. Of course we can have a chat first before you give out your number if the idea scares you a bit. We don’t have to have ever spoken or even be mutuals if you want to be added, all that matters is that you love football and Arsenal and we can all get to know each other.

I really just wanted to create a place where gooners could talk together and support each other during matches and because people seemed excited I decided to put the idea through.

While all the madridistas are debating on the topic “Who is better: Isco or James?”, I just want to see this guy at Real Madrid again :(

Materials of the drawing: colored pencils, dark blue paper.