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Can you tell us more about your bloodborne hunter?

I can give you bullet points? Because otherwise I’ll be here all night.

* She’s 22
* She’s a skill/arcane hybrid build
* She uses the Blade of Mercy and the Reiterpallasch the most
* Her parents were originally from Yharnam (in my story)
* They were friends/hunted with Eileen, Gascoigne and Henryk back in the day
* She thinks Djura is a naive bleeding heart (but she doesn’t kill him)
* She will choose the Yharnam Sunrise ending (but I plan to fight ALL of the bosses, secret boss included for completionism sake)

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I thought Mercy was more or less a Warrior now? I mean, I figured towards the end her choosing to fight w/ them at the beach and prior to that in the subway w/ the punks more or less was meant to show that she'd been accepted by the guys and was now seen as one of them...

Mercy: I was accepted by them, but I wasn’t really one of them. I was Swan’s girl, not a soldier or nothin’. Just like how Lincoln’s Cleon’s girl.

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Oh my god. I just finished my second playthrough of bastion and discovered this blog. I love you and the whole entire bastion fandom. I THINK THIS CALLS FOR A BIGASS GROUP HUG.

why thank you friend! you’re so very kind. and i am 100% in full support of a bastion hug, god bless this fandom.

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Temari (Naruto)

(i’m trying to remember, i only saw her up to the chunin exam parts actually!)

1. Do you love/hate this character?

oh my she was amazing, so yea i love her!

2. What’s your favorite trait of this character?

How she always kept cool during the exams, but her moves(her fan!) we’re pretty cool:>

3.What’s your favorite moment/event involving this character?

Her match against Shikamaru, that was pretty entertaining!

4.If you could have one power/attribute/etc. of this character, what would it be?

idk her fighting style??

5.Have you ever pictured this character naked?


6. When did you fall in love/hate with this character?

her first appeareance in the anime(before the exams)uvu

7.Who’s your OTP for this character?

Shikamaru/Temaru i really love how those two are portrayed in the anime/manga:>

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Holyshit you like paprika!? So do I! Dat movie is beautiful. Do u see yourself drawing any paprika characters in the future? (Srsly, i would love to see what osanai would look like if u drew him)

YES! I love it! The animation is really beautiful and the whole storyline is just simply fantastic! 

I would love to draw Chiba, she was so badass(also Paprika of course<3)

wasnt osanai the creepy dude?? ahh he freaked me out! O_O

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Hi dataglitch! My name is Chloe, my favorite color is teal, my otp is and always has been shikatema (only reason I still care about naruto even slightly), my favorite ice cream is mint choco chip, I do have a cat, her name is muffin :3, and I LOVE pr

Hello Chloe, very nice to meet you!

i really loved shikatema during my naruto days, it was one of my fav pairings

ah PR is def the best :)