Homer's Iliad to become an epic online performance
One of the ancient world's longest poems, The Iliad, is set for a marathon performance this summer as part of a festival celebrating ancient Greek culture.

One of the ancient world’s longest poems, The Iliad, is set for a marathon performance this summer as part of a festival celebrating ancient Greek culture.

Theatre director Rupert Goold plans to bring Homer’s epic to life with the help of 50 star names from the worlds of the arts, academia and politics.

The event will begin at the British Museum in London on 14 August and continue into the night at the Almeida Theatre.

Every word of the 15,000 line poem, about the fall of Troy, will be spoken.

The whole thing will also be streamed online - for 15 hours. “It’s all or nothing,” Goold told the BBC.


022. American Psycho

“There’s almost a danger of [Patrick Bateman] being too sympathetic, because his world is so clearly invidious. And that strange thing of, the nature of theatre… is if you put a man or a woman alone onstage your compassion just pours towards them, whatever they’re doing. And that’s very powerful.”
- Rupert Goold (Director of American Psycho: The Musical)


Today in TTOI History: July 4, 2012, the Final Day of the Goolding Inquiry and They didn’t finish him because Malcolm is finished anyway.

While I’m not exactly keen on other Malcolm elements of the Goolding Inquiry by like a long shot, I do think this part at the end is handled beautifully with Malcolm opening his true mind (in this very public venue with Sam looking on behind him) about his absolute contempt for politicians in general – admittedly monsters he helped create, but – and then acknowledging almost as a personal aside how totally done he is because he’s participated in enough stitch-ups and created enough scapegoats to know when he has finally finally finally reached the end of the line. 

There is one more day and one more episode after this, but if TTOI HAD to end with Malcolm out of power (again) – which of course it didn’t –  I would so much prefer THIS to be the end with Malcolm’s off-mic barely audible Thanks a lot right to Lord Goolding and the Baroness as he walks out past them having had the last word and the screen fades to black,

rather than the gratuitous kicking that is 407.

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Where Are The Girls? - Jemima Kirke on women in art

Above is Jemima Kirke, otherwise known as Jessa in HBO’S Girls. With the consistently funny, heartbreaking, accurate and, at times, shocking performance, it’s hard to believe that acting isn’t even her first gig! Her first and foremost love is fine art, and you can watch her in action in this super cool “unlock art” video about sexism in the art world.

-Issey Goold   

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New stills from Rupert Goold’s True Story, starring James Franco, Jonah Hill, Felicity Jones, Ethan Suplee, Gretchen Mol, Robert John Burke and Betty Gilpin, which premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival and centers on the relationship between journalist Michael Finkel and Christian Longo, a FBI Most Wanted List murderer who for years lived outside the U.S. under Finkel’s name.


Sam at the Goolding Inquiry

(Well, it turns out I did have this one saved after all.  The original version was posted in April 2013, but for this one the gifs have been redone and the text revised and rearranged.) 

Sam is seen in every single audience shot for every single person we see before the panel. Now it’s true we probably only see a small selection of the people called (although who knows since very little about Goolding makes sense), but I think it would be fair to assume poor Sam is there for the whole thing.  All day.  Every day.  I can only say that she must have the highest
boredom threshold on the planet, because I can think of few things worse than sitting hour upon hour, day after day, listening to people droning on and on and on endlessly in that kind of setting. Like the world’s longest and most pointless staff meeting.

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Coltt’s Street Art Series
Part 1: Unveiling Princess Hijab

My initial impression was one of absolute intrigue for this movement - with such a visually striking concept, the artist’s work is primarily a form of protest against the French Government’s efforts to ban the hijab in public places. Princess Hijab has not disclosed whether or not she is Muslim herself.

   She is Paris’s most elusive street artist. Striking at night with dripping black paint, she slaps black Muslim veils on the half-naked airbrushed models of the metro’s fashion adverts. She calls it “hijabisation”. This all seems to ask if hiding a face behind a veil is any different from hiding one behind make-up and photoshop - perhaps it even questions if it is any different from hiding a personality behind a construct. Her guerrilla hijab art has been exhibited worldwide sparking debates about feminism and fundamentalism; it transcends a narrative concerned solely with the hijab.

   She chose the name ‘Princess Hijab’ because it conjures an exclusive person who operates out of sight. This alias is perfect; it combines French Revolutionaries with ethnic minorities. The interaction between a certain French movement of the arts and the urban story has also inspired many.

   Ultimately I found that Princess Hijab’s work is more about the society that breeds the culture of the hijab and its connotations, as opoosed to just the hijab itself.

Issey Goold

Issey returns next week with the second installation of Coltt’s Street Art Series