Something bright for summer. Was supposed to wear this to the neon-themed Status anniversary party last night but something came up and I had to miss it. Sucks for me! Anyway the shirt (which I turned into a tank top) was designed by AJ Dimarucot. I’m a big fan of his work! So cool that I got to wear one of his designs! Check his works here.

What I’m wearing: windup robot shirt (Googoo & Gaga), cap (SM Accessories), skull necklace (Antler Accessories), cargo pants (SM Department Store), little america rucksack (Herschel Supply & Co.), watch (Everlast), socks (Topman), khyke boots (Boxfresh). Hype this on lookbook here.

Windup robot shirt turned into a tank top from Googoo & Gaga. The “all over” look of each design is achieved by using sublimation printing technology. No two products are exactly alike. Not only is each print unique but this process also produces a super-soft piece of wearable art. How cool is that!

Skull necklace from Antler

Little America rucksack from Herschel Supply & Co

Grey matte watch from Everlast

The Ayala Museum & Design Talks w/ AJ Dimarucot

Representing co.lab, I attended AJ Dimarucot’s talk at the Ayala Museum. It was also a great sibling date with my brother :)

We walked in the Ayala Museum from the second floor and were immediately intrigued with the glass box we saw that encased Ninoy’s blood-stained bulletproof vest. It was actually pretty eerie looking at it and at the same time I was fighting tears. We later found out there was an exhibit going on - The Diorama Experience - which showcases dioramas (you surprised?) of Philippine history up until the People Power Revolution. Extremely curious but wanting to get good seats for AJ’s talk, we looked at each other and said we’d check it out when the talk was finished. (We did! But we want to go back with someone who could break everything down!!)

When we got to the ground level where AJ’s talk was, we got our tickets and waited patiently. Actually, we entertained ourselves by making up subtitles for the images of Manga Realities that were flashing on a screen near us.


I first met AJ at co.lab. I forget how we got to talking but I remember offering to pack up some pichi-pichi for his wife and kids since there was so much left over from Graphika Manila’s lunch that day :P Then I saw him at Graphika Manila. Off bat, he’s just a real nice guy. Seems outgoing. To be honest, I don’t know him very well but the fact that he’s helping with #DesignParaSaLahat makes him cool in my book. When he asked us co.lab girls to come to his talk there was no way I’d say no - I’m new to the design world but I’m willing to learn! So there I was, with no clue about his work aside from designing Pacquiao Nike shirts. Needless to say, I’m really glad I attended his talk. What inspires his creativity is what amazes me most - emotions and expressions. His t-shirt designs of 1000 Cranes (which I swear I’ve seen before but can’t put my finger on) and his Jamaican Zombie (which in actuality was Kevin Garnett) are truly expressive pieces of art. They meant something - if not to him, someone. And somehow, even if the thought of a design doesn’t start off as having much emotion - like his design inspired by aurora - he ends up saying that he hopes to one day experience seeing it… that really shows how passionate he is about his work.

All I really have to say about this guy aside from being extremely talented is… he is truly an artist. I was very glad to attend and the fact that he had us laughing too was the icing on the cake!

KEEP IT UP AJ! Best of luck with your current and future endeavors!

You can find AJ:

(sorry for the crap quality of photos but these are shots I took of his presentation)

1000 Cranes - inspired by his friend who took the Japanese Proverb literally and folded 1000 cranes to hopefully get a girl.

Kevin Garnett - which he presented to Adidas but after months with no response, sold it to a Jamaican company interested in it because to them it was a zombie! Lol

So this artist in NY took his image of When Pandas Attack and put it in his exhibit!! Sadly, AJ’s work wasn’t copyrighted so there wasn’t much he could really do. Wackness, right?

He’s also teamed up with Caliph8 - another truly amazing individual! From exhibits together to working with Nike Philippines

His ring mat design for the Manny-Cotto fight. INCREDIBLE!

The end :)

Shopping: Adorable Baby Clothes from GOOGOO&GAGA
Don’t you ♥ to see baby wearing cute onesies in Spring/Summer color trends? 
My favorite local kids/baby brand…

Selling adorable baby and kids apparel is launching their Spring/Summer 2012 pieces at the Rockwell Tent in Makati City this weekend from May 5 and 6.
Here are some designs that I like from their S/S 12 collection.

If you can’t go to the Bazaar this weekend…because either you’re lazy or living from other parts of the world… well they have online store for you to check-out and shop.

googoo&gaga Online

All photos and logo from googoo&gaga

Just like his dad, this one tells me “Mom, I love using this shirt to sleep because it’s so smooth and silky!” Lol!! @googooandgaga x #ThePerfectLATCH