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Summary: After a lead on the location of a secret Hydra base turns belly up, Peggy and Daniel seek refuge in an old hunting cabin during a snowstorm to tend to the wounds Daniel has sustained.

A/N: A ridiculous amount of tropes here from hiding-out to snowed-in to hurt/comfort to huddling for warmth. I’m shameless garbage and regret nothing. This is my first attempt at writing these two goons, so I hope it works. Hints of canon plots, but mostly complete divergence. Enjoy!

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She was well acquainted with the sight of blood; you couldn’t survive a World War without becoming so. She’d been stitched up more times than she could count, had sacrificed far too many perfectly lovely dresses to the ghastly red stains the stuff left behind.

But this time, it wasn’t her blood. And she was the one doing the stitching. 

“Careful there, Florence Nightingale,” Sousa’s head twisted to the side, looking over his shoulder and catching her eye as she crouched behind him. The bullet had gone through clean enough, which was a relief, but he had lost a fair amount of blood in the process.

“Oh come now, you’re made of sterner stuff,” she teased, working to keep her voice light as she dressed the wound. He would need stitches if they – when they – got out of this mess. She just hoped the bandage would hold until then. He was shivering, and she wasn’t sure if it was from blood loss or the cold. Not that either boded particularly well. She could tell he was trying to control it, trying and failing miserably, and worry started pooling heavy in her gut. Her fingers grazed the edge of the makeshift bandage as she tied it off – the white silk of her slip contrasting starkly against the dusky gold of his skin.

This would not do.

She would have Thompson’s arse for sending them up into the mountains on such a wild goose chase of a mission, especially since she was quite sure it was all an attempt to distract her from prying into his continued secretive business with the War Department. The sneak.

Standing, she began rummaging around the small hunting cabin for anything that could provide warmth. It had been a godsend to stumble across the shelter as they fled from the spray of Hydra bullets, one of which had unfortunately found its way into Daniel’s shoulder. But the temperature was dropping quickly, and she has spent enough time in the field to know what snow smelled like as it blew in. The two small woolen blankets and old flannel jacket she found would provide a paltry defense at best against the cold seeping through the cracks in the walls. She looked back to where he sat on the dusty floor, shaking and rumpled and covered in blood, shirt hanging off one shoulder, and she knew what she needed to do. Without a second thought, she walked back to him, fingers plucking at the top button of her blouse.

“Daniel, I’m going to have to apologize, but I fear I’m going to need to get a little…forward.”

“What?” Confusion knitted his brows before they shot straight up in surprise when his eyes fell to where her fingers were continuing to undo her buttons. “Wait, what are you doing, Peggy?”

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Dream Team (P-Goon Fluff)

Anon requested: P-Goon fluff where you’re his girlfriend and you’re both filming Let’s Go Dream Team an you’re both on the same team and before filming starts you do a test run of the obstacle course and end up taking a bit of a nasty spill into the foam pit, but you try to play it off and continue filming, but after filming wraps up, he notices you limping and wants to take you to the doctors, but you still play it off even though you’re clearly in pain because you don’t want to worry him.

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Ah this is so adorable! And I’m sorry for the wait and that I didn’t know what Let’s Go Dream Team is. I hope you like it and I hope I do it right!

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You went to the set of “Let’s Go Dream Team”, one of your favorite variety shows to watch. You were excited because it would be the first public appearance after the announcement of your relationship with Park Sehyuk, known as P-Goon, Topp Dogg’s leader, and you were nervous. But the hand that squeezed yours reassuringly made you look at your lovely boyfriend and smile widely.

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Coco, Fox, Yatsuhashi, we haven't seen Cardin and his goons picking on Velvet for a while, did you guys do something to make him stop? (Asked by yoritomokenji)
  • Fox, signing:I have never seen anything.
  • Yatsuhashi, awkwardly laughs:Ah. Fox. Always such the joker yes? I have done nothing to Cardin or his team. Velvet has asked me to let her handle it. I put faith in Velvet.
  • Coco, obviously lying through her teeth:No. I did nothing. Don't ask me any questions like this ever again.
  • Ever.

comic book nerdery: over at the Comics Journal, I got some hockey-goon writing running between today and Friday – it’s a 4-part, novella-length month-by-month recap of 2015′s comics news, controversies, gossip, triumphs and embarrassments, with one intermission and endnotes.  It’s the Spectacufuck!  

No comment sections on the entries; notifications of responses to this blog have been turned off; the Ask Box is closed; and except for pre-loaded reminder posts on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (sorry), I’m on internet vacation until next week.  If you have any issues with anything I wrote, shout it into twitter, you chumps!  Byeeeeeeeeee

Beelzebub Characters to fight
  • Oga Tatsumi:Go ahead, try it. He'll kick your ass into next week.
  • Furuichi Takayuki:You can beat him up, but don't come crying when Oga hunts you down and beats your ass for hurting his best friend.
  • Hildegarde:DO YOU HAVE A DEATH WISH. You slap her on her left cheek, she'll hit your right, then left, then right, then left, then right, then a launcher, and while you're in the air, finish you off with a Wolverine's Weapon X Special Combo.
  • Baby Beel:Go ahead. Hilda will slaughter you until every last drop of blood has been drained if you make her Master cry.
  • Kunieda Aoi:Unless you can somehow catch her off guard, good luck in winning against her.
  • Kanzaki Hajime:Don't even bother. He'll bury you in the ground.
  • Himekawa Tatsuya:He'll have a hundred goons after you.
  • Toujou Hidetora:WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU.
  • The Red Tails:Yeah no.
  • Lamia:Don't underestimate her.
  • Lord En:Nope. Unless you want 394 demons (plus 3 demon wet nurses) after your blood.
  • The Pillar Squad:There will be nothing left of you.

anonymous asked:

Please, PLEASE, PLEEEEAAAAAASE write Peggysous forever. You are a treasure. A TREASURE, DAMMIT.

Well aren’t you just the sweetest lil scone. 

And as long as these two goons continue to own my fucking soul, I will probably continue to write garbage for them. I’m happy indeed to hear you liked it. 


They are killing meeeeeeeeeee. 


she may be a goon,
but her glo up tho.🔥🌞

bluewavelengths asked:

oh cool piccolo can totally help with some of bibidi's goons NEVERMIND HE JUST GOT TURNED TO STONE

To be fair, they had to make Piccolo and Krillin statues so the others would have motivation to save them.

“There’s only one way to change Oolong and Yajirobe back to normal! You will have to kill–”

“Actually we kind of like them better this way. I think we’re gonna let this one slide.”