Name change! —>

This has been coming for a while now. I want to draw stuff outside of mlp and I’ve always felt that everything, including my pen name (because it’s the mod pony’s name), had been restricting the posts on this blog to only pony stuff. Don’t worry, I’ll still be posting mlp art. It’s just going to be mixed in with other art. Yes, I’ll tag everything so you can blacklist stuff as needed.

Anyway, I’ll start revamping the blog tomorrow.


You may recognize these guys from previous posts - Mega Mario Bros. has returned!  Well, they’ve just been updated. However,  I’m thinking of adding another guy to the lineup soon, so stay tuned.  Let me know if you want to see one in particular, I'm  open to requests!

.#1 - Goombot

#2 - Piranha Bot

#3 - Warhammer Bro

anonymous asked:

So does one call you Gloomy, Gooms, Goombot, or Goomydoodledoo from now on?

goOMYDOODLEDOO!!! OMG I LOVE IT!!! Any of those will work!