“This is the ONLY 4-phosphorylated indole on this planet! On this planet. Now, if you were searching for extraterrestrial thumbprints on the biology of Earth, you would look for molecules that are unique - that don’t have near relatives spread through other lifeforms. In psilocybin we have a perfect example of this. It is the only 4-phosphorylated indole known to occur in nature!" 

donnie-and-doggo-doggies  asked:

Yeah I've been wanting to draw a bubba but never had enough inspiration to do so until I see your Bubbah

•w• aww

I’ve been inspired by “Sam and Cat”, and one of the characters is called “Goomer” in the show he’s a professional fighter, and he’s tall! Then, I thought of Frankstein’s monster, then Bubba came into mind.

Then, I wanted to draw a tall, buff, yet friendly, and electrifying Bubba. •>•