googly eyes

Let’s step aside from Amazon prices for a minute and look into the lunacy of aliexpress bulk orders.

For $17000, you could buy as many as not 1.7 million, not 1.7 billion, but 1.7 TRILLION googly eyes. That’s enough for every man, woman and child on earth to have 120 pairs of them.

DIY Halloween Monster Apple Bites Recipe from Fork and Beans.

***It’s that time of year! My Tumblr blog HalloweenCrafts has begun posting more Halloween DIYs. Some of my posts on HalloweenCrafts are too scary for young children.***

Kids will love these apple monster bites with sunflower seed teeth and strawberry tongues. Go to the link to see how the googly eyes are made.  For more kids’ snacks and food go here: For more Halloween food like spider donuts, 18 Gross Halloween Recipes, snakes on a stick, grilled turtles, spiderweb cakes and Vampire Milkshakes go here:


Deep Sea Fauna… with Googly Eyes is an awesome site right here on Tumblr that posts photos of amazing deep sea creatures that have been hilariously enhanced with googly eyes. Learn about the myriad mysterious creature of the deep while laughing at their goofy peepers. (Don’t worry, they live way, way far down in the ocean depths. They’ll never know.)

These images are just a small sampling. Head over to deepseafauna for many more.

And what about you? Do you have an urge to googly eye-ify something? Click here to stock up.

It’s Wonderfully Weird Water Friday on Geyser of Awesome!