goon to a goblin

the signs as obscure lil wayne lyrics
  • aries: i own the swagger supermarket and you, you just the bag boy
  • taurus: stand on my money, headbutt yao ming
  • gemini: compensation over conversation, lord i must got blurry vision a rapper’s got two faces!
  • cancer: okay you’re a goon, but what’s a goon to a goblin?
  • leo: met a female dragon, had a fire conversation
  • virgo: if you fake, put a egg in ya shoe and scramble
  • libra: she said “i’m glad you ate it” where my cap & gown?
  • scorpio: i’m 5’5” but i could 69
  • sagittarius: real g’s move in silence like lasagna
  • capricorn: parmesan my panino, promethazine over pinot
  • aquarius: i run louisiana, but i’ve never pulled a hammy
  • pisces: if this ain’t hip-hop, it must be knee-hop