Apparently it’s Tucker Tuesday so have an edit of the best defense plea ever written for TV.

[Image: Bold white text overlaying a cap of Peter Capaldi as Malcolm Tucker.
“The exchange of private information, that is what drives our economy. But you come after me because you can’t arrest a landmass, you can’t cuff a country. But you decide that you can sit there, and you can judge, and you can ogle me like a page three girl. You don’t like it, well, you don’t like yourself. You don’t like your species, and you know what, neither do I. But how dare you come and lay this at my door, how dare you blame me for this, which is the result of a political class which has given up on morality and simply pursues popularity at all cost. I am you and you are me.”]

Willy looks at the (limited) edition of the front page of Sportbladet after Sweden won gold 2017. (if you don’t see it - it is the pic when Willy tackles Hank right after Hank blocks the last puck)

translation of the page Willy’s looking at: 

  • VM-guld = World Championship Gold (or rather “WC gold”)
  • Världsmästare 2017 = World Champions 2017

pic cred: Marcus Ericsson (a photographer at the newspaper sportbladet)

coming into ttoi fandom five years after s4 aired makes me feel like a historian trying to learn about some traumatic cultural event through primary sources and survivor interviews

me: dear [survivor’s name], thank you for having me. now, you were steeped in the ‘the thick of it’ fandom long before 2012, weren’t you?

survivor: yes, i came to it back in the days of the specials … when we still had jamie. he was the first to go, but none of us knew what that meant at the time. there was still nicola, after all; we all loved nicola.

me: nicola murray, a new addition in series three. she was quite popular, wasn’t she? she seemed on quite a good trajectory at the end of the 2009 series. how did you feel about her fate in 2012?

survivor: oh, dear god, it was horrible. just horrible. but it wasn’t the most horrible thing that happened in 2012 …

me: no. there was also the goolding inquiry, wasn’t there? would you tell me more about that?

survivor: yes–yes. the goolding inquiry. oh god– *bursts into tears*

me: *hands over a tissue* it’s okay. it’s all right. take all the time you need.

Crash Course aka. our saviours. 
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Anatomy & Physiology



Theory about why Petra acts so weird in season 2

Understanding Petra might be a little hard.

Honestly, when she apologized in Ep1 after choosing armour, I apologized too. I know the feeling of being neglected and I hate it so much. Quote: “I can’t even get my friends to spend time with me”, in Stellas treasure room, when you were late.

I mean, I told her: “That’s not fair - we all got lives!”, which is a fair excuse. But then again, it must’ve reminded her of not having a ‘thing’ - something, she can do and is happy with. Although I still wonder, why is that so hard for her? I mean, we’ve all seen her as the adventure type / fighter, right? Hasn’t that made her happy?

(This little essay is too long so I’ll cut it here)

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No Cardinal today, I’m posting these instead! ❤️

It was a wonderful day out and a fabulous play.
David Tennant is so full of energy, and the play is a ribald, bawdy, romp, happy, hilariously funny and profoundly sad all in one.
David has a wonderful soliloquy near the end which is so true, I wish I could post that too! (It echoed Malcolm’s speech at the Goolding Inquiry)

Wonderful stuff. 😊

Hope everyone has a great Sunday whatever you are doing! 😘

anonymous asked:

im a young emo, could you educate me

okay so you got like ur different emo eras here we go

old old emo - like late 80s to v early 90s these guys created emo so it’s a bit rough and stuff but u got like your fugazi ur rites of spring ur glassjaw it was v underground and it’s quite hardcore dont jump into this if ur used to twenty one pilots

older emo- so then you got like sunny day real estate who pretty much made the emo we know today and then  theres like later 90s emo like the promise ring, texas is the reason the jazz june and then in 1996 jimmy eat world release their 1st album and weezer release pinkerton which has emo undertones and they make emo well known

emos gets popular- so this is the bit that everyone knows about this is ur 2001-2004 emo so first you got like jimmy eat world with bleed american which was like the first really pop emo and the middle came out and everyone loved it and then you get your cursive and saves the day and brand new and stuff like that and mcr sneak onto the scene but they arent massive yet wait for it

the golden age of emo- mcr release three cheers for sweet revenge and the world goes insane for emo this is where you get like the used, taking back sunday hawthorne heights it’s amazing this is where the **emo kid** dressed in black and red with dyed hair and bangs comes in and they manage to cross breed emo with pop punk and fob become popular and then later you get like paramore and the all american rejects etc this is also where the “emo suicide cult” stereotype comes in. Emo splits into many many different genres, screamo and emo pop and hardcore and scene kids happen and it all becomes too much until finally…….

the decline of emo- bands that are traditionally emo break up or move to much poppier sounds, there arent many new emo bands still making music, emo music declines in popularity

the emo revival- bands start from scratch and revive the traditional emo sound. here emo splits into two distinctive genres, you got your soft emo and your hard emo. Soft emo we got the world is a beautiful place and i am no longer afraid to die, the hotelier, dikembe, seahaven etc hard emo we got joyce manor, title fight, la dispute. this is my personal favourite era of emo. they make emo new and exciting. it’s great. however this will decline if u do not support the emo revival. 

there are also a number of bands that are sort of cross-overs between other genres and are listened to a lot by kids that identify as emo

pop-punk- green day, blink 182, fall out boy, paramore 

metal - slipknot, korn, linkin park, manson, disturbed

“crunk”- dot dot curve, brokencyde, blood on the dance floor

screamo - pierce the veil, sleeping with sirens, falling in reverse


i am not a scientist, this is literally all out of my brain so some might be wrong, the greatest advice i can give to young emos is to explore the genre as much as possible and don’t just listen to mcr on repeat, lots of amazing music is lesser known (not that mcr aren’t awesome, they are awesome) and there is so much variety, find what you like and don’t let anyone tell you emo isn’t cool